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George Ross – Trump’s legal counsel during the wealth building years before things got political 😉

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I still work as a Licensed Professional (PE) Civil/Industrial Engineer. I began investing in 2009 in rainy Seattle after being a ramen eating cheapo. After discovering the difference between ‘Cashflow Investing’ and ‘appreciation investing (gambling/speculating)’… I moved my portfolio into 11 single family rentals in Birmingham, Atlanta, Indianapolis, and Pennsylvania. Today, I am investing in Class C & B Multi-Family Apartment, RV Parks, mobile homes, and assisted living facilities because of this Nation’s demand for affordable housing. Although I don’t plan on quitting the day job yet, I figure the passive income from investing in stable rental properties made it possible for me to move back home to Hawaii where the cost of paradise is 10%+ cost of living and -30% less pay for comparable jobs in the US mainland.

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