Timeshare Lawyer Tips (Episode 163)

Timeshares are the worse. Mostly because there is negative equity as soon as you purchase because you have to pay a huge sum of money to leave your monthly/annual commitment.

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Author of The Consumer’s Guide to Timeshare Exit

  • Featured as a timeshare exit expert in US News & World Report
  • Why do most people want to get out of their timeshares?
  • If you paid $20,000 for your timeshare, why you can’t sell it for a profit like most other real estate?
  • Why won’t the resort just take it back?
  • Why do you say a 100% money back timeshare exit guarantee is not enough?
  • Why do you say that going back to the resort is NOT a good idea? 
  • Why does a secondary (resale) market for timeshares not exist?
  • Why did Gordon write The Consumer’s Guide To Timeshare Exit?