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A student bubble is coming!

REBusiness Online 19.07.30 – Core Spaces Aligns with Goldman Sachs in $600M Student Housing Deal – [Large institutions getting into student housing]

MHN 11-1-2018 – Student Housing Costs Compared – How affordable is purpose-built off-campus housing? – [All this data means nothing if there is a student bubble coming – think about it on a granular level… it makes no sense of a family that makes 90K a year to send their kid to a public college that costs $40K+ a year to get some random degree]

MFE 2-6-19  – 2018’s Record Deal Volume Suggests Positive Trajectory for 2019 – “driven in large part by increased interest in the student housing sector, which accounted for 17% of all deal activity in the third quarter, compared with a consistent 4% over the past 13 years” – [I don’t like student housing as I am seeing an education bubble with all the lending. It’s crazy how dorms get renovated every few years]

4Q 2018 Report NKF – 19.02.20 

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