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Who is Lane Kawaoka, PE?

Lane used to work for a big bad private company as a construction engineer but after some saving and investing, found happiness and balance at a lower paying job (with the thousands of dollars from his passive real estate investments).

My Top-50 investing podcast.


Popular topics based on what your audience’s needs:
*The basics of building a passive rental portfolio while working a full-time W2 Professional job
*Rent-to-Value Ratio
*Should you invest in primary, secondary, tertiary markets?
*Should you invest in Class A, Class B, or Class C assets?
*Other than apartments and rentals what other recession-proof asset classes are there?
*Emergency fund 2.0: creating an opportunity fund with liquid investments and infinite banking.
*The top things you should consider in the assumptions in a pro-forma pitch deck
*Cap rate to reversion cap rate delta
*Annual rent increases 1-3%
*Full occupancy assumptions 3) prefs, General Partner – Limited partner splits, IRRs
*Being an Entrepreneur – Raising funds through his syndication business through building relationships via my podcast and internet marketing. In 2016-current, the Hui Deal Pipeline Club has acquired more than $155 million dollars of real estate and raised $18 million dollars.

*Lane will not make it high level or esoteric where your audience will get zero value.

He is known for his down to earth personal and tangible tactics (#LaneHacks)Here is more info about Lane’s top-rated podcast

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Best-Selling Author

A little bit about Lane:
I am a full-time Civil Engineer and Real Estate investor from Honolulu, HI. After building an 11 single-family home portfolio with experience in Seattle, Birmingham, Atlanta, Indianapolis, and PA, Lane as co-owner of MFPE Investments LLC jumped into bigger deals and now controls 1,600+ multifamily apartment and RV units.

His passion is to record his story out of the rat race and beyond because his parents got screwed with the 401K and stock market. Lane’s mission is to get everyone out the corrupt Wall Street roller coaster and into Main Street invests with safer, higher returns that benefit the middle class of America.

Email: [email protected] to book a free recording to be on your show

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Full speaker sheet – here

Media Appearances

Speaker – Anderson Advisors Maui Retreat 2019 – 10/2019

Podcast Guest – Real Estate Basics For W2 Employees with Lane Kawaoka – Winners, Wallets and World Views – 8/5/2019

Podcast Guest – Passive Apartment Investing with Lane Kawaoka – Real Estate Investor Summit Podcast – 7/18/2019

Podcast Guest – WTR Interview: Lane Kawaoka, the secrets of passive cashflow – Wealth Tactic Rebels Podcast – 7/17/2019

Podcast Guest – Achieving Your Passive Income Goals with Lane Kawaoka – YellowBird Connect – 7/17/2019

Podcast Guest – Investing in SFR vs Multifamily, Passive vs Active Investing, and More with Lane Kawaoka – The Real Estate CPA Podcast – 7/11/2019

Podcast Guest – Going From Full-Time Job To Full-Time Investor – Passive Real Estate Investing – 7/9/2019

Podcast Guest – Investing As A Working Professional – Passive Real Estate Investing – 7/2/2019

Podcast Guest – Real Estate Investing for Passive Income with Lane Kawaoka – Inspired Money – 6/25/2019

Radio Guest – KCAA: Julie Talks Money – 6/1/2019

Radio Guest – Building Passive Income While Working a Job – The Chris Miles Money Show – 5/24/2019

Podcast Guest – Passive Cash Flow Real Estate Investments with Lane Kawaoka – Money Tree Investing Podcast – 5/10/2019

Podcast Guest – Passive Investing Using Real Estate (w/ Special Guest Lane Kawaoka) – Small Business Tax Savings Podcast – 5/8/2019

Podcast Guest – Real Estate w/ a Fulltime Job? A, B, C Properties? R to V Ratio? Feat/ Lane Kawaoka – DMGH Podcast – 4/14/2019

Podcast Guest – Hawaiian Style, with Lane Kawaoka – Smart Real Estate Coach Podcast – 2/20/2019

Article featured in Forbes – Is All Debt Bad Debt? – 3/29/2019

Podcast Guest – How To Build Passive Income Even As a Busy Professional – 4/1/2019

Podcast Guest – Limitless Estates Podcast – 3/17/2019

Podcast Guest – Monumental Podcast – 3/1/2019

Podcast Guest – Hawaiian Style – 2/20/2019

Podcast Guest – Larry Goins Podcast – 1/21/2019

Podcast Guest – Creatively Speaking Radio – 12/29/2018

Podcast Guest – Dream Chasers: The Hawaiian Hustler – 12/16/2018

Podcast Guest – Building a Sustainable Real Estate Syndication Business – 11/11/2018

Podcast Guest – Real Estate Guys Radio: Halloween Horror Stories – 10/31/2018

Podcast Guest – Balancing a full time job and creating passive cashflow – 10/29/2018

