Aloha, my name is Lane!

“The true meaning of wealth is having the freedom to do what you want, when you want, and with whom you want. Building cash flow via real estate is the simple part. The difficult part occurs after you are free financially to find your calling and fulfillment. But that’s a great problem to have ;)” excerpt from “The One Thing That Changed Everything”

After 12 years as a Licensed Professional (PE) Civil/Industrial Engineer, I fired the boss and began to focus 100% of my time on my investing and helping others in my Passive Investor Accelerator & Mastermind. 

I began investing in 2009 in rainy Seattle, being a ramen eating cheapo I was able to buy a property early right after college. After discovering the difference between ‘Cashflow Investing’ and ‘appreciation investing (gambling/speculating)’… I moved my portfolio into 11 single family rentals in Birmingham, Atlanta, Indianapolis, and Pennsylvania. Today, I am investing in syndications which invest in Class C & B Multi-Family Apartment, RV Parks, mobile homes, and assisted living facilities because of this Nation’s demand for affordable housing – not rich people Class-A assets. My mission is to help regular people into good deals that were once only accessible to the rich. The passive income from investing in stabilized rental properties made it possible for me to move back home to Hawaii where the cost of paradise is 10%+ cost of living and -30% less pay for comparable jobs in the US mainland. There I was able to live a lifestyle where I was able to  bike to work. It did not take me long however to finally quit the day job and ditch the e-bike for a Mercedes.


I want to share how I paid 4% in taxes for 2018

Annoyed by the bogus real estate education programs out there (that take money from people who don’t have it in the first place), I set out to make this free website to help other hard-working professionals, the shrinking middle-class dispel the Wall-Street dogma of traditional wealth-building and offer an alternative to “garbage” investments in the 401K/mutual funds that only make the insiders rich. We help the hard-working middle-class build real asset portfolios by providing free investing education, podcasts, and networking plus access to investment opportunities not offered to the general public.

Yes, the website is a little all over the place but join me on my journey to help build the Simple Passive Cashflow system.

Its really cool to be invited to join in on high-level masterminds like this one pictured above and inducted in to the exclusive Collective Genius Mastermind.

Writer for Forbes

Lane Kawaoka did not get into AP English, was a 3.1 GPA student, and a “ok” Engineer but is now a …

Top-50 Investing Podcast host

12+ Time Amazon Best-Selling Author

The One Thing That Changed Everything

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Collective Genius Mastermind Member

My Story & 4 starter ideas for investing

Educating my students

I used to be a Licensed Professional (PE) Civil/Industrial Engineer (LinkedIn Profile), thus the reason for the graphs and numbers in the posts. Shortly after college graduation, I spent my first 7 years of my career working for a For-Profit Private company.  I supervised a traveling, union-based crew.  In my mid-twenties, it was cool being on expenses all the time and all the airline/hotel points I collected, but then I realized how dumb it was… 

the only people who cared about my Platinum Status was the other suckers in first class who did not have any other family, no hobbies, no life. 

Although I am grateful that I had a well-paying job post-2008 recession, I traded the most important resource, time for money. After almost being fired, I vowed to never be in a vulnerable position where someone else controlled my fate.

Current Assets Under Ownership

Bring the next deal? Or join the club!

