Sept 2020 Monthly Market Update – Podcast

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landlords will still be permitted to evict tenants in certain cases such as instances which the tenant has destroyed property or poses a threat to health or safety of neighbors. This is a story about a dude named Lane moved to the mainland em, but one place to stay. And then one day he went try to rent them

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Alright, let’s get started here. So this is the September 2020 monthly market update. We go over the latest headlines and some findings that I go over every month. You can find this at simple passive cash flow calm slash investor letter free giveaway for you guys is we’re giving away the E course. For trade lines. If you guys submit your lucky number which is zero to 99 to me at latency Passive cash flow calm before September 15. I’ll be making that giveaway. On that day. I’ll let the lucky winners know. And the straight line course if you guys haven’t heard of it trade line is a great way that I made 10 grand in 2019 on pace to do that again this year, but I use my existing credit lines, put people on as authorized users and charged them for it and pick up some nice passive cash flow. It’s a great way for non accredited investors and accredited investors to play a little bit of small ball so that you can save up money with or to put on down payment for syndication deals. We haven’t met before. My name is Lane Kawaoka. I put together this simple passive cash flow podcasts. Join our community online on Facebook and check out our podcasts on Spotify, YouTube, Google Play I heart, Stitcher and I too, so few teaching points I want to start off with this month we had Russell Bray, who is one half of the real estate guys, mentor to myself, great podcasts, the air the first half of the podcasts this past month, and we talked about the repo market. If you haven’t heard about the repo market, it still confuses me personally, you guys can check that out. And sort of the conspiracy theory that’s out there is that there was some financial trouble that the country was going through and COVID is the convenient cover up story to put in a whole bunch of stimulus money to put up the fire. whether it’s true or not, the fact remains that there is a whole lot of money being pumped into the system. And neither way you play it is you buy assets and when inflation comes you are the beneficiary. It’s the people that are saving money in the bank account and not doing anything are going to be the losers in the future. The next teaching point wanted to go over was I saw this article by marketwatch. They said that the new savings target is a modest 8 million. This has been going up I remember when I was like $2 million, and it was $4 million. I guess now it’s $8 million. And I don’t know where they get this stuff. Oh, if you can grow your money, with cash flow in art assets, I don’t think you need to grow your money to be too much. Of course, conventional retirement thinking is this idea of the accumulation theory where you need to build up a certain amount, where they’re saying it’s $8 million. Here is a lot of money. And what they say is the accumulate to this amount so you can withdraw at it at a certain rate, say three or 4% a year and live off your day days. In which here it’s about passive cash flow. We actually think the complete opposite and because we are trying to create streams of income today, so that that will further accelerate our passive cash flow and ability to buy more assets. But at the end of the day, that’s the end game, right streams of cash flow. And this is the last teaching point I want to bring up before we get into the news for the month. I checked the news. I try not to check it too much on a daily basis. But this article came up one day and I just thought it was a pretty bad article. This sort of happened in the middle of the month as stocks were rebounding stock market news, s&p 500 NASDAQ hit record highs as COVID-19 vaccine shamans and hopes rise. And let me just kind of highlight here like

just because the stock market is up.