Podcast Guest – Syndicator turned passive investor – 10/16/2018

Podcast Guest – Passive Income Investing – 10/10/2018

Article featured in Forbes – Three Financial Metrics Investors Must Monitor To Evaluate A Property’s Success – 9/26/2018

Podcast Guest – How Turnkey Properties Opened The Door to Multifamily Investing – 9/21/2018

Mentioned in Small Biz Daily – 6 Tips to Be a Great Podcast Guest 9/19/2018

Podcast Guest – How This Civil Engineer Went From Accidental Landlord To 1600 Units  – 9/16/2018

Podcast Guest – What You Need To Know About Multifamily Investing For Cash Flow Opportunity – 9/13/2018

Podcast Guest – The Highs And Lows Of Syndication Partnerships With Lane Kawaoka – 9/11/2018

Podcast Guest – Commercial Real Estate – Limited Partner in a Multifamily Real Estate Syndication – 7/26/2018

Podcast Guest – Ask Buck Joffrey with Lane Kawaoka – 7/17/2018

Podcast Guest – Big Break Through – Syndication Success while working full time – 7/9/2018

Podcast Guest – Cashflow Guys Podcast – Raising Money For Apartments6/29/2018

Article featured in Forbes – Today’s Best Resources For Finding Renters And Deals – 6/25/2018

Podcast Guest – Epic Real Estate Podcast with Matt Theriault – 5/31/2018

Podcast Guest – Cracking the Entrepreneur Code – 5/24/2018

Article featured in Forbes – How To Pay Off Your 30-Year Mortgage In A Fraction Of The Time – 5/7/2018

Podcast Guest – REI Diamonds – Syndicating Capital for Apartment Complex Deals – 4/21/2018

Podcast Guest – Retire Early Retire Happy Podcast – Learn to setup Simple Passive Cashflow – 4/18/2018

Podcast Guest – Notebuyerbootcamp.com Speaking Panel on Raising Funds the ethical way – 4/18/2018

Podcast Guest – Enterprise Now – Stop Living the Program. Get Off the Linear Path – 4/16/2018

Podcast Guest – Moving Forward – Passive income, property, podcasts – 2/2018

Podcast Guest – Paul Maskil – Simple Passive Cashflow though Real Estate Investing – 2/2018

Podcast Guest – What’s the Best and Highest Use of $20 Million in Real Estate Investing? – 2/2018

Podcast Guest – Wealth Formula – Co-Hosting Ask Buck Episode – 1/2018

Podcast Guest – How To Lose Money – Work with those you know, like, trust. And in your network – 1/2018

Podcast Guest – The Land Geek with Mark Podolsky – Trading time for money – 12/2017

Podcast Guest – Wheelbarrow Profits – leaving SFHs for MFHs – 12/2017

Podcast Guest – Clayton Morris – Don’t buy a class A rental – 12/2017

Podcast Guest – Apartment Building Investing with Michael Blank – Syndicating and Raising money – 12/2017

Podcast Guest – The Real Estate Way to Wealth and Freedom – 12/2017

Podcast Guest – Chris Voss – 12/2017

Podcast Guest – Simple Wholesaling Podcast – 12/2017

Podcast Guest – Hard Hat Holly – 12/2017

Podcast Guest – Pat Hiban’s Real Estate Rockstars – 11/2017

Podcast Guest – Revengeance Economics – 11/2017

Podcast Guest – Mark Allen’s Multifamily 5 – 11/2017

Podcast Guest – Investing in the US an Aussies Guide to Real Estate – 11/2017

Podcast Guest – Voom Voom Veer – 11/2017

Podcast Guest – Unstoppable Success – 10/2017

Podcast Guest – The Financial Survival Network – Investing without giving up the day job – 10/2017

Podcast Guest – Before the Millions – 10/2017

Podcast Guest – His and Her Money – Creating simple passive cashflow – 10/2017

Podcast Guest – Real Estate Radio LIVE – 10/2017

Podcast Guest – Commercial Real Estate Pro Network – 9/2017

Podcast Guest – Rich Soul – a deep dive on mindsets with Lane – 9/2017

Podcast Guest – The Real Estate Locker Room Show – 9/2017

Podcast Guest –  Invest for More – Investing in out of state rental properties – 9/2017

Podcast Guest – Pensacola Business Live Radio – 8/2017

Podcast Guest – Money Ripples -Investing Secrets Your Co-Workers Don’t Know About – 6/2017

Podcast Guest – Joe Fairless – The 1% Rent to value ratio – 6/2017

Podcast Guest – Cashflow Ninja – Strategies for a 1031 Exchange – 4/2017

Podcast Guest – Old Dawgs REI Network – 12/2016

Podcast Guest – Wealth Formula – Buying rentals in Alabama – 2016

Podcast Guest – Wealth Formula – An engineer turns to turnkey rentals 2016

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