Simple Passive Cashflow’s Investor Friend Finder!!!


It’s hard to find people who are cool people and drinking the Koolaide (or Latte) on the journey to financial freedom.

One of the best parts of making the Simple Passive Cashflow podcast is attracting and finding a new tribe of like-minded ass kickers.

How do I use this thing?

Fill out the form here and sit back and wait. Or reach out with the following procedure.


I see a cool person how do I connect with them?

Email with the “screen name” with an intro of yourself and how you are offering to add value to the person you would like to engage with. I will reach out to the recipient and see if they are open to the connection. They need to approve the connection.

Here are the required three questions that needs to be submitted to
1) Why do you want to connect with this person?
2) How can you help this person or business?

Group Coaching Mastermind get 4 free connections a quarter.

Standard Simple Passive Cashflow followers need to pay $20 per connection (no charge for getting rejected) 

Whoa, what about my privacy?

We will have code names. Sort of. What I don’t want is “that guy” to just blindly message everyone which is why all connections need to be thoughtful and significant.

The screen name has a method behind the madness… It consists of the “First 3 characters of your Email+Graduation College date in YY format+Occupation” For example, I would be “LAN07ENGINEER”.

Some ideas on how to use this?

If someone is local to your area or a doctor reach out! If someone is investing in the market or type of asset you are looking at reach out! You never know the 5-minute action you take could be the beginning of a lifelong friendship. I have vetted everyone here and if someone gets out of line I will remove them.

Help me grow this community of high-quality people and connect us via email.