What is the Next Step in Asset Protection After LLCs

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What do we do after you’ve got the LLC? Well, from there, we look at a tool called an asset management limited partnership. You can think of this as a holding company. This is where your LLC goes in this model, you’re going to actually have a holding company that’s a member. So it’s going to hold your LLC interest whether you want 100% of the LLC, whether you own 10%, whether you’re 1%, it doesn’t matter whatever percentage you all make and hold other companies that can hold stock cash, any kind of securitized assets. And here we get a choice because if you have real estate in California, and you created a Nevada LLC, thinking I’m gonna get all this great Nevada protection, and then you put California real estate in it, we can absolutely tell you for sure a California Court is not going to apply Nevada law because it’s holding California real estate. This changes though when we use a holding company because the holding company is not in California doing business. It’s whatever state and we use Arizona, Arizona has great charging order protection, it’s statutorily The only exclusive remedy in Arizona so they do not break into limited partnerships and foreclose on the underlying assets. You can include your family member in the holding company, you do have partners that you work with. It’s a great way to create a family’s asset and if you want we can actually make this private


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