Fitness Tips and Virtual training for the Busy (#168)

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Fitness Tips and Virtual training for the Busy

1.) Morning routine – Lemon juice – Spring tips tea and homemade Kombucha –

2.) when to drink coffee – Simple Passive Cashflow Latte –

3.) sleep tips – Sleep Cycle alarm clock by Sleep Cycle AB

4.) what best workout program to get in shape

5.) how to drink alcohol

As far as workouts go for you, Jeff asks what your goals are, why they are important to you, and what time availability you have throughout the week to get in sessions.  Then he recommends if 1 if not 2 days a week is good for you depending on what you are looking to do.

“We specialize in creating a personalized 13 point training system that holds you accountable to attain your desired health and fitness goal in 3 months…GUARANTEED”

Jeff McMahon

Start learning about real estate investing –

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