Join the Avengers! I mean the Hui! Podcast/Website & MFPE Investments LLC, owner of 1,209 units across six states, has an excellent opportunity for the right person to help us achieve our goal of 2,000 units and acquiring 200 million dollars worth of real estate by the end of 2019.

Our mission is to get regular people out of traditional investments that only make the large institutions money. You got it right… join our “Robin Hood tribe!”

You will work directly with the company founder and learn real estate investing from the ground up while you help us organize, develop systems, market, and achieve our aggressive company goals.

Side note… I benefited from both paid and unpaid mentor-ships and masterminds. I understand about paying it forward. You know… how Luke Skywalker came full circle as the mentee becomes to mentor. We need to figure out what your path is so we can build your development around that.

Already an investor? Perfect! But as you know at some point you can only invest so much and it comes down to how much “mass” or money you have.

At some point you have to make some money… see why here.

You have to make money via a business. And joining ours is a great way to do that.

We are looking for a goal-oriented, self-motivated, hardworking individual who is not afraid to show initiative and take ownership. The ideal candidate is eager to learn real estate investing and willing to roll up their sleeves and take on new responsibilities as the company grows and fulfills its vision and mission.

Needs to be aligned with helping people get financially free.

We are flexible on hours as long as the job gets done. 


(3) Current Openings:


(a) Property analyst specialist – Learn what a deal is and connect with brokers to search for deals for an equity stake

We are looking for someone who is good with numbers to join the team as an aqisition director.

Use the Hui Deal Pipeline Club and Crowdfund track-record and to work with brokers to search for deals.

The bigger the deal the better. We can pull in a Key Principal from our network and also another General Partner to be our boots on the ground.

Our company (MFPE Investments LLC) which currently holds over 2,100+ rental units is currently looking for someone to join us as an Acquisition Manager.

Skills required:

  • Energetic, analytic, entrepreneurial and comfortable talking to people
  • Interested in Real Estate
  • Proficiency in Excel
  • Comfortable making calls…if not, “fake it till you make it”

Use the Hui Deal Pipeline Club and CrowdfundAloha brand and track-record to work with brokers to search for deals.

Problem Simple Passive Cashflow Ecosystem solution
Not enough money We have raised over $8M since 2016 to acquire over 80M dollars worth of real estate
Don’t have agency (Fannie/Freddie)experience We can pull in a Key Principals from our network
Don’t live near the property or lack the experience We have access to General Partners to be our boots on the ground
Brokers don’t take us serious Currently 1300+ units under ownership

Note: I am working with people who are in my inner circle since it definitely takes some time to train people up.

This is how you get into my inner circle… see below:
The group coaching is something that I have been trying to put together a couple years now after I accumulated a lot of content and got a feel for coaching students these past few years in a one-on-one setting – see
I’m code naming this project, “The Journey to Simple Passive Cashflow” and it will consist of:
1) 27 weeks of curated content with concepts building on top of each other
2) Participants go through those modules together and are able to interact on the Bi-Weekly Call and the Private Facebook group in a “group study” environment
3) Bi-Weekly hour power calls switch between the topics of a) Acquiring you direct investment and b) more high-level wealth building concepts and syndication education
Its going to be a really cool format where people take the journey together. Think like a Fraternity/Sorority without the weird stuff. When I was going through programs it was most beneficial to connect and climb the ladder with quality people. Who knows someone of your Cohorts might do a deal together or become lifelong friends or accountability partners.
Still working on the website but here is a survey to get on the waiting list.

How will I be compensation?

Using this rubric it makes it easy to split the GP.

4 parts of a deal to make a guideline on who gets what: 1) who is bringing the funding 2) who is doing the work 3) who found the deal 4) whos experience/network is being leveraged

Why join the crew?

Work with a fun team.

Split out tasks. Focus on your strengths.

And pick up free units in exchange for sweat equity.

