Value Shopping for Wine (Winespies Review)

Yup. We did a big wine tasting yesterday, man. Try 30 different wines.

Hey, civil past the cashflow listeners today, we are going to be talking about wine. And not going to be talking too much about investing tax, like how we normally do this is our take a break from the hard stuff and get into some fun stuff that I know a lot of you guys are interested in myself.

We did not grow up with wine in our household. Again, a lot of us people in our community are first-generation wealth folks. We’re here building our wealth. But the reason why I brought my buddy aging crew on here from the wine spies is I don’t want to look like an idiot in front of people in the country club.

And I want to get the biggest bang for my buck, as always, we are a value seeking community out there. By the way, if you guys want to join our group, go to simple, pass a You can check out the free eCourse there and all the educational material. Again, it’s simple, passive, but but yeah, let’s if you guys want to follow along, go to wine, poke around aging cruise website there.

But yeah, let’s unpack this for the folks, right? That’s good. We want the biggest bang for our buck. Where do we start? Everyone wants a good deal. And that’s where actually I think once buys comes in handy for somebody like you, that might want to be getting into wine, but doesn’t really know where to start.

The flash sale model lends itself really nicely to somebody that really is just trying to look for new wines that they might not necessarily be familiar with. Because what we do is we put one wine in front of you every single day and not wine because we’re selling just one wine at case. So here’s, today’s deal.

You can see, normally it’s a $79 bottle works on for $39 today. So it’s a 50% off situation, but the deal is that wine on top. Is there a little store section down below. And basically we might just have a few cases left over from a daily deal and that’ll slowly filter through there, but mostly it’s just that one on top.

And if you click on read our detailed review you can see, we have a ton of content every single day for that wine. The whole deal is that tonight and midnight wine will disappear off the site. And a lot of times it sells out even before then. It really is just a short timeframe, but because.

We are basically putting all our ships at one bet for one day, we’d have to make sure that we’re putting the best possible wine out there we can. We’re probably selecting of any wines that we get. Maybe one in one in 20, even one in 30 wines that we’re taking a look at is the one that we picked.

We have to feel very strongly about any given wine. It’s a really great place for someone that’s a newbie. But it hasn’t taken too arrogant too much wine in the past because you can just trust our pallets that we’re putting the wine in front of you that we think is good.

And then over time, once you start drinking, you’ll start to figure out, Oh, okay. Maybe I’m a big fruity Zinfandel kind of guy, or, you know what I really more just lean to the more rustic style Italian wines. This is a super Tuscan wine, for example. We’ve got some imports and we’ve got some domestics and just a great place to start.

And then if you do know about wine, we have some of the best wines in the world routinely featured on our site for truly the lowest price. You can find it in the entire world. It’s like a Groupon and living social model, you guys are in the backend negotiating with these wineries.

Break that down for us. Like how does the game played, right? That is exactly it. And we were actually one of the very first flash sale wine e-comm sites. There was wine woot and us at the very beginning, we’ve actually been around since 2007. There’s been a lot of people come and go in the intervening years and it’s been a really interesting space, but one is buys going strong, still.

It really does help to have been around for that long because it is exactly as you described, we are on the backend negotiating with a wide variety of producers distributors. The way it really does work is. We can buy directly from the producer. And in some cases actually often we are doing that and sometimes we’ll work directly a distributor and then typically this is an import, for example.

So this would be, I’ve been coming to us through a particular distributor, trying to get into a little bit of our own imports this year, which is really exciting for us. And doing some, we’re going straight to the source organizing the actual transportation and importation. So that’s a big departure for us and I’m pretty exciting, but really the way it works is, we’ve got a Rolodex of literally thousands of different vendors and there’s always some sort of reason.

Why somebody is looking to move a particular wine. A lot of times what happens is that you might be a little bit long on a certain vintage. Unlike a lot of products, which, doesn’t matter when you manufacture it, It’s the same. It’s essentially the same widget.

