Optimize your liquidity with Your Opportunity Fund

We are not talking about Opportunity Fund Zones… we are talking about minding your “own business” which is your personal finances and managing your own personal Opportunity Fund.

One could also use the terms of your “liquidity account” not your “savings account”.

This is very different than what the masses think about in terms of an emergency savings account. You know that think the “gurus” say you should have saved for a specific dollar amount say six months reserves.  For example if your monthly expenses are $1,000 a month, you should $6,000 in a bank account to draw from in case you lose your job. But what does not make sense is most of our clients make 10 times that and having $60,000 of deal capital is just silly.

As I mentioned before within the Mastermind and coaching clients… 

I use $70K in AHP and $50-100K in my life insurance banking for a go-to for me to park cash as I wait for the next syndication.

I don’t like to hold any more than 10-25K of liquidity (making less than 5%). This is what I call “liquidity anxiety.” Most times I recommend having no more than than 2x the monthly credit card bills to float charges and avoid last minute transfers and over-draft fees – and invest everything over that.

This is a part of my 1-2 punch to avoiding liquidity anxiety and having an Opportunity Fund to go after deals as they come up. More info.

A lot of you who are Hui Deal Pipeline Club members (join here) have seen my diagram below:

The diagram is supposed to be a loose guideline of what I have been trying to do with my portfolio. I highlight the word “loose.”

I call this my “on-deck circle” cause I don’t like how the term… “dry-powder” sounds.

Check it out the commentary on this two-step strategy.

Another idea (a little more conservative is to) borrow from your infinite banking life policy at ~5% and go invest in AHP at 10%…. basically just make a little profit on the delta (arbitrage) the difference.

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