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AHP Servicing is currently open and accepting funds! And giving 10% annually paid monthly.

This is a non-compensated review of my investment in this fund since 2017. Disclosure: I have been in the original fund and personally know Jorge Newberry and he sponsored my podcast from 2017-2018. But other than that I would invest in this fund.

As I mentioned before within the Mastermind and coaching clients... 

I use $70K in AHP and $50-100K in my life insurance banking for a go-to for me to park cash as I wait for the next syndication.

This is a part of my 1-2 punch to avoiding liquidity anxiety and having an Opportunity Fund to go after deals as they come up. I call this my "on-deck circle" cause I don't like how the term... "dry-powder" sounds. More info. (Also has the latest info on the latest 2018 AHP fund in the first half of the webinar)

Latest 2018 update on AHP Servicing

PS - Jorges new project

Note from AHP below:

All of us at AHP Servicing are pleased to unveil our next Reg A Offering, with a goal of raising up to $50 million. We are continuing the work begun 10 years ago by our sister company, American Homeowner Preservation, purchasing non-performing residential loans and working with borrowers to allow them to remain in their home or settle their debt at a discount.

Our goal for this offering is to provide investors with an opportunity to earn favorable social and financial returns. Highlights include:

  • Open to accredited and non-accredited investors
  • Minimum investment of just $100
  • A preferred annual return up to 10% per year
  • Monthly Distributions
  • Best efforts liquidity (no lock-up period)
  • Best efforts return of capital within five years of the investment
  • Socially responsible investment focus

To learn more about the offering, review the offering statement, and invest, please visit our new website at You can invest online or call us at +1 866-AHP-TEAM and ask to speak with Brian Hamilton or Rachael Minnick, our Investor Relations Associates.  (and do me a favor an tell them Lane sent you!)

Our team at AHP Servicing cannot thank you enough for your strong interest in this offering.  At AHP Servicing, we measure our return in dollars and in sense, and we know that you do as well.

Full news brief here


______________END OF 11/8/2018 UPDATE_______________________________

Older content below:

"Not being one of the big boys of investing aka accredited investor in the eyes of the SEC it's tough to find good options. But then I started investing in the American Home Preservation or AHP fund which is crowdfunding the mortgage crisis in America. The fund purchases distressed mortgages and collaborated with the existing homeowners to keep them in their homes.  It's a way to make great returns while feeling good about making a social impact.  After investing myself in the fund it was awesome when they approached me to become an advertiser of the company. You can start investing with as little as $100.  To learn more visit and if you want the free Burnzone book send me an email to"

Highlights of the investment

  • You are helping people stay in their homes as AHP buys the loans from the banks and attempts to structure a more manageable payment schedule for the existing homeowner
  • AHP pays 12% a year in the fund that ends in May 2018. You get 1% every month like clockwork. For the latest news go to
  • I use it as an “Opportunity Fund” holding tank because of the liquidity
  • Talk about a diversified fund that is 3rd party audited that gets you great returns. This completely blows the pants off of those dinky private money loans in terms of liquidity, security, sophistication, and ease. #WhyDoesNotEveryoneDoThat

You can start with $100 bucks and then you can incrementally increase your investment however you want.

AHP 2015A+ Files Audited Financials with SEC

American Homeowner Preservation 2015A+ LLC filed our 1-K annual report with the Securities and Exchange Commission on May 1st. The filing included our audited 2017 financial statements. Both the Audit and the Auditor’s Letter are available for review. In addition, the complete 1-K filing is available on the SEC’s Edgar website.

The audit indicated that in 2017 2015A+ generated a 40.46% annualized return and generated a net income of $1,425,753.00.

In 2017, after expenses were paid, we attained our goal of paying a return of 12% per year to our investors. Excess gains were utilized to buy additional assets.

We are pleased with the performance of 2015A+ and hope that you are enjoying your returns.

What is note investing?

Like the other deals in the Hui Deal Pipeline Club... I have my own skin in the game.


I have always had a good amount in my AHP account since 2016. I like the liquidity and use it in conjunction with my life insurance policy to go into private placements which come up irregularly. The 1% a month is enough to pay for my car lease... Talk about a free car.

$600/month from AHP minus $475 monthly lease equals some left over for some socially responsive coffee farms.


Kid's of coffee farms who 20% of income goes to.


"When I got smart and sold my primary residence to start investing in investments that actually made sense (woohoo) I needed a place to diversify quickly as opposed to some money market or even a high reward checking account. Lets face it Turnkey rentals and syndications are great but they don't come around often. I stumbled upon the American Home Preservation, the owner Jorge Newberry once apartment syndicator too is now sponsoring this podcast. His fund cuts the middle man out to crowdfund the solution to the mortgage crisis in America. They are empowering you to fund the purchase of distressed mortgages and earn returns that smoke any other passive fund. If you find something else better feel free to let me know. Oh yea... they work to with the families to keep them in their home after buying the underwater note at a huge discount.  It's an opportunity to make a positive impact on families and communities while earning returns.  Start investing with as little as $100 at and if you want the free Burnzone book send me an to"


Podcast #34 – Jorge Newbery goes $28 million into the hole and the fight to get back to even

Jorge Newbery, Founder and CEO, American Homeowner Preservation. On a mission to help Americans crushed by unaffordable debt. This Ex-Apartment investor talks about going $28 million dollars into the hole. This is quite honestly the most authentic and insightful interviews I have had this 2016… editing the podcast was like watching a freaking drama movie.


"We talk a lot about syndications on this podcast and most of the time, these offerings are only for those with an accredited status per the rules and regulations of the SEC. Now sponsoring the SPC podcast is the American Home Preservation Fund, a crowdfunding solution to the mortgage crisis in America, empowering investors to fund the purchase of distressed mortgages. The AHP fund aims to keep people in their homes by investing in notes. It's an opportunity to earn returns while feeling good about making a positive social impact.  You can start investing with as little as $100.  To learn more visit and if you want the free Burnzone book send me an to"

Podcast #101 – Interview Jorge Newberry – Note Buyer Bootcamp announcement and non-performing notes


Pics from the April 2018 conference.

The new servicing center. With debt collectors/solution artist who are kind and care.

"It's now time to give Uncle Jorge Newberry's American Home Preservation some shine. Jorge was featured on my favorite podcast for 2016... #34. Jorge has created a fund that allows accredited and non-accredited investors the ability to fund the purchase of distressed mortgages via notes. The AHP team collaborates with the families to keep them in their home.  It's an opportunity to make some money help rebuild blue collar America.  Start investing with as little as $100 at and if you want the free Burnzone book send me an to"

If you are getting 1% a year in your bank account... 10x that!

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