"Lane challenges the status quo... what we all grew up learning about money and investing... and teaches how to build cashflow to leave the "rat-race". Over the past 2-years, Lane's leadership, advice, and friendship has been integral on my path to building a real estate and note portfolio beyond my imagination. I've also hit the elusive accredited investor status with 1 financial maneuver I learned on listening to Lane's show. And the crazy thing... I'm just getting started! Thank you, Lane!"
Whitney H
"My wife is officially is quitting her job at the end of this year. Thanks for helping us be able to do that. One of her friends had to go back to work 10-weeks after having their second kid because they need her income to pay the mortgage. It makes me cringe just thinking about that."
Kevin S, Engineer
I invested with Lane because he took the time to understand my experience and goals before I jumped in my first deal. I was impressed with his background, especially since he had started with a large portfolio of SFH turnkeys and the moved to larger MFH deals. Exactly what I wanted to do. He directed me to his online material that helped educate me more on MFH investing and syndications. Lane introduced me to a deal in Mississippi which was well structured with attractive numbers and paid out in the first 6 month on schedule. Now I'm happy to be a part of SPC and looking forward to investing more with Lane!
Greg Wang, Engineer
"I read a book called, "The Millionaire Next Door" and it explained why my pain points were motivating for me, and how I channeled that frustration into something productive...the desire to make my family proud and 'come up' in life and pull my family into a better socioeconomic situation, and to 'have what others have but i never could' but somewhere along the way, I learned quickly that the 'having of stuff' is not what brings happiness so I dont pursue the shiniest of immaterial things... just the MED.... minimum effective dose of what I truly want which is surround myself with a few quality people and necessary things to subsist on than a bunch of trendy new things and fads that will fall off eventually" .
Hui Deal Pipeline Club Member
“Lane is a great mentor and friend. When I think about introducing folks to real estate investing, Lane would be one of the top three guys I would recommend that he or she talk to. He’s an engineer so you know he’s good with numbers and optimizing gains. Also, what sets him apart is that he’s always providing value. He provides education and he thoroughly walks people through what may be foreign to the average person concept of passive cash flow investing. He’s passionate about what he does and he wants to share his passion with everyone who wants to get out of the rat race and gain wealth and freedom. Lane helped me to navigate the markets in Alabama and I’ve already done a couple syndications with him as well. He shares education and provides the connections. I would definitely have him in your network of investing mentors. He helps to bridge the gap between professionals and usually difficult to access investment opportunities.”
Dr. Manny L
Just wanted to say, I enjoyed your Toastmaster quad chart breakdown, nice explanation. For anyone new to investing, I will definitely like them to your vid.
Hui Deal Pipeline Club Member
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