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Here’s one of the new programs with the cares act. This is you guys can go to sba.gov funding boss programs. So these apply to if you’re a gig worker, gig economy and 99 worker, a one person business independent contractor, you hire self employed, essentially, you’re eligible for a payroll protection loan as long as you have a business with less than 500 employees. So you might be a W two working professional and have a real estate portfolio. And I think you still might this might apply to you. I’m working with some consultants who’s going to pretty much do all the paperwork for you guys, and make sure they do it right. And if you guys don’t get paid your $10,000 grant, which is penalty free, tax free, interest free, they won’t charge you anything. So if you guys are interested in matchmaking online, it’s simple passive cash flow. But if not, you should be able to go to this website sba.gov. And Hi there.