Stop Listening to Real Estate Gurus

0:00 For the podcast listener out there whose heads spinning right now stop focusing on the statistics and pick a couple markets and just see who you gel with, whether it’s property managers, brokers, or I mean, this is where the pitch Where is hey man just joined the mastermind you got all these other 40 other people, they’re buying properties right there with you, you build relationships and this is how passive investors should do it in my opinion. Yeah. And forget that drivability factor, you know, the so called gurus out there saying that you should only quote unquote invest within a one or two hour radius of where you live is misguided information, in fact, in many cases is really bad information. I can’t imagine that you have a lot of cheap or affordable neighborhoods or areas in parts of Hawaii that make a whole lot of sense in terms of investing, you know, I related to Northern California, it’s just it’s gotten so expensive, and rents haven’t scaled as fast as that the appreciation in price. So when you have that delta growing over time between rents and property values, when you get into that market, you start acquiring rentals, you just don’t have the returns that you need to make it a logical OR prudent investment. Yeah, I think that the house flipping gurus are just trying to trick us to invest in their students jump flip deals.

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