Pursuing Purpose Through Masterminds and Nonprofits w/ Tim Rhode

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Hey, simplepassivecashflow listeners today. We are going to be talking a little bit about  five Oh one C nonprofit  with Tim road   who’s built up his massive nonprofit and has definitely created his vision and serving that purpose. But if you haven’t yet, please join our mastermind group.


Check that out@simplepassivecashflow.com/journey and One two walk around Tim road. How’s it going to. Hey lane. Thanks for having me on look forward to hopefully helping you, where guests get what I call the gift of giving back, on our climbing the first mountain to success. A lot of times we forget about.


Throwing down the rope and helping lift others to come with us. And I want to put this bug in your ear of how much society needs that today and how you can be a hero in your community and help lift others while making millions for yourself. Hopefully. Yeah. And for those of you guys, we’re coming out of the election season.


 , you’re getting frustrated like me.  They see a lot of problems out there.  This is the way to go fix it yourself. Look at the Melinda Gates and bill Gates foundation, they went and did it themselves. And that doesn’t mean that, you can create your own little nonprofit, do it yourself also.


And great way to empower yourself after you’ve created your wealth. Tim maybe gets a little bit background. You started in real estate. Tell us how you found this. You got your head above water. Sure.  I’d like to say I’ve gone from one of the more selfish people you’ll ever meet in your life to one of the more selfless  you’ll ever meet in your life.


And this transition happened from 15 I’m now 61. Okay.  Barely graduated high school. I never went to college and I was what you’d call a late bloomer. And luckily I found my niche selling real estate and  I put the key in the lock and it finally fit. And I found my niche and I want to touch on one life fully lived on what we teach there later, because that’s what it’s about is figuring out where do you think.


Fifth and how can you thrive? And that’s the charity I created down the road. So here I am a lost soul at 25, with two small kids, barely getting by as a person, part time, grocery clerk, I get my real estate license. I sell three houses the first weekend. And I knew it was on, I knew I had found my niche.


So consequently. Doing what I love to do worked really well. And so I got better and better at listing and selling homes. And what I did differently that most don’t do is I still lived like a grocery clerk as my income went from 60 to 150 to 300 to 500. My expenses went from 30 to 35 to 40. That 50 to 60.


And so if you look at what’s coming in, what’s going out, what’s left to invest that number kept growing. And I was very aggressive by and single family duplex land in the path of growth, different,  just singles and doubles. To where I looked up at around 40 years old. And this was in 2007 in California and I was ready to retire and I sold  most of my properties right into the California craze and basically retired around 40 years old.


And since then I’ve been doing what I call getting the goods in the woods skiing, hiking, biking, all the NS that are so fun. And I helped start our for-profit company called GoBundance, which is really Blossomed, hugely and I at a nonprofit called one life fully lid. So I could throw down the rope and help those, emerging from hardship, those that never learn this stuff that most of us do how to find their best life also.


And I found that really rewarding. So a lot of folks listening are still working the day job. They have high salaries, but now there’s this concept. We hear a lot about putting your oxygen mask out before helping out others. , how did you in your thirties and forties, how did you personify that whole.


Thought I want to challenge that thought. Why do you have to wait?   So here I am like at 25, I’m a part-time last grocery clerk. And at 28, I started to have some success. I was probably making in real estate. I was probably making a couple hundred grand a year and I just. But stuck my toe in the water.


I went and spoke at a junior high to 13 year olds. And you talk about a tough crowd. And they were like, Hey, does he have a bugger? They were just rude. And it was a really not a fun experience, but it felt good to give back. And I also volunteered at my local boys and girls club and got on their board of directors and help them raise money.


While I was making my way. So I don’t think you need to wait till your ships come in or you’re on top of that first mountain and quote successful. Why not do some great things to help humanity along the way? So when you were making lessons 400, 500,000 a year, were you giving your time or was it more money?


Back then, because some people think when you’re in that early stage of your entrepreneurship journey are still building your net worth up, that you need to put that money into real estate agents, that brokerage businesses, a money intensive business too. Yeah. Yeah. Honestly, I wasn’t that generous financially.


