How Much Downpayment Should You do on an Investment Rental Property

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downpayment amount 20 25%, what is your take on which to go with

it’s a personal preference, but the way I look at it is there’s a lot of people that are starting off and they want to grow their portfolio as quickly as possible, you’re going to get a better rate with a 25%. I personally go with the 25%. But let’s just say it was referenced individually and just routed a moment ago, guy has a bunch of money makes 4000 all yours, there’s a strong chance that he’s got quite a bit of money in the bank that doing the 25% is not gonna faze him whatsoever. But then again, there’s other individuals that are you know, they may have 100,000, they want to build three, four hours out really quick, they might be able to spread that out. 20% down, okay. And I asked him that question, I mean, we get a better rate because you take that 5% and go get another property that made more sense to you, other than performance right now are 20% for single families all the way up to 10. And the two to four years to place the four Plex is 25% down


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