What are Credit Card Tradelines?

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Alright, first off, what are trade line, you’re putting somebody on your credit card as an authorized user, and then the authorized user is going to get a nice little bump in their credit score. And whether it happens or not, well, it doesn’t really matter, but they’re paying you money to do this. And what the intention is, is that the credit bureaus will check that you’d be attached as a credit card authorized user to you. And that person might be able to use that to go and apply for a new mortgage at a better rate, they might be able to get a loan for their business. You know, we’ll use brokers that is sort of the intermediary between us and them to kind of keep things secure. You know, again, safety is our number one thing, why do people buy the trade lines again, you know, they might want to try and get new credit cards, trying to get the best rates from the loan. Business Loans, you know, it’s it’s kind of neat when you get the request to add them as authorized users, you’ll get social security numbers from them. You’ll get their address. And I’ve done a little bit of googling and seeing who the heck are these people? And a lot of times, it’s not who you really think it is. It’s you know, sophisticated business people trying to get loans. I mean, you know, who thinks of this stuff, right? I’m who, who would have thought before you bought this ecourse that you could make monies with trade lines. But there’s another side to this of people using trade lines to increase their credit score, you know, so if you’re trying to get above that 650, Mark, or 680 mark for the best Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac loan rates out there being an authorized user using these services, but on the other side of the spectrum, or maybe you get on one of your friends or one of your family members as an authorized user on their cards, if they have a strong credit card. Definitely This is something that’s not very talked about very much. But, you know, let’s use a story advantage and keep going to the course. This is the story but as you gain the benefit, one day he went try to rent them out, and then he became one But still may

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