  1. Scottsdale, AZ – 71-unit Class B Apartment (2022) Video available on request for Club members
  2. Huntsville, AL – 200-unit Class B Apartment (2021) Video available on request for Club members
  3. Phoenix, AZ – 236-unit Class B Apartment (2021) Video available on request for Club members
  4. Houston, TX – 182-unit Class B Apartment (2021) Video available on request for Club members
  5. Houston, TX – 436-unit Class B Apartment (2021) Video available on request for Club members
  6. Phoenix, AZ – 302-unit Class B Apartment (2021) Video available on request for Club members
  7. Phoenix, AZ – 45-unit Class B Apartment (2021) Video available on request for Club members
  8. Phoenix, AZ – 165-unit Class B Apartment (2021) – Video available on request for Club members
  9. Huntsville, AL – 300-unit Class B Apartment (2021) Video available on request for Club members
  10. Houston, TX – 126-unit Class B Apartment (2021) – Video available on request for Club members
  11. Dallas, TX – 78-unit Class A Apartment (2021) – Video available on request for Club members
  12. Houston, TX – 303-unit Class B Apartment (2021) – Video available on request for Club members
  13. Huntsville, AL – 230-unit Class A Apartment Development (2020) – Video available on request for Club members
  14. Conroe, TX – 140-unit Class B Apartment (2020) – Video available on request for Club members
  15. Jacksonville, FL – Class A Office “Old Bank of America Tower (2020) – Video available on request for Club members
  16. Cleveland, OH – The Rockefeller Office Building (2020) – Video available on request for Club members
  17. Irving, Texas – 179-unit Class B Apartment (2020) – Video available on request for Club members
  18. Huntsville, Alabama – 100-unit Class B Apartment (2020) – Video available on request for Club members
  19. Huntsville, Alabama – 170-unit Class B Apartment (2020) – Video available on request for Club members
  20. Lake Dallas, Texas – 140-unit Class A Apartment (2020) – Video available on request for Club members
  21. Irving, Texas – 212-unit Class B Apartment – Video available on request for Club members
  22. Gulf Shores, Alabama – 207-unit Mobile Home Park units – Video available on request for Club members
  23. Huntsville, Alabama – 104-unit Class B Apartment – Video available on request for Club members
  24. Gulfport, Mississippi – 84-unit Class B Apartment – Video available on request for Club members
  25. El Paso, Texas – 309-unit Class C Apartment – Video available on request for Club members
  26. Lake Charles, Louisiana – 80-unit Assisted Living Facility (2018)
  27. Greenville, Texas – 176-unit Class A Apartment (2018) – (6-month update video) – Video available on request for Club members
  28. Gulfport, Mississippi – 101-unit Class C Apartment (2018) – Video available on request for Club members
  29. Fort Worth – Texas – 168-unit Class C Apartment (2018) – Video available on request for Club members
  30. Moberly, Missouri – 77-space Mobile Home Park (2018) – Video available on request for Club members
  31. Huntsville, Alabama – 49-unit Class C Apartment (2018) – Video available on request for Club members
  32. Huntsville, Alabama – 42-unit Class C Apartment (2018) – Video available on request for Club members
  33. Huntsville, Alabama – 70-unit Class C Apartment (2018) – Video available on request for Club members
  34. Atlanta, Georgia – 114-unit Class-C Apartment (2018 July) – Video available on request for Club members
  35. San Antonio, Texas – 253-unit Class B Apartment (2018 April) – Video
  36. Des Moines, Iowa – 52-unit C+ Class Apartment (2018 March) – Video
  37. Lake Charles LA – 199-unit RV / Mobile home development (2018) – Video
  38. San Antonio, Texas – 192-unit Class B Apartment (2017) – Video
  39. Houston, TX – 125-unit Class C Apartment Building (2017)
  40. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – 170-unit C-class apartment (2017) – Video
  41. Oklahoma City, OK – 110-unit Class C Apartment Building (2017)
  42. Panama – Half acre of Turnkey Coffee Farm (Own yours!) (2017) – Video
  43. “Infinite Banking” Life Insurance – (2017) Webinar – Email me for the lowest fee guy
  44. $60K in American Home Preservation Fund (2016) –
  45. Birmingham, Alabama – 1 B- Class Single family home (2014)
  46. Previously Held Assets (Why we sell? Return on Equity):
  47. Indianapolis, Indiana – 1 B- Class Single family home (2015)
  48. Atlanta, Georgia – 5 C+/B- Class Single family home (2015)
  49. A bunch of Private Lending deals…
  50. In field videos – Fix and Flip to Retail Birmingham AL – Video
  51. Rehab to Retail PML 3909 4th Ave Birmingham AL – Video
  52. Rehab to Retail PML 577 60th St S, Birmingham AL – Video
  53. New Castle, Pennsylvania – 1 Single family home (2013-2017) – Failed syndication as LP
  54. Seattle, Washington – 1 A- Class Single Family Home (2012-2017) – Air-Bnb Fail Video
  55. Seattle, Washington – 1 B+ Class Duplex (2011-2014)
  56. Seattle, Washington – 1 A Class Single Family Home (2009-2014) – Video

