For Beginners: Get To Know Your Credit Cards

Who are in this hobby are really frugal and they’re just like savers by nature. And they don’t like to go out and spend the points, but it’s not like money. You don’t save these points until retirement or something. You want to earn the points, know how you’re going to use them and then know how to get more points.

try to rent them out and

If you are a very beginner, like this is the first you’ve ever heard about this, the most popular beginner card these days is the Chase Sapphire Preferred and as ofyesterday or two days ago, March 21st, they just increase the sign up bonus to 80,000 points instead of 60,000 points that’s worth more than a thousand dollars in travel credit.

So Chase Sapphire Preferred is one of the most popular ones for beginners these days. We always recommend start with your Chase cards instead of starting with American express or another family like that, because of something called the5/24 rule, which says that if you have already opened five or more accounts with any carriers in the last five years, Chase’s just gonna reject you if you apply with the chase card. So it’s good to get the chase cards out of the way first.

And then you can move on to American express that doesn’t have this rule. You can move on to Citi cards, bank of America something else like that.

Good advice. I have a love & hate relationship with Chase . I do the tradeline hacking thing where I kind of piggyback authorized users of my cards. People want to learn more about it. Go to my and I had a little e-course on that. But chase cancel all my cards. So I’m not in the phenomenal rewards, credit cards. Great place to start there.

Why did they cut off all of your lines, too many authorized users?

Yeah, it was getting a little ridiculous. I was turning people a lot quicker than I do these days and I have flagged on about it. It’s good that you see a company actually has checks, so it make sure that there’s no weird activity such as mine so I think it’s good business. It sucks for me , but I applaud Chase for doing it,shows that they have their S together.

How many points did you lose when they shut you down?

I think at the time, I think I lost myself west point 200,000 points. Goes to show, right? Savers are losers, just like people with all this equity in their house or the bank.

There is a strategy called churn and burn where earn and burn where you’re earning points really quickly and then you want to use them quickly as well. You don’t just want a whole bunch of points sitting there in your account not being used because a lot of airlines will de-value their awards programs. And so if you just have hundreds of thousands of points sitting there and you’re thinking, okay, it’s like around the world trip or something is going to cost 200,000 points and then the next year they’re like, oh, now it cost 250,000 points. And your points were just sitting there and never used.

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