Coaching & Mentorship Options

  1. 27-Week Curated Course
  2. Motivated High Net Worth Peers
  3. Bi-Weekly Power Calls

In 2016, I spent about $50,000 on masterminds/mentorship plus vacation time to build my operational knowledge and network. Having a podcast that everyone wanted to be on and that I guard my platform today helps too!

In 2017, I filled in the remaining gaps by putting in an additional $20,000 to my education in Apartment investing and Syndication to help my investors in the Hui Deal Pipeline club.

In 2019, I quit my job to do everything in my power to support my students in the Passive Investor Accelerator & Mastermind. Stay tuned for the new announcement of what groups I am joining to take it to the next level.

Now you don’t have to be like me or Timothy Kim who spend $70,000 on coaching in six months.. But consider what is at stake and that starting out you don’t know what you don’t know.. After all these calls I can’t tell you how many do-it-yourselfers’s who say they are going to just YouTube/Podcast their way through it typically fail.. I know because I follow up with these people and if they would have just paid for a little bit of guidance, in the beginning, they would have saved so much costs and time.

If you know a thing or two about me from my podcasts or a call with me I want to help people get on their path to financial freedom too!

Coaching packages including everything Lane knows and following elements:
Pick the path that is right for you:
    • Buy Hold Rentals
    • Remote Turnkey Rentals
    • Go big with Apartment Investing
    • Decoding Syndication as a Limited Partner
    • Raise money from others and Syndicate
    • Building a team
Find & Analyze deals
    • Be able to point out Sucker deals for “Californians”
    • Underwrite the property conservatively via cashflow analysis
    • Get every dollar on the table in the due-diligence period and punch list negotiation
    • Get the best financing option with Lane’s preferred lenders
    • Leverage Lane’s Deal-flow and Rolodex
Put it all together
    • How to setup your personal systems to not go crazy
    • Balance with your full-time job
    • Optimize taxes with my best practices and the proven professionals to advice you
    • Best technology to use
    • Learn the investor mindset and remove limiting beliefs
    • Future goal setting and clear 5-year plan after our program is over
Other possible scope of services
    • Growing your brand
    • Syndicate big and small deals
    • Start your own podcast
    • Internet marketing
    • Networking the right way

I join the other masterminds and bring back the good stuff

4 Tiers of Coaching Offerings

  • Group Coaching Mastermind – 12 month program, Bi-Weekly Calls, intimate peer group
  • Private Coaching Lite – 3-month program
  • Private Coaching Mid (Level III) – 6-month program
  • Family Office Experience (Level IV) – 12+ month program

What you get in the Group Coaching Mastermind

$ 1,000

The Coach checks into the secret group forum to answer questions quickly.

$ 4,800

Two 60-minute video group calls a month for 12 months

$ 1,500

Access to the secret library of resources (videos, pdfs, trainings) for a full year.

Priority access to deal flow. First right of refusal to wholesale deals or syndications I come across before it reaches the 3,000+ Hui Deal Pipeline Club members.


Admittance into Secret Facebook group (250+ curated members)

Admittance into Secret Facebook group (6-12 members) with other students to facilitate collaboration

The right to join the Hui Ali’I Mastermind for a full year with a 50% discounted rate (2-Hour Quarterly Video Calls with Active Investors who have $100,000+ skin in the game in Hui Deal Pipeline Club Projects) – for more info

Bonus #1 – 30-Minute Close-out call or “I need help with my deal emergency call”

Combined Value of $8,000+ with a Guarantee of service refund offer

See pricing here

What you get in Private Coaching Lite (3 month program)

$ 2,000

Access to Lane’s living Rolodex of providers, vendors, property management, bird-dogs, lenders, peer-investors, and more

$ 500

$ 1,000

The Coach being available by email to answer Student questions. Student will have Coach’s personal email address and direct phone line that is checked by Coach PERSONALLY for 3 months. Answers will be personalized to student’s needs.

$ 1,500

Personal weekly 30-minute calls for three months

$ 2,000

The right to join the Group Coaching Mastermind for a full year with a 25% discounted rate and Ali’i Mastermind.

$ 750

Priority access to deal flow. First right of refusal to wholesale deals or syndications I come across before it reaches the Hui Deal Pipeline Club and group coaching students


Admittance into Secret Facebook group (250+ curated members)

Combined Value of $7,750+ with a Guarantee of service refund offer

See pricing below

2019 Pricing

1-Year enrollment into Group Coaching Mastermind 

Journey to Simple Passive Cashflow Course

$ 4,500

Private Coaching Lite – 3-month program – One Final (1) Student left!

$300 referral credit*

$ 7,000

Private Coaching Mid (Level III) – 6-month program – Two new (2) Student openings

$750 referral credit*


$ 15,000

Family Office Experience (Level IV) – 12+ month program – One Final (1) Student left! Perfect for the Accredited investor who is needs higher level guidance on a wide range of fronts.

Coaching is Not for everyone...

I encourage you to try doing it by yourself because that’s what I did. Use all the free information on this website (Buy through a Turn-key Provider? Buyer Beware) or even call me from time to time.

If you are just looking for a referal just email me.

I did it on my own and many of you with the help of Professor Google can do it too. But everyone has a blind-spot and you can’t know what you don’t know. Having me look over your shoulder will allow me to holistically set you up for success. This is the best insurance to mitigate the pitfalls!

Maybe all you need is to come and get clear what you want and visit Lane in Hawaii.

Can’t make a trip to Hawaii? Sign up for a short coaching call, no long-term commitment.

But at the very least put a red circle on your calendar 60 days from now and see where you get… and how much of your family’s time you waste as you consume websites, books, and podcasts.

By signing up, I will be your friend (on Facebook)… J In all seriousness, I am not a guru, I am trying to grow my network/portfolio and I hope this can be the start of a relationship where we can both climb the ladder of success together. See you at the top!

You know what I mean ‘Jelly Bean’?

Financial-Need Discount**

Why? – I started this blog/podcast to help the shrinking middle-class families – good people who followed the linear path of getting a career only to live a life of “quiet desperation” – a term coined by Henry David Thoreau.  I don’t want to make this about money for those who don’t have it. It’s about choosing to get off autopilot and leveling the playing field.

5%-10% discount for teachers, military, nurses, basically people who went put in the hard work and subsidize society.

Mastermind members link

$300-750 referral credit*

If student purchases through an affiliated provider then the Coach will refund up to $500-750 due to referral fees based on the dealings of the Student because I don’t want there to be any conflict of interest. If you are just looking for a referral to someone to work with let me know.

Get going now!

Fill out this intake form and Email

I know the above isn’t very “simple” and the discounts and referral credits add another level of complexity but in the end, you are paying for my time and I will exceed your expectations.

I will use this as an opportunity to leverage what you currently have and find what path you enjoy. Who knows one day we will use the Hui Deal Pipeline Club to fund your own projects! After all, I don’t work with anyone I don’t know like or trust.

Fill out this intake form and shoot me an email what your goals are and timelines are and I can put together a customized plan.

Another option is to just trade sweat equity and join the team.


See to what folks have to say about Lane

PS – If you would like to trial the coaching option try the A’la carte option:

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