Podcast #071 – Fundamentals – Recent Setbacks in my Rentals

Setbacks in a rental investment merely teach you about yourself or the systems you use.

Wait, catch yourself if you are feeling sorry for me… Setbacks in a rental investment merely teach you about yourself or the systems you use. It is an opportunity for growth! And in real estate is a capital improvement that is bolstered in the future.

Rental Investment Costs incurred to date are as follows:

Attorney’s Fees                                $268.30

Eviction Services                              $1,310.00

Total                                                  $1,578.30

Haul, Disinfect & Clean                   $4,800.00

Total                                                   $6,378.30

(Less) Security Deposit                     $1,295.00

Total Out-of-Pocket Exp                   $5,083.30

Always underwrite and double check you have the buffer!

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