SDIRA/401K Retirement Account Killer the QRP

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EQ RP is that checkbook for your retirement money where you can invest quickly like in these deals that come up where you have a matter of days or weeks you need to do it fast. This gives you that option. You can use this if you’ve got employees or you have no employees. This one gives you lawsuit protection which none of the other plans the IRAs and solo plans they don’t have that gives you that $50,000 credit line, which is pretty nice

for all sorts of things like education and

things you might want to spend some personal

money on. And then obviously you can use this thing with debt and for a lot of you that’s really important because many of you are investing your IRA money in syndications and the problem with that is that you’ve got the youbut tax which is up to 37% and this is basically if you’ve got a deal where you have money in something that has debt like any of these multifamily deals and your IRA is investing you’ve got a huge tax bill coming good news is EQ RPS are exempt from that and we can move IRAs into the EQ Rp. This is the self directed IRA Roth IRA killer right here, you’re able to take your 401k roll it over into the RP not pay taxes on it and invest in whatever you’d like syndications rental properties.


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