And because of all the government stimulus and everything Despite that, unemployment still very high. Because all that’s still going on. It does not mean that it’s directly related to a COVID cure along the way. Remember, these news people, they’re just trying to sew headlines and they are trying to correlate what happened today, where the stocks actually went up this day to something that is happening in the news. It’s very often it does not horridly or caught causation, is in fact, it might be a correlation. Yes, today, there might have been an ace ball, one off headline where they did some research and this vaccine did move past to another scale of testing. But that doesn’t mean that that was the reason why the stock market went up. 400 points that day. But news does this all the time and I just wants to point it out because as sophisticated investors you guys need to fix me. watching the news is one thing being informed but being able to pick apart kind of nonsense like this article on August 24 is important. And for those of you guys checking this out on the YouTube channel, I have five wealthy billionaires and what their biggest purchases for this past month and what they were selling. Or Buffett picked up gold and he’s selling JPMorgan Chase, or George Soros. He bought t mobile and the biggest cell was peloton interactive, the the biking people car iPod, he got LNG and he sold hp. David Tepper bought t mobile and T Mobile again he’s biggest sellers on Amazon. Call john Paulson biggest purchase was Bausch health companies vhc. And he sold fire call. Now the teaching point here is just because a big whale is doing something doesn’t mean that you should be doing it. These guys are wealthy billionaires. It’s very different from what 100 millionaire family office should be doing a $10 million net worth guy, a $1 million net worth guy and possibly what you are doing at home, there’s always things that are kind of going on the background, and people have put a lot of emphasis on things like this, and I don’t really pay much attention to it. I mean, it’s it’s interesting to see some correlations, but I don’t trade stocks. So that’s just me, but people talk a lot about Oh, what Warren Buffett. What, you know, some some they’ve just pulled some random quote from Warren Buffett, but I think it’s always pulled out of context. I mean, you can pull his whole Good quotes just like the Bible, from Warren Buffett’s bag of quotes, and you can have it neat and anything more Buffett does essentially his advice companies with good management. Last time I checked, a lot of us don’t have enough money to do that. Then investing with hp since 2017, buy distressed mortgages and discounts to offer struggling families sustainable solutions to stay in their homes. When homes were vacant. He recognized that lenders frequently struggled as they tried to limit their losses. That’s why owner George Newberry founded pre reo, a platform that gets these vacant properties into the hands of local investors like us during the foreclosure process, which mitigates losses to lenders and accelerates returns for investors a win win. I’m very excited about this platform that connects local investors with board appointed receivers in their area to cost effectively repair, lease and maintain and rent vacant homes during the foreclosure process and all We make a profit. I’ve been checking out local properties here in Hawaii and I think it’s a great way finally pick up my home to live in. Even though I think homes the buyers aren’t probably the best. You can learn more about pre reo by going to simple passive cash flow calm slash free reo. All right now we get into the news on the middle of August, s&p rose to touch record levels yet again. So if you haven’t heard it, drop 30% in the start of COVID. And now it’s been retracing back up and we are right back up to all time highs now, which is great for you guys. Hopefully you stayed in it. You got out. Well, sorry. But hopefully you went into some sustainable asset like real estate that you actually understand because this makes no sense to me. Right unemployment is that a spike because of all that’s going on with a pandemic that’s still lingering

This next article came out very recently a renters in the United States cannot be evicted through the end of the year due to Coronavirus CDC order states. So

I’m going to read some of the highlights here. So this is us as best efforts to obtain all available government assistance for rent and housing. The individual cannot expect to earn more than $99,000 in the annual calendar year for 2021 more than 198,000 if joining tax return as a couple. So basically, it’s trying to exclude wealthy people. They’re trying to help out the people who need it the most. They’re saying the individual is unable to pay the full rent or make a full housing payment due to substantial loss of household income loss of income. compensation hours or of work or wages, a layoff, or extraordinary out of pocket medical costs. I believe that they’re going to make the person who’s kind of using this to get out of jail card, they’re going to have to sign something or certify that this was them. They’re still recommending individually using best efforts to make timely partial payments. Who knows how that’s going to be enforced. And then this is supposed to be to protect those who would be evicted and would render the individual homeless or forced individual move in and live in close the borders in a new shared living situation, because the individual has no other options. It does not apply to evictions for things other than non payment of rent and it does not prevent charging late fees. Big news. There was one little dewfall that I saw in here landlords will still be permitted to you evict tenants in certain cases, such as instances