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Chapter 0 - Introduction

Chapter 2 - Why Cashflowing Real Estate?

Chapter 3 - Becoming an Accredited Investor

Chapter 4 - Why Syndications over BRRRR or Turnkey Rentals?

Chapter 5 - Using Real Estate to Pay Less Tax

Chapter 6 - Just Before I Quit My Day Job

Chapter 7 - The BS in the Traditional Financial Wisdom

Don’t really get excited by the “free money” concept when your employer matches what you put into your 401K. Be careful, as that is normal financial mind think… the downside is that you have to entrap that 3-6% of you paycheck (or whatever they require you to start the match) to get the company match. Some say that that is an easy 100% ROI (that you have to wait X years to get access to) but sophisticated investors take into account the opportunity costs. A good investor should be able to get 15-25% ROI on their money which is a lot more than 8-10% gains (even with that 100% step up at the beginning). Do the math and take into account the brain-damage of investing through an retirement vehicle too.

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Bonus - Why not to use retirement plans

Bonus - Don't make these mistakes

Chapter 8 - Conclusion

The One Thing That Changed Everything (2018 Release)

“The true meaning of wealth is having the freedom to do what you want, when you want, and with whom you want. Building cash flow via real estate is the simple part. The difficult part occurs after you are free financially to find your calling and fulfillment. But that’s a great problem to have ;)” excerpt from “The One Thing That Changed Everything”

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