Until after I was financially free, I gave more of my time and some of my money to the boys and girls club, probably a couple of grand a year. Whereas now I literally give, 50,000 to 75,000 of my own cash, as well as put in,  thousands of hours a year on my charity.


 Yeah. And I think  that’s the hard thing, right? I call it the sandwich generation is, the folks between the age 30 to 50, when you’re supposed to be building that wealth, the financial wealth,  there’s a huge demand on your time, so you pulled in two different edges.


Absolutely. Especially people with busy families and I’m talking to the moms, those are the ones,  doing the business or working and running a family. Boy are you squeezed for time? And this is something you can do. Just the volunteer and take your kids with you perhaps and get them understanding how important it is for us to all give back as we go.


But I understand those challenges between 30 and 50 of your just you’re on the hamster wheel, trying to make sure you make it up that first mountain yourself. And I say good for you for working harder than most trying to do. Everything you can do to make sure you make it up that first mountain. And believe me, I remember that timeframe and it was, I didn’t know, this was all going to work out the way it did until I looked up at 40 and said, Holy crimeny, I could retire.


And did what most don’t. I did retire. I did quit listing and selling and just put all my efforts into the things I spoke of getting the goods in the woods, taking care of my health, being close to my family and give them back through our charity. And when you started to come over that apex and you went to more of a retirement lifestyle.


, , you just start your nonprofit at that point, or  were you still searching for what really resonated with you? No, that’s a great question lane.  I tapped out around 2007, 2008, and it was you said a lot of people are upset of how the election went.


Around that time. I wasn’t too happy with the way the election went and I was upset and I was upset what humanity, it felt like it was going in the wrong direction. And so it took a couple years to figure out how can I make a difference? And it also took my mastermind partners. Calling me out. Cause I was bitching about how pissed off I was, how things were going.


They said, why don’t you do something about why don’t you quit wine? And we’re sick of hearing you whine about it. And I was out getting the goods in the woods, which you have more time to think when get quiet and meditator, pray. And really get quiet. The answers come to you and it hit me out in the country.


Dude, you know how to be successful in life. You have all these friends who are really successful. What have you got all those friends together and had them help you? Teach others, these basic concepts of how to create your best life. And if you don’t mind laying really quickly, I’d love to talk about what one life teaches.


Is that okay? Yeah, sure. Sure. So I talked about putting my key in the lock and it fit. That’s what we want for everybody. Where will I fit in and thrive? So we created this thing called the fulfillment triangle. And if you look at a triangle you look at where do my passions meet my talents, where there’s opportunity, where can I figure out what to do, where I’m good at it.


I love to do it , and I can make a lot of money doing it. That for me, was selling real estate. So that’s the first concept is where will I fit in and thrive? And then there’s the second  concept. And that’s our one live roadmap, which is available on Amazon. And that’s figuring out vision, where am I going with all this?


Finances, how will I fund it relationships? Who’s my posse. Who’s my mentors and wellness. How can I be healthy in my mind, body and spirit to pull off this amazing life I’ve been blessed to live. So that’s our one life fully lived teachings, and we want everybody to be empowered, to find their best life.


And can you see how. I’m alive when I’m speaking about that I am so passionate about helping everybody find their best life. And I challenge you to find something you’re so passionate about. Maybe it’s climate change, maybe it’s, something maybe it’s battered women or becoming clean and sober, whatever it is, put your heart and soul into it and find a way to to lift others.


It feels great. Or another question I’ll ask is what upsets you in the world? Or what gets you really fired up? For me, it’s  people there’s so much bad financial advice out there, right? Like by a big young family buying a big house to live in they give up their cashflow, they can’t buy rentals or all this, investing in retail investments, like the 401k, Bad financial advice in my opinion.


And it just robs a lot of people of retirement, but looking back, what was the thing that you’re bitching about? And maybe it seems like I’d love to tell you I’ve changed the whole thing or one life has, but it seems like it’s harder today for the average person just getting out in the world to find their best life.