which that tenant has destroyed property, or poses a threat to health or safety of neighbors. So all you guys out there, you should be having your own property management on the front binds, because most of us here are investors. We try not to be landlords, of course, talk to your own legal counsel, but that might be an opportunity to still get out people out who are posing a threat to health and safety of neighbors. But yeah, tough times, right. It’s unfortunate, some people are really taking advantage of the system. And they have the means to pay. They spend they just don’t pay it and are kind of gaming it. I have a little map here on absentee voting regulations. So just check out what states are in some places have moved entirely to absentee male voting some happens. Check out your state, but yeah, get out there. votes I pulled this from the yardie matrix national multifamily report. It kind of shows how rents have been tracking through this COVID era we’re living in on the left is the year to year rent growth for all asset classes. So that’s if you called everything up in one on the national scale has gone down point 3%. So pretty much staying rightward is the middle row is the lifestyle asset class. This is more of your class, a higher end type of rentals. And then on the right side is more where we try and stand which is the renter by necessity and asset class, which makes sense renter by necessity. The national average there is it’s still going up by 1.2%. Phoenix, Inland Empire, Atlanta, Indianapolis, Sacramento are in the top five those are well above 3% ranking pieces per year. Still the big losers all the way bottom are Los Angeles, San Francisco. San Jose for the renter by necessity asset class. Of course, you might have Dallas as on here, it’s still a little bit better than 2% rent growth the year but it’s important to note that Dallas is a big MSA you really should be looking at your more sub market data. And more importantly, your sub market which could be 20 or 30 miles wide. You really should be looking at or you are an actual lock, john burns consulting, releases a nice map on market opportunities that they seed Sacramento and Inland Empire a little bit more on the California State for California, probably due to people running away from San Jose in the Bay Area to a little bit cheaper places in Sacramento and moving away from Los Angeles Inland Empire. Phoenix, Arizona is on here, Austin, Dallas Houston are on here. And in the southeast. We have Nashville, Atlanta and Tampa Bay get the bus multi housing news. dot com reports that how multi families defense, nature holds investor interest. So in look at the big landscape of all the real estate ish type of things to invest in, you’ve got all sorts of things like office space retail, you have workforce housing, you have luxury housing, you have all sorts of student housing, assisted living. The big losers are by far the retail strip malls and balls and office space and a little bit of living. But I think the darling out of the real estate world and possibly out of all asset classes on our multifamily real estate, I don’t only just kind of lucky but I count my lucky stars that that’s what I happen to invest in. And I quote here the sector’s resiliency is also illustrated by prolonged performance and durability since the onset of the virus in majority of markets rent collections are robust and occupancies are stable. And I think what you might see is, everyone’s going to start to see how stable multifamily is and maybe in the next six months to a year, people will start to move away from those other or non pandemic proof asset classes and find a safe haven in multifamily business now reports that New York City apartment rents are dropping as reticence leaves in droves. And this is also happening in the bay area that we showed last month in the last investor letter. A New York extends eviction moratorium. We start at the top with the National eviction rules. Each state has their own individual ones. So I suggest and checking out how it is where your rentals are, but they might have different kind of moratoriums to some may not have, but they may have the board’s close which is sort of essentially the same thing where it’s not processing that type of work, the time another example of people running away from San Francisco, Pinterest, The tech giant, if you guys don’t know what Pinterest is, it’s kind of like a social media channel where it’s just a bunch of pictures are actually kind of useful if you’re trying to find some good ideas on how to make your closet or arts and crafts or Home Improvement type of projects will pinch us walk away from their lease, which is a big deal because they have to pay at $90 billion cancellation fee. But they’re like, we don’t care. We’re out of here. Pinterest is actively recruiting across a range of roles where they’re evaluating their strategy to be a more distributed workforce across geographical locations. And this is also happening. A lot of other tech companies to multi housing news reports that classic vacancies rise and rents fall have been crisis this goes along to what’s been expected you’re very very high end Class A suffers and these type of situations. I would say that when I think what they’re talking about in this article is your your age plus class your luxury type both properties like if you guys just google Amelie am Li, they had very high end apartments. These are the ones that can kill first, as people kind of go to market value base type of living conditions. In any event, the search team, quote here, Class B and C vacancy rates also grew, but at a much slower pace. You can see a little chart courtesy of Marcus and Millichap or a broker, real estate broker how the vacancies have kind of tracked for class C, B and A in relation to each