If you’ve got like an iPhone 12 doesn’t matter what active iPhone twelves it is. It’s an iPhone 12. If you have a 2016, the new Begley it’s Ghana, that wine is super specific. It is a unique product in that way. So when you get to the 2017 vintage It’s not as simple as, Oh, we ran out of the 2016.

We’ll just swap that out for the 2017 for you best to start all over with an entirely new skew. So there’s a whole machine in place for every single wine company sell this particular wine product. When you get to the end of a particular. Vintage of a wine. A lot of times, it’s actually a hard on the side to push that out through this entire network.

And so a lot of times very helpful for any producer or distributor. If they’ve got relatively small quantity of a particular wine left just to quickly push it out. Companies like wine spies are really helpful for them for that reason. And in a single day we can move a couple of pallets of wine and that’s, what’s really helpful.

And instead of just that last painful part, selling a few cases here or there.

I think this is what makes people like excited about this stuff is like they’re bargain hunters or deal hunters. So it’s no different than us buying an apartment complex. It was really wrong with the apartment, but the seller is a little distressed.

Thing here. And I think what a lot of folks out there I don’t know what it is. Like my wife’s out there like shopping at TJ Maxx. I think it’s just like the bargain hunting, or just finding a deal, whether it’s wine apartments, single family homes, some note. Yeah, that’s the chase. And the other thing that’s tough about wine is, you get what you pay for.

This is an $80 bottle and it definitely drinks like an $80 bottle. And so the fact that you’re able to get that wine at $40, if you’ve got the kind of habit where you’re drinking $80 bottles on a Wednesday night it’s pretty nice. If you can have that same level of quality for half the price, and I don’t blame anyone for wanting to find the best deal on that particular wine, if you’ve got a serious wine habit if you’re used to buying.

1290 $9 a bottle of Cabernet at Safeway. There’s nothing wrong with that, but you probably is. You’re probably not, it’s not as big a deal for you if it’s a couple bucks off, but if you’re seriously buying $50 Pinot noirs from Oregon once a week, then it’s nice to be able to find a good deal and wine prices.

Are you talk about that? Just. Energy about arguing hunting. There’s definitely that sense with wine then, because it’s this very unique product. That’s 2016. Peskin. You can go. There’s a site called wine searcher, which a lot of people that are into drinking wine use and there, it basically indexes all of the sales everywhere for a particular wine.

And so one of the main things that we make sure that we do is we’re at least beating the very lowest price on wine searcher for any given wine. And that’s not easy to do so people can feel pretty confident that we’re actually delivering a deal. So that’s collected Kelley blue book value for, yeah. It really is.

That’s perfectly putting it. Yeah. And it’s all about finding the deal. I just bought a car, but like I’m always, now I’m kinda like looking for another car. It’s not like I really want, I want the car I want it like a Ford Raptor, which is like this really? Yeah. I love the Raptor. That’s actually,

The one I want. Yeah. No, not yet. I, but for me it’s more fun to just negotiate for it. Like they have it out there on the lot for 75,000. I know it’s worth more 66,000. I’m just watching ’em I drive by, I, I kinda called them and I go, is it still there? You don’t have stuff, but it’s more the chase like trolling the dealership in a way slightly.

I actually go the opposite, which is your way is better. I ended up just like, all right, I really want this Corvette right now. I go by the Corvette and then it seems like I spend more time afterwards Googling prices, Encore, bets, so I can get buyer’s remorse for having spent too much money. Yeah. But that’s, it’s fun right.

At the end of the day. It was fun to you. Some people play video games, this is what would be you and I do. We do have a lot of fun doing it. Like I said, we get one, probably one out of 3,120 wines that we paste. We actually sell on the site. So that means we have to taste a lot of wines. So that’s a pretty fun part of the job.

Usually the team meets at once per week and we taste through all the wines. I was yesterday, so we ran the gauntlet. And actually we got some really good wines yesterday. Sometimes it’s pretty obvious, which the choices are. And sometimes we actually, we really have to, we’re like, Oh God, because one of the things that happens is we’ve got our whole calendar of deals since we do want it.

