Simple Passive Cashflow Nation
Happy Hour

Saturday July 27, 2019 @ 7PM-9:30PM

Location: TBD Near Uptown Dallas

  • Good company with passive investors in the SPC eco-system
  • Dynamic Networking
  • Free for current Mastermind Members
  • Free for current Shareholders (Investors in live deals)

*Mastermind Members or Shareholders please email me at for RSVP link

$ – We are over capacity at the moment $50 cover

Why do we charge?

  1. To pay for overhead and filtering the right eco-system
  2. We repel the cheap/easy/free crowd
  3. You need a little gas to start a fire… and we are starting a FIRE movement!

The goal is to exceed the value you pay or your money back. 

If you are not satisfied reach out to as likely we are not a good fit 😁

Thank you again for giving me the opportunity to quit my day job so I can focus on my mission.

-Lane Kawaoka

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