other. There’s some more stimulus coming out for all that’s going on hundred reveals almost 500 million for Corona virus relief. I put this out to the Facebook group I don’t really understand what is this exactly money going to always see these headlines but trying to figure out what exactly but money is going to try to position yourself in such a way to capture this is always difficult because there’s also a lag in terms of timing to they might sign something into law. But as I’ve mentioned, I still work on construction projects that took stimulus money, and it took like five or six years before the shovel on the ground, but I believe this is going to section eight housing, whatever that form may be to bolster reserves there or to expand the voucher program. I do not know. But money is coming out there. Multi housing news also reports that they interviewed the Amelie man Man, we will. Again they Amelie runs very luxury high end apartment complexes, I would call operator of class Bay. And, and some good insights in this article. So they said economic forecast released earlier in the year have had to be erased and completely withdrawn. And they asked them what’s your outlook for the multifamily for the next two years, they said, well, it’s roughly flat this year with an uptick next year and a nice abouts in 2022. As supply likely lessons, and I’ve been talking to a lot of investors in my club this past month and just kind of getting a poll out there informal poll and it just seems like those who are the term comes up a lot of just hunkering down financially, trying to build up capital just trying to see what happens to the election or whatever. Those are typically the low net worth guys, and maybe that’s causation or correlation. Maybe I should write a Article on that, but a lot of sophisticated credit investors, they have cash reserves and they are investing in the right projects where they are going in with great debt options may not have seen rates as low as like 2.7% or a couple weeks ago was like 2.9%. It’s amazing how low the rates are our business online reports that multifamily specialists remain optimistic predict return to normalcy in 2021. So a lot of these industry news sources are for predicting a flat rest of the year with a strong 2021 and a very strong 2022. The way I am playing in is I am just kind of going into deals that cacheable and taking advantage of the interest rates and pretty optimistic that there will be some kind of pent up demand and Tim serve maybe a year from now people want to get up they want to travel they want to buy things And unfortunately a lot of people were on the C class renter side and below might be, I think they’re slipping behind even further for unfortunate for all of this. But I think a lot of people have good jobs, they’re able to remote work. I think that country is going to get back in going Sam Zell, who is another guy, so I follow the homily a lot because they, they are kind of a leading indicator for the apartment space because they I call them a canary in the coal mine because they do that classmate rental properties. I follow them and I also follow the stem cell character. You can Google him but he sort of like a warren buffett. But I would say he’s probably better to follow than Warren Buffett, Warren Buffett kind of vice whatever. These days were senzel sushi investing off some kind of macro trend. So here he he’s saying that real estate retail real estate like malls And shitballs is a falling knife that has hit a bottom yet. pandemic has accelerated the amount of online retail. And I don’t think it’s ever going to change he added. And there has been dozens of retail bankruptcies and thousands of store closures adopted by Rito. Senior. Well Sam Zell is recognizing that issue but he is not jumping into that space. And another thing I watch is like if you set up a Google birth for Blackstone, yeah, that company they go in like sharks every time the last time this recession happened. They’re buying the single family homes by the truckload. Here’s more data on the dying mid range mall, which is in the retail space. So mid range, you want to think of it like a Macy’s or JC Penney for over 21 these are not your your high end stores. More recently, Brooks Brothers GNC gear one I think what you’re going to see is like one of the high end type of stores survive. But yeah, these mid range type of operators die out Simon adds bankrupt retail brands to shopping cart. So the mall owner Simon malls as far as that jeans brand and closing in on a deal for Brooks Brothers. So this kind of cool, right like a mall is going in and buying these distressed assets just like we buy apartments and I think this is kind of a cool way. It may be maybe it’s a falling knife, but for sure these stores are undervalued. I don’t know if they can go even lower but I think it’s nice to see these big companies take a stand and invest capital where there’s blood in the streets and this works this is how they make a lot of money. Commercial Property executive reports that Amazon unveils is six cities $1.4 billion office expansion. So again, like office is getting killed. I see some office deals out there and I’m like, geez, it’s a hard thing to sell right now. It’s like selling ice in the middle of winter. So Amazon is going in and actually buying office space in Manhattan, Dallas, Detroit, Denver, Phoenix, and San Diego, which we this is a well capitalized company and it’s super smart what they’re doing they’re buying stuff while it’s cheap. And some of them again, Manhattan, Dallas, Detroit, Denver, Phoenix, San Diego is where they’re buying and we’re kind of hitting the halfway point if you guys haven’t gotten the key one tracker for you guys can shoot me an email Lane at simple passive cash flow calm and I can shoot it over to