Coaching & Mentorship

The Coaching process including everything Lane knows and following elements:

Reviewing Student potential properties and providing specific “next step” guidance in a timely manner

Instruction and guidance on doing a cashflow analysis

Instruction and guidance on building a team

Instruction and guidance on priority management throughout the due-diligence process

Instruction and guidance on goal setting

Instruction and guidance on property inspection and punch-list negotiation

Instruction and guidance on the macro portfolio plan

Instruction and guidance on starting capital generation

What you get

$ 1,500

The Coach being available by email to answer Student questions. Student will have Coach’s personal email address that is checked by Coach PERSONALLY for 6 months

$ 3,600

Weekly 30-minute calls at the request of the Student for 6 months

$ 2,000

Admittance into Secret Facebook (125+ members) page and Paid Mastermind for a full year

$ 2,000

Access to resources (videos, pdfs, trainings) for a full year. Plus priority access to deal flow. That means you get first dibbs to wholesale deals or syndications I come across. Many deals never get email blasted out.


Combined Value of $9,100+ with a Guarantee of Service with refund offer


$ 4,250

One Final (1) Student opening at a BETA offering price ($5,000*) - 3-month program

$ 6,250

Three (3) Student openings ($7,000*)

*if student purchases through an affiliated provider then the Coach will refund $750 at the end of the 6-month term due to referral fees based on the dealings of the Student

Or pay a’la carte for one hour of coaching:

By signing up, I will be your friend (on Facebook)... In all seriousness, I am not a guru, I am trying to grow my network/portfolio and I hope this can be the start of a relationship where we can both climb the ladder of success together. See you at the top!

I encourage you to try doing it by yourself because that's what I did. Use all the free information on this website (Buy through a Turn-key Provider? Buyer Beware) or even call me from time to time. But at the very least put a red circle on your calendar 60 days from now and see where you get... and how much of your family's time you waste as you consume websites, books, and podcasts.

You know what I mean 'Jelly Bean'