We’ve got about two months now. So sometimes it’s tough. You really, we really, after. Decide what we want to cancel in order to fit something else in that, that other one that we had to give up sometimes really good too. But it’s great because it really is survival of the fittest and it shows on the site we get, we have a lot of crazy good deals that,

people that know their wines can certainly appreciate. And then people that don’t, it’s just a really easy way to get into it and just take a shot on me when his wines, and actually we provide so much detail and you can see every single day, how much copy you write for every sale. And that’s really where the, the challenges.

Yeah. It has that trader Joe’s feel, oh, yeah. I can see what you’re saying. We’re actually working on a whole site redesign right now. It’s going to be bad-ass it’s going to come out probably for early August. Hope you pay those a wine tasters via salary instead of hourly, because time’s not a wasted when you’re being wasted, right?

Yeah. I mean our whole team, We definitely have a lot of fun doing what we do. So it’s a work hard play hard mentality around here, for sure. The tasting pays are not what you call the most productive days, but they’re the funniest days for chair he building. Exactly. Oh yeah.

We get some good solid team-building and at least, yeah. You guys are the experts with this. Like I hear too big. Tips, right from suppose the wine snobs, which everybody calls them, silver wine, stumped, everybody. I’m an audio file. What do you have Apple air, right? You’re not an audio file or whatever they call it.

Not a know it’s, the people will say Hey, find something that you like in your palette, doesn’t matter how expensive it is. And you got guys who are more like, if there’s the numbers, right this 96, 97 point thing. Yeah. What is your opinion on like, all right. I don’t know what I’m looking at.

How do I pick a good one? How do I go about doing this? Yeah, it is really hard and it tastes is so subjective. It is difficult to try to boil it down into a hundred point scale. And obviously the a hundred point scale has been highly debated for decades. Now. I think ultimately it’s still very valuable for people because that.

Once you start getting into the high nineties, especially like that 98 point Dow. And especially if you start seeing that it’s got high scores from three different publications. So there you go. That’s the wine spectator to candor and Venus each giving you a 98 point score. You can be completely confident at the very least.

Even if it’s not to your taste, that is a well-made wine, there’s no flaws. And it’s in balance. So there, there are a couple things that are objective rather than subjective when it comes to wine like is it oxidized? , does it have some sort of, acetone issue, there’s all kinds of different flaws that can be in a wine that just make better characteristic of poor wine making.

At the very least when you start to see the high scores, it doesn’t have any of those problems and that’s helpful at the very least. There is something to be said about the particular. The particular place that those scores are coming from. So some reviewers tend to give out a little bit more freely high scores than others.

There’s not that many scoring publications that you have to care about. So you can pretty quickly learn, what a 93 means from this place versus this other place. If you are a more numbers minded person, you can pretty quickly start to, cut through the BS and see where those scores are actually in value.

That being said, Yes, I use it on wine searcher and you can, this is what I like. Great. See the price over time. And then, yeah, exactly. Wine searcher is invaluable resource for anybody. And what’s so cool about it is you can pop on there really quickly and, see what people are paying for.

It can usually see all the scores. It depends on how popular and common the wine is. Thousands, probably email payments port in the world. So there’s a ton of information on it on here. But then it’ll actually link to all of the individual sellers. You have any Cron offers you can see. Sometimes there’ll be some stuff on here, like some random retailer in the middle of Kentucky.

And if you actually, call them, don’t even add the wine. It’s not, we’re not trying to beat those kinds of offers, but we’re definitely trying to beat, all the real offers that are out there and we do a good job doing it. And I actually really appreciate that. Transparency.

You guys are listening to this on the podcast or playing around with us on the YouTube version. If you guys want to go to the YouTube channel or go to simple passive, and we’ll keep this stuff. For you guys to refer to, but we were, we’re poking around wine and wines stash, a cool site, but one mistake I’ve made, I’ve bought some wine off eBay.

