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I set out in 2016 to create a place where a group of random strangers could find a like-minded tribe of friends and invest together. And in the process, form a damn good think-tank because, in the end, I do not believe that I have all the answers and the best decisions are made in a meritocracy per Ray Dalio.

It is not my goal to create a massive investment club where no one knows your name. I want to be able to know everyone, their personal goals, and selfishly celebrate along with you when you get there. Examples below:
“My wife is officially is quitting her job at the end of this year. Thanks for helping us be able to do that. One of her friends had to go back to work 10-weeks after having their second kid because they need her income to pay the mortgage. It makes me cringe just thinking about that.”  –Hui Deal Pipeline Club Member

My mentor Russell Grey from the Real Estate Guys Radio Podcast says “keep your investors in your heart and your thoughts and actions will be consistent.”
As the club grows I am mindful for doing what is right for the investors and keeping the mission.

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Go Bigger! Diversify your money! Invest alongside the pros!

Four ways Sophisticated investors diversify in syndications:
1) Different leads/operators
2) Asset classes such as MFH, self-storage, mobile home parks, assisted living
3) Geographical markets
4) Business plans (5-year exits vs legacy holds). And take advantage of the overall scalability and Cost Segregation & Bonus Depreciation

*Usually I see investors place no more than 5% of their net worth into anyone deal

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