July 21-24 2019, Atlanta GA | Birmingham AL | Huntsville AL

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What is the purpose?

"Although I bought my remote rentals before seeing what I purchased, met the people who were part of my team, or got a feeling of the neighborhoods... I recommend that you should come on this trip with the right supervision and peer group around before you take the plunge into buying cashflowing rental properties and beginning your journey to financial freedom."

Lane Kawaoka, Ex-Engineer

Lane Kawaoka will personally lead investors on a tour visiting real properties in investor grade locations. We will also meet and build connections with brokers, property managers, and most importantly serious passive investors like you. Most people are pleasantly surprised and motivated to accelerate their acquisitions by doing a quick trip and kicking the dirt around a bit with the right people.

Some of what you will see

Are you ready for a modern day hunting trip!



Sunday, July 21st, 2019

Arrive into Atlanta (ATL). 

There are many direct fight options into Atlanta International Airport as the Hui Deal Pipeline Club rallies up from dozens of states across the nation!

We will arrange for transportation (add on charge paid separately as we finalize a headcount) or you may choose to drive separately. 

Hotel and food is on your own.

Sunday evening we will have a meet and greet happy hour and have a programmed mastermind session.


Monday, July 22nd, 2019

Rise and shine. 

We will meet a proven property management team and get to ask whatever questions. Learn how to find your own team to be self sufficient (and get the contacts of other participants to build your tribe).

Tour Class C and B rentals and apartments.

Rally back up for a social event! 

Beltline or Decatur outing. 

Other tourism ideas on your own time.


Tuesday, July 23rd, 2019

Travel to Birmingham, Alabama to meet the teams and Class C and B rentals and apartments.

We with mix local BBQ with good conversation.

Rally back up for a workshop debrief at the hotel (because there isn’t much to do in Birmingham).


Choose your own adventure

Wednesday, July 24th, 2019

Travel with Lane a couple hours north to Huntsville and check out some apartment complexes we have under ownership…


If you have got your fill with investment activities… travel back to Atlanta for some fun tourism! (KC vs Braves at 730PM)

Or see a Panda!

Time is the most important thing! our tour is face paced and FUN. You will be back home before the jet lag sets in!

Meet the Special Guests

Get to know the people who are a part of my team and build a relationship yourself to assist you in building your own portfolio. And tell them you are in the Hui Deal Pipeline Club to get the Aloha treatment.


Lane Kawaoka

Your Tour Guide!
Honolulu, HI

Ravinell Wilson

Ravinell Wilson

CEO at Trading Earth Real Estate

Property Manager, Birmingham AL

Anthony Gioia

Anthony Gioia

Owner, All-County Real Estate

Property Manager, Atlanta GA


Jeff Shadrick

co-founder of REITrader

He is a seasoned investor and manages all construction services of our client’s investment portfolios through his subsidiary REI Associates, LLC, the exclusive provider of Alabama turnkey services.

Birmingham, AL


Jonathan Mednick

co-founder of REITrader

He is also the broker of Real Equity, Inc which handles acquisitions and sales for all Alabama investment properties. Since 2001, he has been buying, selling and offering turn key services to hundreds of investors throughout the USA.

Birmingham, AL


Tracy Rois

Office Manager, All-County Real Estate

Property Manager, Atlanta GA


Jeff W Parmer

Owner, Parmer Law

Attorney at Law, Birmingham, AL

Bootcamp style Private Coaching w/ Lane Kawaoka

Remember this is an empowerment tour and buying tour where we focus on giving you everything you need to start and operate a remote investing platform.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Do folks usually stay in the same hotel?

We will try to arrange a block of rooms in the same one or two hotels so we can expedite our tour and allow for extra networking and collaboration. Everyone will pay their own rooms separately (like grown adults) but other than that you won’t have to worry about much.

2) What about food or transportation?

Depending on final head count and who wants to carpool we will arrange transportation for the first people who book. That said renting your own vehicle to do some tourism or extra due-diligence before or after the tour is recommended. We will eat lunch and dinners as a group out but having your own vehicle would be useful if you don’t like to go with the flow. We recommend using Post-mates or Uber Eat to order take out. And using Lyft or Uber if you need to do a quick errand. 

3) Would I fly in and out of Atlanta?

ATL is a very large airport hub and likely everyone will fly in and out of that location.

4)  About how many folks do you expect to attend?
The total headcount will be limited to 8-15 people due to logistical travel issues. A smaller group allows for more face to fact time with Lane and other special guests.


Other questions please send to Lane@SimplePassiveCashflow.com

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