Investor Coaching Calls

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Coaching Call: Transitioning From Turnkey Rentals and Networking Tips Ep. 326​

Lane and Aaron talk about transitioning from buying turnkey rentals to becoming syndication investors in this coaching call.
Buying single-family homes is an excellent way to start as an investor, but later on, you’ll realize the disadvantages it has, like being your own broker (besides your actual job).

So, as you dig deep, you’ll start to understand that there are better and more productive ways to invest in real estate.

Live Coaching Call w/ Non-Accredited Investor (Engineer) EP159

Ross is a Software Engineer at San Francisco Bay, he finished Software degree. He started with a big Corporation with roommates. He tries to educate himself by doing research to fully understand what other people do thru podcasts. After 5 yrs he started to maximize his 401k. He invests in his 401k and Roth IRA. He moved his investment outside of the stock market. Lane builds a good relationship with the investor and advised him to put it into deals the 401K and for simplicity’s sake.

Live Coaching Call w/ Non-Accredited Investor having trouble with Lender ​

Two lessoned learned to qualify for loans:

  1. You need two years of clean W2 income
  2. Issues with too high housing costs impacting DTI

Venturing out on your own and seeing how far you’ll get is one way towards freedom, and it’ll be easier if you follow the simple passive cash flow path. 

Coaching Call: From 400K To $1.4M Net Worth in 2 YEARS + Ditching  The Rentals!

Going from $200K to $1.4M net worth, Jackson, who’s a Nurse, realized he prefers financial freedom over working at his job until retirement.


Withdrawing My Retirement Money​

In this coaching call, you’ll meet Emmanuel where we discussed conservation easement and pulling money out of retirement funds especially for those with gross income under $300,000. We believe that most hard-working professionals are supporters of this financial dogma. You can have the most money, but if you’re not maximizing the possibilities of what your money can do, then it’s bound to be useless.

1.5M Accredited FOOM Member Coaching Call | 1031 Exchange/ Infinite banking / Goals Ep 299​

Eric is an accredited investor and FOOM member, he continuously searches for a greater avenue to invest his money and expand his network. In the different stages of his life, he realizes that there are better uses of his money rather than just managing properties of his own. Better to realize it now than never!

Coaching Call – Accredited Investor/Pilot | Military Retirement | Infinite Banking Ep 298​

As a couple, having a synchronous mindset with your spouse plays a major role in becoming a real estate investor. In today’s coaching call, we are joined by Willie, who is a great example that when you achieve having a substantial net worth ( in his case he’s a little under $500,000) nothing is stopping you from becoming a passive investor yourself. Since he’s married, he MUST consider his partner before jumping in and be sure that they’re on the same boat. Nothing is more tragic than an uninformed spouse! As they say, a happy wife leads to a happy life.

Accredited (End-Game)

When is it time to Retire? Accredited Investor Live Coaching Call

Lee is an engineer for a general contractor in Hawaii for about 20 yrs. Then he started investing 5 years ago, started with get funding for houses in Hawaii. Now he’s an accredited investor keeping houses, all over the US in different cities. His goal is to accelerate his portfolio for retirement and he figured out real estate investment might be a good idea to meet the retirement goals. Lane helped him to decide put his money in to do long-term equity and get real estate professional status now.

Live Coaching Call with a Doctor going 45 to 75 MPH! (Episode 151)​

Matt is a Doctor he is 4yrs in Atlanta for his internship and after 4yrs in Residency training and Radiology in Oklahoma City. People think about him “”you’re making a lot of money”” but it’s not. He’s internship he works close to 80 hours a week and in his 6th year of postgraduate training he maybe 55. He started at about two hundred fifty thousand dollars student loan and wanted to start repayment right after medical school to capitalize the interest before really start accruing. In the beginning, the interest was growing more than he was paying so he finally refinanced it about a year and a half ago, now he pays $2,600 a month and his balance is still over 225,000. He planned to buy a single-family home before he graduated. Matt wants to have time freedom.  Lane encouraged him to visit her website to know more about how can we have time freedom.

Accredited Coaching Call w/ 3M Business Owner (Ep. 235)​

Coaching call walkthrough with Steve, a construction company owner, whose net-worth is a couple million dollars. Learn how Lane breaks down how to get rid of lazy equity, save taxes, all while working the day job!