I think it was like oxidize or fake. I’m guessing I still drank it anyway, man, if you can drink it, it’s all good lately. I just been buying it from Costco. Just I don’t buy like fake wine because I heard that was a thing out there. But any comments on a math method? The fake wine thing, there’s really not that much money and making fake wine unless it’s a highly sought after.

Why, and that’s worth trying to counterfeit in the first place. Really there’s a lot less actual wine fraught out there than it is to be concerned about, unless you’re a very serious wine collector to spending big bucks on wine and it really matters. And then there really is wine brought out there.

There’s a big push, especially in the fine wine space. And I’m, we’re talking like, $200 bottles plus. To have a lot more consistency with any counterfeiting measures just in terms of. Buying wines that you know, are probably going to be a good deal. I think it’s true.

Costco is the biggest wine retailer in the country right now. It’s not more wine than anybody. You’re not, you’re certainly not alone at Costco my family actually comes from a wine producing family, so I can tell you on the other side of that, Costco has some serious buying power and they do what they do for everything else.

And that’s just squeeze the producer to get the lowest possible price. Yeah, there’s definitely some good deals to be had there too. I think the challenge is necessarily the selection. I do have a great selection, but you’re not going to get random, smaller lots. That kind of gets back to what we were talking to in the beginning, which was, when you’ve got only a couple hundred cases of a given wine left, As just straight up, not enough for Costco.

Costco needs to have truly massive volumes in order to even be in their system in the first place. You’re going to be missing out on a lot of smaller producers that have some random model. I like this, like Caymus Cabernet, Sauvignon. You, what are you talking about? That’s a nice water.

I know because it’s very popular, and that’s the phrase Caymus was for closers, but you. Do you guys have a brand like that? That’s more of a one that a Costco will go after and drive it down to 80 bucks, right? This kind of gets into the behind the scene stuff that you were talking about.

Most of the really big name brands are represented by distributors. And depending on the, especially those. Ultra recognizable names that everybody knows the Robert meant values in the world. There’s a lot more kind of sensitivity around the price point that it gets put out there as there’s a lot more push to make sure that whatever it’s getting on the store shelves is very close across the board.

There’s actually specific laws that govern now what a distributor technically has to make an offer available at a given price. Same to any retailer. It actually makes it quite challenging. But that’s the selling price that they’re willing to offer it to the retailer at, depending on the retailer’s model of how much margin they need to make on there, they can offer it for whatever they can offer it.

Our whole model is trying to have a higher volume on a given day. And we really do try to take very. Very slim margin and pass on maximum savings to the customer because, that’s what we’re trying to do. We’re trying to offer a great deal every day, but you guys aren’t necessarily going to have the staples, like the Caymus, the pump jacks.

I don’t know that many, like those more recognizable names that are always going to be on the wine menu at the local. The short answer is we’ve got the access to those wines. We can’t give the kind of crazy eye-popping discounts on those that we can for other wines.

They’re typically not on there, but it’s not to say that we don’t. We just, we did a Mondavi Toca loan a couple of months ago. We didn’t open it’s one this year, so yeah they’re definitely out there. It’s just again it’s harder to offer the discounts that people are used to seeing on the wine spies on those kinds of wines.

Yeah. And this is how like sick, I am like, I would rather have like the reason why I stick with this Caymus, cause I know it’s good. I would rather have a wine where I know I got true 50% off than half the best wine because that’s where I get the most enjoyment out of. If I like this type of like darker cab, what are ones that on your guys’ like your website, you would suggest, and that’s the thing. We call it out too in the marketing copy that we put together every day and let what kind of was your into, Hey, you love these kinds of crazy fruit bombs. Scroll down a little bit. I want to see that go. Rocky is probably Becca Rashi.

We do the Cabernet of that recently. That was a little bit along the lines that you’re talking about. Kina Noah, that’s a peanut, but we also, we featured a cabinet that day from them at a lot of Jones that Jones families, these labels like. I can’t even say the thing, like it’s fresh. I don’t know. But like to me, it’s man, like it’s just overwhelming, and that’s why I retreat back to what’s comfortable and the Caymus. I don’t blame you at all. I actually, to be perfectly honest with you, that’s exactly how I feel about it. So the imports, it’s a totally different world and people typically are, being with them if that’s what they’re picking up.

