Top Markets to Invest in 2020

One or two of the markets they’re easier August one of the stronger ones where person should kind of start off that and then the one or two that are not going to hold you to it but kind of sleepers or maybe tertiary markets to be on the lookout for

the answer is it depends. It depends on how you’re defining the best market because if you’re an investor that is looking for a what I call a boring market, you’re only in it for keeping pace with inflation and getting cash flow. So just a solid cash flow market cash flow property, a market like Indianapolis, Indiana Memphis, Tennessee, Oklahoma City definitely Alabama markets like we’re in Birmingham, Montgomery and Huntsville I wouldn’t call Huntsville necessarily sleeper market anymore it’s starting to take off the Birmingham Montgomery for sure those are tried and true very linear, very steady markets you start looking at other markets that have a lot more growth potential there little more cyclical in nature, but Jacksonville, Florida Dallas has been this way for the last two three years Kansas City has been this way for the last three years or so

any tertiary markets that you kind of like noticed an interesting

Well, actually the outskirts of the Greater Chicago area which was and crosses over into northern Indiana is one area many parts of Wisconsin are becoming a strong growth markets and a lot of people are not even aware of that.

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