And it seems like they’re being told you can’t do it. Your screwed. There’s nothing you can do and be pissed at them,  instead of them being them Howard, to go inside and find the tools for their best life. So I think that would be just like you said, wrong information with. Financing. I would say it’s wrong information as to how to find your best life.


And one of them is the one size fits all. All you need to go to college here, sign here. Don’t worry about the debt. Just sign. Everything will work out fine. And no one’s telling them about trades. The country is screaming for plumbers and electricians and welders. You can make a hundred grand out the gate with no debt.


 So  we’re really into empowering people to find their best life and go after it with that. Is there a such an age range that you dial in on or is it a wide range, right? Yeah, we most concentrate on those, just getting out in the world either in the, let’s say 10th grade and we have the one life.


One life is the number one, one life. Roadmap on Amazon for students, those still in school. And then we have the one life roadmap for adults. And mainly it’s for those, just got out of school up until gosh, some of them are 40 and having to  reboot, if you will. So it’s mainly for those just getting out of school and those kind of struggling with what they’re going to do.


I sure wish I had this at 17 years old. My life would have been way different. I would have gotten it together earlier. If I  only had a roadmap to follow.  Now, one of the nice things about having a nonprofit is, some of the tax advantages, if you can give us some insights on, when you initially started  your foundation,  how did you use that five Oh one C3 and maybe just,  a lot of people, I don’t know too much about it, but I know that there’s some benefits in there.


Sure. There’s a lot of benefits. If you want I’m kinda weird. I don’t take any salary from one life. So I don’t benefit financially at all. I’ve put hundreds of thousands of dollars of my own money and hit up all my GoBundance friends. David Osborne, Pat. Hi Ben, Mike McCarthy. And our tribe has literally given millions to go by minutes to help others.


There are tax advantages.  To, there is no tax on the nonprofit, but all of our funds go into, serving the community and helping lift the others. It gives you like that basket to go and pull other people who haven’t don’t have the time. But maybe have the money.


Is that right? Yeah. And everybody’s different. Some have time and no money, some money and no time. And everybody’s looking for a way to serve. And one thing that one life’s done really is made it. We call it easy to serve in your neighborhood by teaching our teachings to those you want to live.


And because of that,  there’s a group of clean and sober people. One guy was a heroin addict for seven years. Got clean. Came to our teachings in the last year, he’s bought his own home and two rental properties, including a fourplex. And he said he learned more from our community in six months than he had in seven years.


 One thing I say a lot of times is the relationships is the currency of the wealthy  I get it when you’re starting out. And this is the way I was in my twenties. When I was really frugal still am, but I wouldn’t spend money on anything. And  I’ve heard the wisdom where, money augments, what you are.


Inside,  it’s a multiplier. So if you’re cheap and  you’re wanting things all by yourself. Even when you have money, you’ll be that way. But for me, when I got more money, it kinda opened my eyes to seeing how. Other people were doing it  better models.  We have our free Facebook group, the who we that you guys are welcome to join you guys listing.


But if you notice in that free group, there’ll be some folks who just dive in, dive out, ask for some free advice, peace  in and out. And I’ve mentioned on the show that I’m in, I’ve been in several masterminds. Some of them are over $25,000 a year.  And I’ll just say it’s a different species of people in those groups that fly around 25 grand.


And, not that they have  25 grand to burn on something like that, but  it’s their opinion on like money flowing. I don’t know if you can talk about the contrast because a lot of people listening, they’ve never been in a mastermind before. It’s just that W2 working lifestyle where it’s just, it’s competitive.


There’s , not much  collaboration. There’s none of this pay it forward type of attitude amongst the cubicle dwellers.  Maybe you can talk a little bit about that, Tim. Sure.  That’s touching more on the tribe. I also help create called GoBundance and GoBundance is helping wealthy, generous people who choose to lead Epic lives.


I don’t know when this podcast is gonna come out. But as of now, it costs 7,000 to be in our tribe is going up January 1st to 10,000 and we feel about some bargain and in our tribe or many  W2, people who want to be 10 99 people, we actually have a micro tribe within our tribe of people. Who are current W2 and are working on their investing to take over to where they can just go off into that world.