We have a streamline knowledgeable wine buyer, he’s agent and that guy, he’s a pro and he can tell you every single vineyard in Bordeaux, he knows exactly where it is, the famous vineyard that it’s next to and why it’s a good deal. I can’t pretend to have that level of knowledge.

I’m stick usually with the domestic, for that reason also. But. And even someone like me who has the good fortune of pasting all of these different wines on a daily basis almost, and learning a great deal about him from super knowledgeable people. It’s a bottomless well of information.

You’re never going to get to the bottom of it. So unless you’re the type of person that. Drinks at Brunello for the first time. You’re like, Oh, what is this? I love this. This is totally different than anything I ever drank. I want to drink more of it. And you start getting into it then. Yeah. I’m the same way as you, when I see an Italian label, and I’m unfamiliar with, even the classification systems that doc DOCG.

The IGT, I just throw up my hands and say here someone just pour some good wine in my glass. So cool. Yeah. Or you take it to your friends and say, this is damn good, man. Yeah, exactly. Or you just trust the wine spies, to help serve up some fingers. And we try to tell you, if we think that this is going to be a good one, if you’re in this kind of thing, that’s right. So I did my control F and I looked up cab and I found these two. So that Joan selections. Awesome. And here’s, a really good example of an actual, wine country connection. We’re right here in Santa Rosa, California actually just bought a warehouse in Petaluma and our moving our offices and warehouse

to the new location. We’re really excited to be a new resident of Petaluma, but we’re right in the center of wine country. And it really helped for things like this. This was just a completely back channel situation where we were able to get the hook up on, on a small producer and Pomerantz rivers Brown probably be most famous Napa winemaker right now.

Here’s a situation where we’ve got a wine made by TRB. It’s just that it’s really hard to get your hands across on, let alone for, any amount off. 35% offers a crazy good deal on this particular one.

So we, sometimes we work with the distributors and the boys and play a ball. And sometimes, you’re not going to find this particular wine anywhere else. So the TRB Thomas river Brown, that’s like the Caymus family or there was it like the grapes from the Jones family. He’s the actual wine maker that made that wine.

So a lot of times, especially with these superstar winemaker talents, it’s like hiring a director for your film. You can pay big money to get the big names or David get Guetta as a producer for a song. Yeah, exactly. Thank you. That’s much better. Don’t through Jack. You had Channing Tatum produce most shows, right?

They don’t do anything. It depends. So for, I spent 10 years on the production side. The crazy thing about wine is it really is made by the seller workers. I started as a cellar rat. And the 99% of the actual making of the wine making the winemaker gives you a work order and you go actually work on the wine.

But having gotten that work order and being told what to do, you would know. So you’d be surprised at how much direct impact a kind of visiting winemaker will have. Coming in tasting the wines in the barrel as they developed deciding, Oh, this needs this should be put in this much Oak.

We needed to do this blend on this. This needs this adjustment. If they can do that, tasting a panel of wines in an afternoon and just verbally telling, whoever the production winemaker is. This is what you need to do. And then getting back on his fricking jet leaving that is actually an impactful way to put their touch on it.

And the wine will be better for it. That skill of wine making is knowing, Oh, this needs 3% now back in, it’ll be so much better, okay. Did they tell you why? Rats, don’t talk to Thomas, don’t look them in the eye. Don’t look him in the eyes. Look down. Yeah. Do not address him when he let only let Barry talk to him.

Honestly some of these guys absolutely have aura of mystique around them that I would have definitely went out as a 19 year old seller at scrubbing barrel. Bungs I would have. Not really the guts to say, Hey, what’s that dominance? Yeah, that’s cool.

But it’s legit, right? Some of these guys? What they touch turns to gold? A hundred percent, man. That’s what I was trying to say is, it really is amazing how you don’t necessarily have to be there all day, quote, like working on the wine and. The wine will be so much better for that having been involved with the project.

