Rent O Meter

A lot of investor tools are free but at the same time you pay for what you get and you end up wasting time.

Rent-O-Meter is one of those useful paid tools that I use to get rental comps along with querying Craigslist, Facebook Market Place, or other online ads. I wrote a more expansive article here in Forbes. Of course nothing replaces having a network of property managers or driving the area and comps yourself.

***If you are a Mastermind member or live investor in a current Hui deal – email me and I can run a report for you here or there for free***

Otherwise please submit $20 payment per report.

Or get unlimited reports on your account with these SPC exclusive discounts – email if Hui member.

Save $60 on Rentometer PRO Annual ($199 – $60 = $139/yr)

Rentometer PRO Monthly, Save 50% ($29 – $14.50 = $14.50/mo)


Here is a sample of the output:


Pretty cool huh!?! Start your account here.


Run unlimited reports here.

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