Here is the link to the SPC survey. Thank you for your input!

You might have seen my private coaching options but I am in the process of improving a more scaleable group coaching program that drops the pricing drastically for people and minimize the barrier to entry.

PS: Would you be interested in a free 30-minute coaching session? This is different from my “15-minute get to know each other calls.”

The catch is we would record it (we can make a fake name for you) and share it with others to benefit. I know you what thinking… so scary and I want to do a deal first… my response to that is, in the beginning, is when guidance is the most critical. I could have cut my learning curve by a few years (not buying 11 SFHs and just buying a few) if someone just talked some sense into me early. Plus its good Karma because someone will benefit from our conversation. The first step is to fill out a Personal Financial Sheet so I can do some big picture prep work prior to the call. Let me know.

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