4X Reward “X1 Card” Credit Card Pre-Review

I am not about wasting Time to pick up pennies these days when you can seek out a larger deal. The X1 Card is soon to be released and it is supposed to offer up to 4X rewards on all spend with no annual fee, no foreign transaction fees. To hit this level of rewards you will need to refer a buddy which is ultimately how they are supposed to grow the user base without wasting money on marketing or referral fees paid out to folks. If you don’t want to be your slimy college classmate who you never saw in a decade selling life insurance… you can earn 3X rewards with $15K spend per year.  2x if you don’t hit that $15K threshold. Points are worth “at least” 1 cent each. ETA is “winter 2020”. But you have to sign up here.  


  • Virtual card numbers
    • “End free trials automatically with auto-expiring virtual cards”
    • “Cancel subscription payments in one click virtually from your portal”
    • “Spend anonymously by masking your personal information”
  • Flexible and higher credit limits
  • No Annual fees or foreign transaction fees
  • 4X rewards!


  • Redeeming via points?
  • One issue is that we have seen cards like this before (ZeroCard) and it did not get enough steam to launch.


It might not be much better than my current 2% Citi Double Cash Back card and the “Swiss Army Knife” method of multiple 4-5% cards for specific spend categories but for no fees… I’m going to give it a try! For some reason this stuff is really fun for me. PS – Try Tradeline Hacking

How to get the card

Sign up here and get in line.