Smart Tip for Your Student Loan

📍 And student loans, like you don’t have too much of it, but tell us a little bit, like where you started off with your strategy. Get to this. Yeah, so a little bit, it goes back. So I did a co-op program. So I, it was a work study. I did five work sessions over five years. And so I graduated with about 18 months of experience and they actually paid extremely well.

I was. Probably close to what a full engineer was making my final year. And they were also paying for my housing in Chicago, which was tax-free. So that ended up putting me in a position when I graduated college with a, roughly 20,000 in cash and 30,000 in student loans. And so I started rapidly paying down the student loans and then for the first eight months of my working career, And then I kinda got the bug of, I wanted a new car.

And I had always told myself once I paid off my student loans that I’d get a new car, but I ended up deciding that I wanted the car sooner. And so that’s when I took out a more expensive car loan for me. And so I, at that point I reduced my student loans to the minimum payment and then had been paying down my.

Yeah, man. What’s life without a nice car getting the financial independence. I actually just refinanced it from the, so I extended the paydown a little bit, so we reduced it from 6 55 down to 4 52. And so I’m just going to make the minimum payment on all of these loans with my plan and then take the extra cash and invest it. .

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