The Newbie Wall

I have had over 1,000 calls since 2017-2019 with investors just like you. And now that I am not working… I admit that’s a few calls a day while I was taking my extended breaks at work.

All kinds of investors some not listening to my directions of checking out the first 20 podcasts and those who are getting into larger deals and unloading their turnkey rentals too.

If we have not spoke (I don’t want to talk to wholesellers or flippers because flippers don’t understand taxes and wholesellers evade taxes) you need to schedule a call with me now.

Some words of wisdom.

Most people starting out get really excited and burn out in 3-6 months. There is usually something that motivates people to get out of the house, to google “passive real estate investing”, or schedule a call with a dude name Lane. Let’s call it what it is… “pain”!

Pain from something that happen at work. Getting fired, passed up for promotion, or getting tired of meetings.

Or just the realization that you will not be financially free if you keep doing the same old stuff (that just makes Wall Street rich).

Humans are amazing, we heal. And the Pain eventually goes away (in 3-6 months) and you are back to the same old same old. I’ll say it… like a bad relationship you just stick it out. 😛

If I had a super power I would force people into a decent deal in the first few months before this healing mechanism ever takes place! Success breeds success and if you see the returns come in yourself you will be hooked. If you have an addictive personality? Well this one might be good for you.

I’m sorry if you overwhelmed by deal past deals, future ones, as well as get access to our share drive by signing up for our Hui Deal Pipeline Club in the first 60 days. I just have to strike while the iron is hot and I may know what is best for you here.

If you don’t like it then keep doing what you are doing. As an engineer good with spreadsheets I know without a doubt where you will end up net worth wise in 30 years if you continue to invest in retail garbage investments.

In closure, use all the free content on to get as far as you can. Just know that you are missing a lot of the nuances, insider info, and relationships with other professionals across the USA in the Group Coaching Mastermind.