And we’ve had some amazing people speak at our events and beyond something within the tribe. That we call seven to eight and seven to eight is how do you go from seven figures for a million dollars to eight figures worth $10 million. And there’s a gentleman who was on there just recently.


That was a W2 person three years ago, I believe. And he’s now, or some crazy number. 28 million or something like that because he’s been flipping triple net lease properties for the last three years and making millions doing that. And when you surround yourself with people who are doing the things that you want to do, but at a much higher level, you seem to come up to that level.


And that’s what we’ve noticed within GoBundance. And that’s. From my standpoint is one of the founders of go Bennetts and one with a big heart to lift others. Here, we’ve created this one life community. And in there we have something called three to five, but take off on the seven to eight. How do you make your first hundred bucks?


And how do you turn that into 10,000 and become entrepreneurial in nature? 


Hey guys looks like a Tim’s internet went out, but just to cap things off, we’re not telling you to go and join GoBundance, which I think is a pretty moderately price mastermind I’m in another mastermind called collective genius that one’s 25,000 a year. But  I’ve been in a lot of masterminds and it really changed my life.


I think if you’re listening right now, you’ve never been in one. Yeah, don’t go join in a $10,000 one in a year, right off the bat, but maybe just start off with a small one of even your, just your friends and family,  get a few people together. Get some drinks, go out for dinner and make the discussion a little more focused around what are your goals?


Not only money-wise or business-wise, but also career family relationships, et cetera. And I think at that point you start to see the value and the power of these types of masterminds. And when  you’re able to. Become more vulnerable, share what you’re working on, what are the good things?


What are the bad things? And one of the very famous very popular formats we’ll use is that the thorn and the Rose, so that the Rose is that you talk about something shiny that you’re working on or a win, but the thorn is designed that you get vulnerable and you share, what’s not going well.


And that’s really where the power of these masterminds come because it’s the aid of the other people listening. That they come in and either have a connection for you, or they went through the same circumstance and they can guide you through it. And this is what separates, the average folks from a lot of, like just the people who are killing it out there that they’re able to graduate to higher level masterminds and.


It’s really where the connections, the same, your net worth is. Your network is so true because when you go higher and higher, which is why pay so much money to be in the masterminds that I’m in, you get access to people who have the connections and have the social capital to call upon to give it to you.


And the thought is you need pay it forward and you help out each other. And. , if you would have found me five, 10 years ago, I would have thought you’re crazy. My wife thinks I’m crazy for spending $25,000 a year, when somebody from one of my masterminds that I am in visits Hawaii,  it’s just night and day different than connecting with some person who’s never been in a mastermind.


And I think even she gets it at that point, why it’s so valuable or  how it keeps me. Sane when I have to talk about my 401k or why I don’t have one to my mom around Thanksgiving time or whatnot, or, get into those types of arguments or go and congratulate somebody for buying a house that they live in that just messed up their financial future for a really long time.


 Yeah, it keeps me sane. If I have a  peer group that I know is out there that I’m a part of, but yeah  I’m not saying that you guys should be joining one, but try and create your own one. And if you guys are looking for the right peer group of the right people, cause that’s the hard thing, and this is probably one of the reasons why pay so much money.


Too. So I just don’t screw around with the wrong people. We have our,  own passive investor accelerator that I’m rebranding as the family office Ohana mastermind. You guys can get more details@simplepassivecashflow.com slash journey, but high paid professionals pretty much all accredited investors at this point.


Who are busy professionals still gonna spend most of their time at the day job, but looking to build connections with other pure passive investors and to find more deals, figure out what are the best practice for tax legal, infinite banking. And more importantly, which I don’t think they realize until they get into it for about a year is it’s the relationships, right?


As your journey to financial freedom, Moves on. Most people get financially free in five to 10 years and have a good paying job that, what do you do for the other 10, 20, 30 years? What’s the relationships that you forge in your first five years are the relationships that at least I cherish, but yeah, if you guys haven’t connected me I still do those free calls for new Club members for your onboarding call check that out.


Simplepassivecashflow.com/club. And we’ll see you guys next time. Bye. 

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