For those who are able to save more than $30k a year or have substantial liquidity (over 200k), being a landlord and especially flipping is a lot of work. If you like it cool/good for you… but just remember why we got into this… To be free from a JOB. A lot of us (80%) who stumble upon and start drinking Kool-Aide will be financially free in 4-7 years pending taking action. So I always urge people to start with the end in mind and take a more passive approach.

Focus on being an Investor not a Landlord.

Do the math here…  with 300 dollars per property (2 months of work to buy a turnkey rental) you are going to need 20-40 of these to replace your income. I have 10 of these and have systems in place but have 1-2 evictions a year and 3-4 big things that happen. Image if I had 30, just 3 x those numbers.

Directly investing in a turnkey rental or small MFH is a good way to start to learn and build up the war chest to go into my scaleable investments such as private placement syndications. Whatever you do, try to be as close to the investment as possible. This is the fundamental problem I have with Wall Street who takes too much fees off the hard-working efforts of the middle class. 

If your net worth (income minus expenses) is under $200,000 or barely save $30,000, syndications are not for you. Stick with these Turnkey rentals despite what Gurus (who are trying to sell you their program) tell you for now. They have a little higher gains (a lot more volatility) but a syndicator who is willing to put you in a deal with more than 10-20% of your net worth is asking for trouble.

San Francisco Real Estate Summit 2019

*PS never liked the idea of whole-selling where you basically steal houses from people at 50 cents on the dollar and say you are “helping people solve problems”

My Professional Resume

BS Industrial Engineering  (University of Washington)

MS Civil Engineering  (University of Washington) 

2013-2015  Project Engineer – Design/Permit/Construct $250M – WSDOT ARRA High Speed Rail Seattle to Portland

2015 – 2017  City Engineer – Sidewalk, Signal, Streets, Drainage, Erosion Control

2017 – 2018  Airfield Engineer – Capital work to upkeep State airport taxiway, runways, and navigational aids

2018 – 2019 Facilities Engineer (GS12) at Tripler Hospital in Honolulu, Hawaii

4/9/2019 Quit JOB and became Full-time investors and Real Estate Mentor

In 2009, after doing these silly things… I was able to save for an A-class rental that rented for $2200/a month in the Pacific Northwest (how embarrassing a Rent-to-Value Ratio of 0.5% – see a video). After my 2nd acquisition of a duplex in 2012, I was looking to make a 3rd but the market was appreciating and I saw the numbers would yield negative cashflow.

I began my career as a construction supervisor and this is where I developed my initial leadership style. Probably not the best for smart white collar professionals but I tell you this so you know where I am coming from. 

With this realization, I converted my portfolio to markets with stable multifaceted job markets and Rent-to-Value Ratios that would yield healthy $250-$400/month spreads between the rents and expenses (mortgage, vacancy, professional management, repairs, and capital expenses).

As of 2016, my portfolio consisted of 11 single family homes in Birmingham, Atlanta, Indianapolis, and Pennsylvania. This was the most difficult part of building this portfolio. This is not a get rich scheme.

Robert Helms was one of my mentors starting in 2010.

In 2019, I was able to share a speaking panel with him!

The wealthy offset capital gains with Passive Losses

Update 2018 and beyond… Moving from single family to multifamily and syndication investing because as I increased my portfolio I needed to invest in more scaleable assets. 2019 I quit my Engineering job to focus on finding deals for those in my investor club.

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Networking with other Buy-Hold investors I discovered two things:

1) Passive investors are hard to spot out among the typically ‘active’ RE crowd, therefore trading best practices was very difficult and

2) Passive investing is often boring since this is not a get rich quick method of building wealth and uneventful (if things are going well there aren’t too many cool stories).

