Tips to Find the BEST WINE

So you guys are the experts with this. Like, you know, I, I hear two big tips, right? From suppose the wine snobs, which everybody calls themself, a wine stumped. It’s like, hello everybody. I’m an audio file. What do you have apple air? Right. Not an audio file, whatever they call it. I don’t know why, so that people will say, Hey, find something that you like in your palette, doesn’t matter how expensive it is.

And you got guys who are more like, if there’s the numbers, right this 96, 97 points. Yeah. What is your opinion on like, all right. I don’t know what I’m looking at. How do I pick a good one? How do I go about doing. Yeah, it is really hard and it tastes is so subjective. So it is difficult to try to boil it down into a hundred point scale.

And obviously the a hundred point scale has been highly debated for decades. Now, I think ultimately it’s, it’s still very valuable for people because once you start getting into the high nineties, especially like that 98 point Dow. And especially if you start seeing that it’s got. Scores from three different publications.

So there you go. That’s the wine spectator to Canberra and Venus each giving a 98 point score. You can be completely confident at the very least, even if it’s not your taste. That is a well-made wine. There’s no flaws in it’s in balance. So there, there are a couple. Things that are objective rather than subjective when it comes to wine, like, is, is it oxidized?

Is it, does it have some sort of acetone issue? There’s all kinds of different flaws that can be in a wine that just make better characteristic of poor wine making. At the very least, when you start to see the high scores, it doesn’t have any of those problems. And that’s helpful at the very least there, there is something to be said about the particular, the particular.

Place that those scores are coming from. So some reviewers tend to give out a little bit more freely high scores than others. There’s not that many scoring publications that you have to care about. So you can pretty quickly learn what a 93 means from this place versus this other place. If you are more numbers, minded person, you can pretty quickly start to cut through the BS and see where those scores are actually in value.

But that being said, Yes. So use it on wine searcher and you can, this is where it’s great. You can see the price over time and then yeah, exactly. Wine searcher is invaluable resource for anybody. And what’s so cool about it is you can pop on there really quick. And see what people are paying for. It can usually see all the scores.

It depends on how popular and common the wine is. Thousands, probably the most famous port in the world. So there’s a ton of information on it on here, but then it’ll actually link to all of the individual sellers shipping offers you can see. And so we’re beating we’re sometimes there’ll be some stuff on here, like some random retailer in the middle of Kentucky.

And if you actually call them. I don’t even add the wine. It’s not, we’re not trying to beat those kinds of offers, but we’re definitely trying to beat all the real offers that are out there and we do a good job doing it. And I actually really appreciate that transparency. Yeah. If you guys are listening to this on the podcast or playing around with us on the unit, Version.

If you guys want to go to the YouTube channel or go to simple passive, and we’ll keep this stuff for you guys to refer to, but we have we’re poking around wine and but school site. But one mistake I’ve made. I’ve bought some wine off eBay. I think it was like oxidize or fake.

I’m guessing I still drank it lately. I just been buying it from Costco.