And also you start to see, Oh, like the hallmarks of a particular wine maker. Oh, that’s wine. It’s so smooth. Well balanced, whatever it is. You’ll start to see that through their lines. Oh, this actually is like a GRB joint, yeah. So that people are gonna kinda think I’m actually know my stuff here, but they’re the Caymus folks.

I don’t know what the dude’s name is. Is it Caymus? I don’t know. I don’t care, but I think the dude went over to and he made the conundrum. Oh yeah. That’s a good jam for 20 bucks. Yeah, absolutely. And that’s it there again, people ask that’s a lot of times what happens if people aren’t super successful on a given project.

Usually they’ll sell it in and start a new thing. And a lot of times that’s successful too. Here’s Wagner. Yeah. He’s the kind of guy to where it’s like, where everything you touch is going to turn to gold, that’s also partly the business side because.

There’s, the distribution is so crucial and you’ve got a whole network across the country, and then the distributors are set up consolidated these days and they’ve got such great relationships and they know if they put the Wagner name on it, they’re going to be able to push it out. If you start a new brand, Naomi and Rachel need a location sold for a bunch of money, but he knows pretty much ahead of time that no matter what he’s gonna do, his new project is going to get a ton of press for you at time, Inc.

But more importantly, you’re going to see it over night on grocery store shelves and trying to build that momentum as a small producer, without those kinds of connections or interest from the distributors. It’s almost impossible. Yeah, they can put like McDonald’s coffee, but that’s, that’s so in our world, like we do a lot of apartments indications and there’s a lot of fund managers.

It’s the same thing. Once somebody has that track record, you have the sponsor creep and the product may not be as good, but. It also reminds me of like in the startup world. And this is why I don’t like startups. I was looking at it for quite a while, but it’s just not very good. Most of the deals suck and never make any money.

And I just don’t. I want to, I’m not happy with a batting average percent success rate, but a lot of it like the ploy. This is the dark side of startups is like the Starbucks will just pay some dude who has a long track record to just sit on their board. And now it looks like, cause social proof, this is what’s happening with a lot of these like blockchain cryptos, or now there’s like now there’s like cloud advisor on the cardboard.

A lot of these crowdfunding websites, they actually like. Some people will pay to get on their board so they can look like they’re part of the board and it helps the company website look like they have legit people. It’s totally messed up. And I’m wondering is the financial world as corrupt as these wine makers or maybe in the wine world, things are still good.

It’s not as corrupt as a financial world. Oh, no, it’s real crazy. And it’s all about relationships and if anything, it’s a super small world. It’s just really incestuous and yeah, it’s hard to break into for sure. But I think there are what we’re going to say. Oh what are like maybe top few off the top of your head?

They’re like Thomas river Brown that’s a good one, right? What are a few others? Wagner, which is the Caymus. Hi Heidi, Barrett’s green Eagle. But these in particular, I think are superstar winemakers that have really risen based on their merits and proved that they can make really good wines consistently.

I don’t necessarily think that’s the seedy underbelly of the industry so much. It’s really just even the biggest wine company in the world is Gallo. I mean they’re right here, but guess what? They’re actually an extremely well-run sophisticated operation that has great training takes care of their employees and they do really good job.

I wouldn’t begrudge them their success at all. , in terms of The challenging behind the scene seem deals. It comes down a lot more like where the wine actually goes, especially for really coveted small, lots of wines, I’m sure you’ve heard like a term allocation.

Oh, you have your allocation of a particular wine. That’s really where it starts to get. Who do you know, who are you in good standing with right now? Who’s but did you kiss recently in order to get, your hands on that good that everyone really wants?

So that part of it, it’s tough. I think if you want to talk about the startup side, I think wine spies is pretty interesting and that. The founder of the company Jason Sieber, whose agent red, by the way, we’re revealing his code name because he’s actually spending most of his time on his new venture Kayla life, which is a mass company which is a pretty cool success story.

