Richard Duncan’s Economic Predictions (2 parts)

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Discussion of China Trade Wars, where we are in the cycle, and new marco economic concepts.

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Richard Duncan is the author of three books on the global economic crisis,

including the international bestseller, The Dollar Crisis: Causes,

Consequences, Cures, which forecast the global economic crisis of 2008.


Since beginning his career as an equities analyst in Hong Kong in 1986,

Richard has served as global head of investment strategy at ABN AMRO

Asset Management in London, worked as a financial sector specialist for the

World Bank in Washington D.C., and headed equity research departments

for James Capel Securities and Salomon Brothers in Bangkok. He also

worked as a consultant for the IMF in Thailand during the Asia Crisis.

He is now the publisher of the video-newsletter Macro Watch, which can be

found on his website:


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