you guys if you guys who deal pipeline club. You can join our club at simple passive cash flow calm slash club to get access to this but I made this little chakra form because I got a lot of key ones coming back and I just got to make sure that my CPA kind of captures all these dozens and dozens of K ones. So I don’t lose out on my sweet deductions. So I put all my k ones, all the deductions, and then your GP LP or whatever it is on there. So that I kind of know in my head, where to double check my CPA against they captured all these deductions. And I think they like it because I put the link in there where I put all the K ones on my Google Drive. So this way, it’s a great way for you to keep track of what you’d have going on to. You also get additional cost StG study articles and sample k ones to take a look at if you haven’t been in a syndication deal before. But yeah, that’s my key one trucker form sheet but I’m going to wrap up here with my little personal updates or things I’ve been doing this past month to get a little enrichment in my life. So the first one is growth here. So I’ve been stuck at home here in Hawaii. They just started another two weeks stay at home order. I started improv class every Monday we do this for a few hours. So there Why am I doing this? I mean, if you guys haven’t done improv, it’s super fun. I mean, when you first do it, it’s very nerve wracking for sure. And but I think it’s, I wish everybody did it. One thing that a lesson learned is, like this concept of Yes. And it’s, you know, those people at work who are so difficult, and they’re always like Dr. Nolan, like you always talk to them. And it’s always like, well are, but bla bla bla No, or, you know, just, I don’t know, nobody likes to hang out with these people. And you start to get really conscious of this when you do improv because in improv, you have to accept the readings If yes, and if somebody is doing something in like a skit or improv like rowing a boat. You have to just go with it is yes, no So I think if more people did that, I think we’d have less headaches and less people problems. So but the first reason I did this is just getting a little play. I think as adults, we don’t play at all, just mostly work all day long, and have to consciously put play into our schedule. Secondly, listening skills with improv the most new people when they do involve they’re always thinking, what kind of clever stuff they’re going to say, which is totally not worth what you’re supposed to supposed to listen, and then just react. You can’t react unless you’re listening. Maybe that is like talking to your spouse like you don’t listen, and just try to decode what you’re going to say to cover your butt. Right? Well, here’s Listen, listen, let’s learn improv. And then the last lesson learned improv is when you set somebody up, you give them a gift, right? That’s the set them up and then the next person is supposed to support and accept it no matter how stupid it is. Or, however, like a dead end type of topic. So I got a couple months for this, but it’s been pretty fun. I urge you guys to do it. I’m always trying to learn more stuff, which is why I went on this virtual sucky tour to Hiroshima. And it was like 150 people on this tour yesterday, but that was kind of fun that I did. Oh, how did I get a little contribution the worldwide kicked off the remote investor configurator and this is for the newer guys trying to pick up their first remote rental property. I kind of broke this group off for the mastermind, which is mostly accredited investors. You guys can learn more about that and credit investor passive, bad simple passive cash slash journey. But this remote investor incubator is simple passive cash slash incubator where we think we have like about 15 people in here, but it’s really cool that a lot of these guys are new. They’re really energetic, really motivated to buy their first rental property and for me when I started this journey back in 2000 Nine and I bought my first property, it really changed my life and buying that first property was really how this all kind of came about allowed me to quit my job being getting a little significance in my life. I’m just thankful that I have my job, that my job doesn’t get impacted by COVID. A lot of people out there realize that, like dentists, they want people to work. We had a lot of dentists clients here, and that’s just unfortunate. I brewed a thought that you can see patients for something as simple as cleaning team. A lot of industries out there in the tourist world had we had some like tech programmers thinking and leisure and tour apps just totally to get laid off. totally unfair. I think the lesson learned is you always want to have different streams that can come to counteract this and to diversify your income streams but not just a just taking a time for gratitude and being thankful. That we have we have a big thing. How did I get a little uncertainty in my life? Well, I did the improv class. It is kind of a pain. It’s like a few hours every week and in the evening and it takes time out of like a week, but I do think it’s important. So I scheduled it. Oh, something bad happened with my tradelines Chase. cancel my cards. Yeah, but it was all my wife’s cards. So for things she doesn’t have any introducing cards, they find a way to make it up to her somehow. But yeah, boo Chase Bank, hey, they had really good systems to look for this type of stuff, but still got all the other ones Barclays, Citi, Bank of America, US Bank, all these other banks to choose from. So keep in the good times, rolling with trade lines. Learn more at simple passive slash trade lines. And if you guys want to learn When the free ecourse that I’m giving away this one, give me your lucky number zero to 99. And I will see if you’re the winner this button.