Next Steps

Email your resume and real estate investment background to [email protected]

(b) Marketing / Operating Officer – If you are good at getting stuff down and lack the vision this is the way to launch your side hustle. Publicist.

(c) Wordsmith and content editor – Learn how to do turnkey rentals/apartments/syndications and other topics that are known only to the wealthy – Get to hear the insider commentary


Projects include but are not limited to:

-Monthly marketing for live real estate investor meetings

-Monthly online webinars

-Affiliate relationships with local realtors

-Publishing monthly video to YouTube channel – you might even be on-air if you are up to it!

-Publishing weekly podcast to iTunes – you might even be on-air if you have a face for podcasting 😉

-Collaborate & Learn the best social media marketing tactics as they evolve real-time

-Analyze potential investments


Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

-Create, coordinate and execute Marketing Calendar

-Follow-up weekly via telephone, drop in, appointment, or email with new leads to setup the next step in the sales cycle

-Design, prepare and send Newsletter

-Create, post and promote valuable content to social media sites daily

-Research and secure opportunities for free business publicity (eg: repurpose articles by securing guest blogging opportunities)

-Send out a weekly emails to the distribution list in the form of articles, blog posts, case studies, promotions, upcoming events and client success stories

-Create, prepare and send nurturing touches to leads including postcards, brochures, sales letters, flyers and gifts in alignment with the budget and resources available

-Research and coordinate mini-informational sessions and webinars to build relationships with potential future clients

-Update distribution list. Ensure new leads are entered into the contact management system weekly with notes

-Conduct market research/positioning/surveys of current and past clients to design future sales and marketing campaigns

-Send follow-up information as requested to warm leads before transitioning to the team as appropriate

-Basic website updates and maintenance using WordPress

-Creation of simple landing pages using Leadpages

-Proofreading and Editing

-Manage referral marketing campaign

-Familiarity using the following programs: Leadpages, WordPress, Hootesuite, One Shopping Cart, Instant Teleseminar, One Box, and Insightly.

-And responsible for identifying and learning new and different technology and programs to be used in sales and marketing efforts.


Preferred skills:

-The ideal candidate loves being a part of a team but is comfortable taking the lead and working independently

-Must be a self-starter who loves learning and enjoys taking on new and different projects and initiatives.

-An entrepreneurial spirit coupled with a strict focus on the profitability and results of all endeavors.

-Content creation and distribution is a major part of this role.

-Writing skills including the ability to generate copy that sells and impeccable spelling, grammar and punctuation are critical. Attention to detail is paramount due the high level of interface this person will have with the market.

-Responsible for tracking the ROI on all activities and presenting the bottom line impact of activities and tasks being completed on a variety of fronts.

-This role is ever-changing. Flexibility and adaptability are key.

-If you are in this for just the money stop here. People that work with Simple Passive Cashflow nation are not on an everlasting search for wealth but driving toward a finite number to turn it into something for others and pay if forward.



-Learn first hand how to create a passive real estate portfolio (Having your money work for you)

-Free real estate mentoring

-Become the landlord

-Flexible schedule/workload

-Possible course credits

-Real world work experience

-Free Enrollment in a $5,000 online marketing program

-align yourself with a team that is looking for holistic happiness


What better way to learn to:

  1. Join a brand and family for life – even if just for the wealth building/real estate investing strategies
  2. Go off on your own and grow your dream (by you will likely stay for the team) because as Ray Dalio put it after the success the only important thing is the relationships.


Please email [email protected] & Submit a qualifications summary.

Parting thoughts:

“You will trade time and sweat equity for mentorship to do this on your own. However, you will likely stay for the team and the mission.”

“Now I don’t know this to be a fact because I have not live a gazillion years but what I have learned from people who “have it all” or the preverbal over $20k a month passive cashflow level… is that the only things that really gets them going or derive real happiness is the relationships they forged and revised along the journey. Those relationships are not made possible without showing up and putting yourself out there, being vulnerable, and climbing the ladder of success together.”

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