But wine spies has been around since I was seven. And like I said, and it really was bootstrapped from the ground up and we’ve just been persistent at it. And it’s a story of. Cause simple passive cashflow agent red was the type of person who worked in the business for, years, then worked on the business for years and now is in a position where he’s able to pursue the next project while he’s got a great team of people working for him.

And he doesn’t have to spend nearly any time in the business these days at all. I think it’s just a story where , it can take real time to build a stable business model that just runs itself. And we are in huge growth mode right now. But before I came on board three years ago, he had built a pretty consistent machine that was just stable and was able to bring home, a good living.

And it really only took a couple of people helping them out to make that all work. I think that’s a great point. You brought up there. Would, it kinda reminds me of when I was looking at a lot of these startups, there was one in particular. I don’t want to call them out of the sea.

Of course, if you guys are in the family office, a Honda mastermind, which you can learn more about simple passive, we know we. We take the filter off, right? Because this is the freebie podcast we’re talking about here, but there is this operator out there and, I’m trying to look what to invest and they did.

Let’s just say they did farm stuff. And I look on their roster of owners and operators and I’m like which guy here? You all live in New York, the heck, do you guys know about farming? Which guy actually worked the fricking fields. They have this one guy on the bottom that it’s like a small car.

I was like, is this guy a principal of a company? Or is this a consultant? And then like, that to me, when I’m looking at a deal, I want to know who the operators are. And I want to know what gives them the competitive advantage. For you guys, it’s the dude that made the company, he actually knows a thing or two about making wine.

You got to go figure, right? There’s just not another like internet company out there. Startup company, a bunch of kids who went to MIT or Berkeley took entrepreneurial, got an MBA. And now starting some random company where they don’t even like wine. They haven’t known anything about it. Yeah. Obviously it pays to have the real deal and we’ve got, so I’m from producer side and I know I’ve actually made wine myself.

Our wine buyer, he’s got 30 years of experience and I think really that there’s no shortcut there at all. So having, a very knowledgeable person, it’s the Rolodex, but also know what you’re looking at. You knowing how to read those crazy Italian labels, This absolutely crucial skillset.

We’ve got, our marketing hot shot who write some great copy that sells. And and then we’ve got an awesome team too. Behind the scenes, making it all happen. And obviously all of that is crucial, , , we don’t have any empty suits here.

And I think one of the things that helps. It’s just the company culture. Because we’re all working hard and working in it and have a ton of fun every day. And I’m just one of the things I’m most proud of the businesses we get a lot done, , we really do each other and there’s our elder does that relate to each other as human beings.

And I don’t think you’re going to find that if you’re having to report to that guy in New York who doesn’t know the thing about farming, like you say. Yeah. So you guys can check out their company, wine, So you guys register and it’s like a daily deal a day or something like that.

Yeah. And if you’d sign up for an email list, we shoot you an email at first thing in the morning, just like letting you know what . The wine is bad day. , we’ll sell out sometimes as early in the morning and we’ve got a lot of people that genuinely just enjoy reading the emails.

I know everyone’s email box is so full and it’s hard to believe, but we’re, we will put a lot of work into the write-ups every day and pick there’s some actual, pretty fun and interesting ones. So people that are even passing into wine, they like to check it out just to see what’s out there. Now, this is more so serving for the whole white, out of our group, maybe 10% of the people live in Hawaii.

Most of the people are in the us mainland, but selfishly asking, because this is my podcast, like I’m screwed, right? Like it’s just going to hurt. There’s no shortcuts, man. I’ve got to tell you, we ship enough volume that we have access to the tier one. Hop rates for our costs on shipping and our shipping a case of wine to Hawaii costs us $110.

There’s just no way around that, , that makes it a big challenge for anybody on the islands to get that. I’m better off just going to Glasgow or going to the local. If you’re in Hawaii or the community, what it really depends on is the price point of the wines that you’re getting.

If you’re buying, if you’re buying a hundred dollars bottles, that one spice is bringing to you for 70% off and it’s 30 bucks, I’m just 12. Okay. It’s starting to make a little bit more sense. When you factor in that cost of chipping in for mainland United States, we’ve got free shipping on 12 bottles, but what we’d do is this cool locker system where , you can add one bottle at a time.