This podcast and blog are meant to distill content just to the golden nuggets for the passive Real Estate Investor.  I plan to go beyond the newbie tips that clutter the internet and cocktail parties because lets’ face it, as a passive investor your time should be spent on things that you love to do and those who are important to you (not trolling real estate internet forums or making makeshift plumbing repairs on your property).

As I get more experienced, I recognize that there are a lot quicker ways to make a lot of money in Real Estate such as apartment investing, flipping high-end properties, or development but for the time being I have a full-time job that is alright and until that changes this is the path that I have zeroed in on. So if you are like me, join me on this train and if you don’t like your job and want to quit you can get on board too we will wake you up when it’s your time to escape the rat-race.

Real Estate has empowered me financially I wanted to give back to the investor community.

My Motivation For Creating this Site:

1) Begin with the end in mind and decide now what you want your obituary to read. We are only here on this earth for a finite period. I like this picture because this is what will probably be on the welcome table at my funeral. I hope you can make it! Rich Cohen wrote that there are four rungs of being remembered after death: “newly dead; dead but remembered; dead and all those who knew you dead; dead and all those who knew those who knew you dead.” In terms of YOU…All that matters is what happens when you’re alive. Your legacy will offer you no pleasure after you’ve passed so live how you dream but know that there are some unconventional paths that you have to take (like buying cashflowing rentals not in your home state). And for myself…fame will do you no favors for me once I die but at least people can use to get out of the rat race. And if that does not get your going listen to the wisdom of Frank Ostaseski.

2) Create a repository of information where my unborn children or others can reference with some context into what I was thinking. Plus I got tired of telling my friends who never took action on the advice I gave. Creating a podcast has greatly impacted my life by allowing me to meet with so many people and many of those I have built strong relationships with even outside of money and real estate.

Why a Podcast?

I jumped on the podcast ban-wagon in 2007 while I was working on the road when I did not have a friend near me. It got me into Crossfit in 2008, Paleo in 2009, Real estate investing in 2010, intermittent fasting in 2013, internet marketing in 2015, and led to meeting and creating friendships with a lot of you because we are aligned on the same wavelength. Yes… The phrase “we met on the internet” is totally acceptable! Obviously, a few of these interests have come and gone but in the macro sense, podcasts have instilled a lifelong interest and ability to learn.

Vinney Chopra calls it Automobile University.

3) While I am alive I want to teach/empower others to fish for themselves. In real estate, we use leverage and by teaching others, I am leveraging other people to achieve their financial goals in hopes that they will pay it forward. I poke fun at MLMs a lot but I would like to create a pyramid scheme of philanthropy.

I’ll be honest when I almost got fired from my W2 job for nothing that was my fault ( and saw how much Wall Street/mutual funds rob people, I get pissed. Which got me through the first six months of building this platform. As you know anger can only take you so far… As you will read in my book I realized the positive impact I was making which ultimately is a more sustainable fuel source for the mission that is

What is the change that you want to make in the world even if its a 1% move in the needle?  Financial education – people have such struggle so much to make ends meet.

I was baptized on Easter 2016 and searched for a way to give back.  I want to help others but I struggle with giving money away because I know I can grow my money much faster and I am much more frugal than any philanthropic organization. Bill Gates gave back only after he amassed a fortune. Tithing as you go along has a smaller cumulative impact. My end game is to give away my wealth to rightful causes via a Charitable Remainder Trust. As I grow my local community in Hawaii, I try to surround myself with like-minded people who want to help other good people financially… (not like having some sort of lame for-profit coaching business based of referral fees). I don’t know how this is going to come together but I am conscious of running a non-profit entity the right way.

