Upcoming Events

June 16, 2019 - Mobile Home Park education & tour @ Dothan, AL

June 17, 2019 - Apartment Tour @ Gulfport, MS & Mobile, AL

Apartment tour. Checking in at our 101-unit apartment complex too.

June 25-28, 2019 - Chocolate Farm Tour

Head to Belize to check out a chocolate farm!

June 30, 2019 - Seattle Wine & Mastermind

Seems like everyone likes wine. Let’s get the northwest investors together. Learn more.

July 17-20, 2019 - Speaking at Freedom Fest @ Las Vegas, NV

Not quite real estate focus but a lot of alternative innovators. I will be speaking on a panel on real estate. Use code “SPC50” for $50 off and lets connect at the event. Learn more.

July 21-24, 2019 - Birmingham, Atlanta, and Huntsville Investor Education Tour

A quick in and out tour visiting real properties, meeting local partners, and Masterminding. Learn more.

August 10, 2019 - SDIRA Summit & After-Party Debrief @ Kaneohe, HI

Lets learn about using SDIRAs and Mastermind on best practices later. Learn more.

Ongoing Events

Online Mastermind Power Calls Every Two Weeks Meetings

Check out what Lane’s local investor group is up to. Learn more.

Visiting Hawaii?

Current investors in past deals and Mastermind members let’s meet up when you are in Hawaii.  

Non-investors you can still kick it with Lane too. More info and other tourist tips.

Past Events

June 15, 2019 - Happy Hour @ Los Angeles

Dropping in on a layover to check out more potential deals. Learn more!

March 2019 - Tony Robbins 4-day seminar & Mastermind

We we walked on fire, jumped up and down for three days, and released what was holding us back. Learn more.

March 2019 - Apartment Hunting @ El Paso, TX

Kicking the dirt dust in El Paso.

February 16, 2019 - Infinity Investing Workshop

Lane spoke about his journey from one turnkey rental to over 2,600 units. Learn more.

October 2018 - Sonoma Wine & Mastermind

We boarded the bus to hang out and drink wine at some of the best wineries in Northern California. Why Sonoma and not Napa? Because we are contrarian investors! Learn more!

March 2018 - Coffee Farm Tour

Head to Panama to check out a coffee farm!

I even learned how to slurp coffee.

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