How to Structure a Syndication With Development?

You figure out what your asset allocation or time horizons are, and money is money. Try to rent them out.

What do you think about the syndication and the laddering with the development at county line? Developments, I would personally go to more of a stabilized cash flowing asset, especially if you’re new to this type of world. You think of deals in terms of risk adjusted returns, right? Stabilize assets it’s like buying an existing lemonade stand with existing profit and loss statements.

You can see what it runs or development is a shot in the dark in a way. Technically, if you could build it, there’s more room for error, but you have to wait a lot longer to see the egg hatch. The way I did it and the way I preached general wealth building to people is start off with singles and basics.

And in the syndication, that is the more stabilized assets that give cash flow quickly and have lighter value add or in the rental property world for people under half a million dollars net worth , just go buy rental properties like how I did.

Yeah, I think in my situation though, I need to be a little bit more passive. I’m not going to go out and buy individual properties that’s what makes your multifamily deals attractive to me ‘coz I can be passive.

I just have to say it because something Dawn who was a young kid is going to listen to this podcast and then think they’re going to go on an apartment deal and they have no money. And so I have to say that, but yeah, if you’re an accredited investor, in my opinion, people joke about this all the time in my groups usually tell me any good reason.

To own a rental property, that in your name, the headache, the fact that you’re getting abused as a robot rental, that’s not get started with all this BRRRR stuff. Right? I think that general strategy is going into intermittent deals, spacing it out and just dollar cost averaging, same technique. They taught you with stock market investing.

So my biggest challenge now is just negotiating it with my spouse because the conventional way to invest is just through these 401ks and these other vessels to invest. I’ve got to convince her that this is going to pay off and be able to produce some passive income. But the current deal is two years lag.

You screwed yourself you shouldn’t have done that, man!

I screwed myself, but I think that county line project is going to be fun to watch to be a part of. This is why I’m going back to the 401k, because I think it’s a good strategy with Horton negotiating with her that it’s, if I want to retire early, let’s use some of my retirement and not really hit the family.

Which is just an emotional thing, right? Whether it’s retirement or money in your wallet, it’s all the money at the end of the day.

I think where people get gummed up, they emotionally feel like 401k Roth, IRA, that’s your retirement! And I even have sophisticated investors, earmarking things in their own mind that way too. So I get it. They think one is more long-term, one is more short term. But to me, it’s all the same. You figure out what your asset allocation or time horizons are and money is money.

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