How do I get a little certainty in this month? Well, I paid off my students loan. So I had a guest on my podcast, and it hasn’t hit the air yet. But I asked my community for folks that they have worked with in the past. And this one gentleman came up who they use for their student loans. And I guess there’s this world of consultants who consult people on all their student loan debt. Since there’s I mean, I always knew there was some kind of game but then I talked to this guy and I had him on the podcast to kind of tell us some of the tactics and I realized like, wow, there’s a lot of stuff here. Everything from like student loan forgiveness programs to Alright, so maybe the solution is going in refinancing it into different loan options. So this guy, he’ll walk you through all the options. He works as a consultant basis, like he’s not just getting like referrals. fees off of the financing of the home, therefore proceed with just that one option. And he also is able to consolidate on that maybe are a high paid doctor, and you’re kind of weighing the option between maybe do you want to go to work in an underserved area? Get your student loan forgiveness? Or would you rather make top line dollar at somewhere else that he helps he works at so many other people, he sees the matrix and he’s able to consult so I was gonna get this guy I selfish so you can I always have guests and I still have selfish needs where I want to get something addressed for me. And my wife had some student loans and she’s been working as a teacher for 10 years. So I want to see I wanted to just pay him like 300 bucks just to make people work for me. But then it come to find out we only have like less than $2,000 in student loans. So it just paid that thing off. Maybe that gave me out a cost for getting off and chase cards revoked. Last thing loving connection. I’ve been missing a lot of people and I’ve been bored at home. So I did my hair out with a couple cooking with lane videos. I don’t think I’m the best cook, but I’m definitely the most efficient cofeb ever so on. So check this out on the YouTube channel, and I made your coffee here. I am halfway through, I made some kababs with tomatoes, garlic on end mushrooms and steak and bacon. I put them on a ski gear. And then maybe this week, and next week, I’ll make it I froze it so I can make it whatever. So that’s the beauty of this one is it’s kind of one of those things, you can just take out the freezer. So I will do that next. So if you join the YouTube channel and you subscribe there, click the bell. You’ll get notified when I launched that video, some new podcasts and articles that came out. And for those of you guys who are attending, you guys can type in any questions you have at this point but or you have any questions on any of these topics, let me know. So we had the VIX markets guys. It’s a crowdfunding way of investing in all kinds of geeky stuff like magic cards, Spider Man comics, it’s sort of like that wine crowdfunding website that we did the previous one. George Newbery came on the podcast and we discuss pre aureo, which is a great way to find distressed inventory locally. I check it out like once a month and to see what’s around in Hawaii. So pre reo is before it goes to reo. So it is usually in just show states, not just states, wherever he wants a harder. There’s a lot more options for pre aureo in there before the power goes to the court process. My buddy Kyle, he would have stayed jobs. We interviewed him on the podcast there and then also break came on the podcast and we discussed the repo market, the dark world that happens and then we also had Dr. Kim come in on did volunteer to do and coaching call, she was a credit investor so great to open up the personal financial sheet and kind of see what she’s doing. I know a lot of you guys are doctors out there making a big salary puggy good to take a listen to that we can change your name. And if you want to do like a coaching call where we record it for the podcast so other people can benefit from it. Let me know, shoot me an email plain and simple passive cash show. I think it always helps all people. At the end of the day, it’s kind of like there’s not too many different financial profiles. I see. Maybe like a dozen. It’s kinda like when I go to like Japan, I always see like, the same faces over and over again. Everyone’s got the same, there’s, you know, it was the same. There’s only like 20 or 30 faces like sometimes I see myself out there. I see my doppelganger out there. But yeah, in terms of financial profiles, it there hasn’t been. I’m starting to see a lot of patterns out there. A lot of very similar patterns. Everybody thinks are their special snowflake. You might be but most likely you follow one of these main categories. Check out the in the mastermind and incubator there are some details on it and some cool stuff that I bought this past month, which we call doodads, which I encourage you to put off until you have passive cash flow coming in to buy the stuff Chuck Norris has some bottled water called see force, I bought that and hopefully it gets delivered and all the water is in there and doesn’t break like some of my other Amazon stuff that comes in the mail. And for those of you guys who are on a lot of Zune calls. There is an app called Chris, which I’m actually using right now, which is why you don’t hear my very loud air conditioner in the background today. You guys can get the link to it at simple passive cash flow calm slash lane hack along with other life changing lane hacks out there. You You can also use the app that goes on your phone too. So you sign up for this thing. I think it’s like 30 or 40 bucks a year. To me, it’s well worth it. Actually, like my dog is barking and senses in the in the background for the past one day. And I don’t know if you guys are hearing it right now, but it should block things like that. So it also gives you the phone app and you can make calls from the phone app. And a little bit of a lane hack here is like you can do the dishes all you want. You can probably be on the toilet. I’m guessing I haven’t tried this yet. And you could be on a phone call and it’ll filter out everything that that’s not a human voice is AI. So yeah, check that out. Simple passive slash ln hat. Dean says he hears the word. One bar. Yeah, there’s several parts in here all those but yeah, here’s legal disclaimer and we’ll see you guys next one.

This website offers very general information. Concerning real estate for investment purposes every investor situation is unique always seek the services of licensed third party appraisers inspectors to verify the value and condition of any property you intend to purchase. Use the services of professional title and escrow companies and licensed tax investment and or legal adviser before relying on any information contained here and information is not guarantee as an every investment there is risk. The content found here is just my opinion and things change and I reserve the right to change my mind. Above all else, do your own analysis and think for yourself because in the end, you’re the only person who is going to look out for your best interests.

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