139 – Optimize liquidity with Your Opportunity Fund

We are not talking about Opportunity Fund Zones… we are talking about minding your own business and managing your own personal Opportunity Fund.

As I mentioned before within the Mastermind and coaching clients… 

I use $70K in AHP and $50-100K in my life insurance banking for a go-to for me to park cash as I wait for the next syndication.

I don’t like to hold any more than 10-25K of liquidity (making less than 5%). This is what I call “liquidity anxiety.”

This is a part of my 1-2 punch to avoiding liquidity anxiety and having an Opportunity Fund to go after deals as they come up. More info.

A lot of you who are Hui Deal Pipeline Club members (join here) have seen my diagram below:

The diagram is supposed to be a loose guideline of what I have been trying to do with my portfolio. I highlight the word “loose.”

I call this my “on-deck circle” cause I don’t like how the term… “dry-powder” sounds.

Check it out the commentary on this two-step strategy.

Another idea (a little more conservative is to) borrow from your infinite banking life policy at ~5% and go invest in AHP at 10%…. basically just make a little profit on the delta (arbitrage) the difference.

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