4) I hope my blog/podcast will help families realize the powerful wealth-building effects of real estate so they can spend their time on more important, instead of working long hours and worrying about their financial troubles. There are a lot of successful families with good jobs (teachers/engineers/programmers/finance) yet they struggle to make ends meet financially. It is their kiddos who ultimately get the short end of the stick(Cool graphs on this subject) Being a Latch-Key Child growing up, both my parents had to work and I was left home alone after school to fiddle with my thumbs.

With Real Estate you are able to grow your wealth exponentially faster than the conventional 401K’s and stock investing, therefore you are able to escape the dogma of working 50+ hour weeks at a job that is unfulfilling. And if you are one of the lucky ones who happen to do what you enjoy… well good for you 😛

Money is not everything but it is important because it gives you the freedom to live life on your terms.

It is a great time in history to be alive with general peace and technological convinced, I see a silent war being waged upon the shrinking Middle Class. This is the Civil Rights movement of my time. In a way, people are having a Stockholm Syndrome with Wall Street profiteers being the captors. Let’s work together to redirect money from the Wall-Street casinos and corrupt financial institutions…To help the endangered ‘Middle Class’ savers find safer, more profitable investments in Main Street opportunities benefiting local communities.

“I walked the linear path for much of my life. Raised as part of the disappearing “middle-class” programmed me to study hard in school, checking the boxes on extracurricular activities, cramming for the SATs, and getting a high GPA to get into college, all to live a “practical” life. Growing up, we were told to “waste nothing” and turn off the lights every time you leave a room. I still feel guilty to order a soft drink at a restaurant as opposed to tap water.” excerpt from “The One Thing That Changed Everything

I realized that I had the ability to lead other hard working professionals to financial freedom so they did not have to blindly invest and go to their day jobs....

Why this podcast/website/syndicating deals is the perfect storm:

Self-awareness is truly the most important aspect of being an investor/entrepreneur. My job being a syndicator is to find opportunities and lead other investors like you to them and using my podcast and experience makes this a logical step for me. I always encourage folks to find out what their competitive advantages and disadvantages are. I can usually help point people in the right direction in a 15-minute free chat – Click here to schedule.
By doing the podcast I found that there was a lot of things and people that I did not know. As Robert Half says, “When one teaches, two learn.”
What are my downfalls?
Being an engineer and introvert communicating was something I was never good at. However, I think I get it after hearing these “straight from the 1990’s salesmen.” I don’t like to waste peoples time, no tricks, no games, the deals should sell themselves.
The average of the millionaires GPA is 2.9.. (I know all you statistics folks out there are calling “bad data” because if the range of most GPAs is 2.0-4.0 of course that’s the average) but if you chill out, it makes sense..
Personally, I had a 3.01 undergrad GPA, just enough to get me into my competitive major as an industrial engineer. The writing was on the wall back then in 2007.. I don’t think I am a terrible engineer nor am I a very good one.. My rationalization is that I don’t enjoy it which is a big intermediate to success.. But can you blame me? Why would you want to build someone else’s dream?
What is my competitive advantage?

1) I don’t have kids. After learning about hundreds of listens situations via free calls I hear that this sorta complicates things… 😛

2) I am an ISTJ (introversion, sensing, thinking, judgment abbreviation used in the publications of the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator). I don’t really know what the last three manifest in my life but I am a recovering introvert – a side hobby is this group I started to help others get out of their shell. I believe an introvert has nothing to do if you like people or if you are loud and annoying. Your affinity is determined where you derive your energy. Going to the day job and working with you know “others” was really tiring for me. The weirdest thing is that when I talk to others over the phone or in-person I get so excited and sometimes a little too passionate. That’s how I knew I was on to something. I’ll say it many times but what really fires me up is redirecting money from the Wall-Street casinos and corrupt financial institutions…To help the endangered ‘Middle Class’ savers find safer, more profitable investments in Main Street opportunities benefiting local communities. Part of the reason I moved back to home to Hawaii was to bring back what I have learned to 1) impact professionals who bought the house, commute two hours every day, but still struggle with finances and 2) help displaced immigrants to Hawaii who do not mind going homeless and don’t embrace entitlement or education. My Vision is that I can partner with a group like Projectdestined to make social change in my hometown. Just as we crowdsource deals, if you have any ideas, please let me know. I will be honest, at this point, to use an airline analogy, I am “still trying to put my oxygen mask on first.”

