Are Credit Card Tradelines Safe?

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Now our trade lines safe and that this comes up again and again. And look, I’m not going to warrant your identity being stolen from you. But I will tell you that I’ve been doing this for over a year and nothing has happened to me in the past and I’ve been around other people doing this, you know, trying to trade pacts how to, you know, best optimize this and protect yourself. Again, that’s in our secret Facebook group that we have, you guys are welcome to join as ecourse members. But you know, that’s why we try and stick to these, these brokers that play the third party between you and the authorized user. Make it so that this is a secure process as possible. Make sure you don’t have the credit cards sent out to the people you know, have it sent to you personally and I’ve never activated them. And now would be a good time to create an account on something like Credit Karma to monitor your credit scores or any kind of alerts that might be popping up. And I’ll just get into the habit of checking in on your credit card statements to see if there’s anything fishy. A lot of times you can catch it early, you can just kind of wipe it from your account. Since doing this, I haven’t really seen a drop in terms of my credit scores. But another best practice is to make sure that you set individual alerts in with the credit card company, you know, like more than a $1 transaction shows up. So you can be alerted to if anything fishy is happening. I don’t know about you, but the way I look at this world today, where we’re all connected with the internet is you know, the hackers have access all the information out there at will and it’s just a matter of time to one of your card cards gets compromised. So whether you do trade lines or not I always just get into the habit of just monitoring your transactions knowing it’s just a basic fact of life at some point. You know, based on all the online accounts that we have and credit card transaction online purchases we make you know those unscrupulous guys will get ahold of our information. So the best way to mitigate that is to just accept it. But to verify the transactions that are happening and to be vigilant, more and more tips are being shared in our Facebook group. Is this going on as being the next one day he went try to rent them out, and then he became one real investor me

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