3) I do recognize that there are seasons in life and right now I am accelerating my syndication business along with my own investments via my Hui Deal Pipeline Club. Sign up here.

Right now my goal is to get to $10-15k per month of passive cashflow as fast as I can. Once I get there, I plan to put things into cruise control. Sophisticated investors call this going from the “growth stage” to hitting “critical mass”. At that point, I will continue to help others get where they want to be via my syndication business which creates good options for passive investors with so little time on their hands. I trust that at this point deals and opportunities will fall into my lap and the Hui.
4) Some people say they work smart. Bust guess what? I work smart and work hard (2-4 hours every day after I get home from the day job). Right now I am working at a pretty unsustainable pace but I am motivated by being so close to activating cruise control.
5) I don’t think binary. I see the world as shades of grey and zero-sum trade-offs when win-win deals can’t be made. I am able to evaluate deals analytically and make holistic decisions. I seem like a machine sometimes but don’t act like one 😉 Robert Kiyosaki says “there are always three sides to a coin.”
6) Integrity – Through these podcast interviews, I had the idea beat into my head not to chase money. I did it in my W2 career in construction management trading money for a poor quality of life working in something I did not like with people who were jerks. Being a younger investor, I realized that was going to hit “zero-gravity” or financial freedom well before my 40s. And then what the heck would I do??? I plan on doing this for a while… at least a few market cycles. I always wanted to act with my investors best interests in mind. The last thing I want to do is not act ethically and have someone put a hit on me as I check my mail at my PO Box.

“My mission is to teach and empower good people to realize the powerful wealth-building effects of real estate so they can spend their time on more important ventures and passions instead of working long hours and worrying about their financial troubles.” excerpt from “The One Thing That Changed Everything

The rest of my profile…

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Why is the day job so important (when starting)?

Decisions are significant players in determining the financial circumstances of your life.

One bad decision can cost you significant money.. A lot of my peer doing passive investing have pretty boring.. Yea I have failed for not doing my due diligence but for the most part I have taken very small risks from turnkey rentals to 90%+ stabilized non-recourse apartment investments today.

When you are in a position of weakness financially you tend to get attracted for the magic pill and that Jeepers Creepers guys whispering to you about “hey do you want to hear about passive cashflow.”

Guess what? There is nothing passive about getting cashflow.. If it were that easy to get then it would be easy for the next kid who lives in their mother’s basement to take it away.

When you are in a position of scarcity/weakness, all future decisions you make are made out of necessity – to solve some immediate short-term immediate need, which is usually a financial one.

By covering your bases and having a stable day job that puts food on the table you minimize the chances of a bad decision for the following reasons:

  • Out of desperation, you fail to do your due diligence (homework) before making an investment;
  • Out of desperation, you partner with someone whose background you really don’t know enough about;
  • Out of desperation, you ignore facts or details that a non-desperate person would never ignore.

Never make a major decision when you are in a position of scarcity/weakness.. Only make major decisions from a position of abundance/strength.

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  • The only time you move fast… is to get things from the printer (at work)
  • Beware of Cheap Easy Free
  • Stop wasting time, just pay it
  • When are you going to be an investor and not a landlord
  • The 5 people you keep in close contact will be the end of you
  • Don’t be an Ask-Hole, add value
  • Don’t worry about the cost of a shovel when you are trying to dig a hole
  • Go against groupthink
  • Don’t be another Waldo
“I started the Hui Deal Pipeline Club because I want to see each of you get to your goals financially so you can focus on what is really important to you. There are other fundraisers out there that will train their investors down to 10-15% IRRs on crappy deals and do “deals to do deals” or to pick up acquisition fees. Between investing alongside you folks and wanted to grow my track record the right way with the best product I know you guys will keep coming back and bring your friends.”
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