To your locker. So you don’t have to check out with 12 bottles. You can check out with just one bottle is deal and build builder case up over time. And you can have up to two lockers open at any given time and then ship them at your convenience. And that’s actually nice because no matter where you’re at, you have to sign for your wine purchase since it’s alcohol.

So people really like consolidating those shipments into one shipment. Yeah, no, that’s cool. When I travel up and do deals, I usually like to get a group of investors together. Yeah. Can you bring that? So you can set your locker up and just have it waiting and then whenever you want, we can ship it.

But I got to guess 12 bottles. Yeah. That’s the deal. It sounds daunting at first, once you start looking at all the awesome lines we offer, you’ll be like, damn it. I filled up the locker again. Yeah. So I can get 24 going at one time. Yeah. Oh, this is cool.

Yeah. And then actually technically more because you can, after you decide to have a locker chip, you can set the ship date up to a couple of weeks away, and then that clears up your locker. Okay. There’s a little bit hacking stuff you can normally when we do these investor meetings, it’s usually all a credit investors and it’s, I like smaller events.

So everybody gets to know each other better. 12 bottles is a lot, maybe a few, some of them home with it. No, I want it, but I can still pay to just ship onesy, twosies. Yeah. And also what you can do is you can fill up your locker and then you can just have a, if it’s less than 12, you can just pay to have that shift at any time.

Yeah. Yeah. And depending on where you’re shipping it, it’s not that expensive. I think California, it’s 20 bucks to ship six bottles Oh, that’s nothing. Yeah. And that’s what I like. It’s like the time savings, get, maybe some people love to go to a total food and wine and peruse the aisles, but for some people it’s like a waste of time.

They’d rather do Amazon. I really do think that the wine aisle is just one of the worst and hardest ways to try to pick what your, what line you want. There’s the all you’re limited to is the information that’s on the label right there. That’s, you can just go Google while you’re in the store, but, I don’t really think it’s a great experience.

And the fact is that you talk about the politics, earlier that is really where things get the most the most weird, I’m serious. They have, whether they’re called shelf schematics, where, the distributors are the ones that create the layout for where all the bottles are supposed to go at the various Heights and what bottles are going to be there in the first place.

And that’s where the real politics can come in is what on the grocery store shelf in the first place. So there’s a ton of stuff that you’re not going to find there that you can find almost blind. And that’s why wine online has been huge for a long time, even though. It’s hard to get to your house.

It’s still been big because the selection just so much better than when you can find at the store. Yeah. Can I ship this thing to California and haul this thing back? Like a wine meal back to Hawaii or, all of that. It’s interesting. Yeah. Good. Okay. Willing to do those types of strange things, but any other insider tips or tools?

I got one for folks I use that, that we know app. It’s cool when you buy a bottle and you’re drinking it, you can take a picture of it collecting Pokemon. Yeah, totally. That’s super helpful. The main thing that I would say if you’re just trying to learn about wine is just remember it’s super simple.

It’s just when you’re drinking the wine, just try to remember what it is. You’re drinking. So just like when you’re taking a setback. I like this. Just look at the label and just be like, okay, this is from this wine from here. And just try your best. You remember that because over time, and I don’t care about the geeky stuff, you just about what you like.

And don’t like, but the only way to really learn over time. Oh, I like have term particular appellation in Napa. I tend to like Rutherford calves. You only remember that if you did spend the time looking at it. And then also. Give a shout out to a new browser extension that we’re partnering with called CIC it’s sip PD.

And they’re working really hard. They’re probably one of the best efforts I’ve seen for our kind of recommendation engine. And so at the Chrome browser extension, you can install and they they basically can, they rate us given wine and then try to match it to your case profile.

And as it, as you use it over time, it gets to know your preferences better. And what they’re trying to do is they’re also trying to. Create overlays onto other retail partners sites. So that they’re your match, your percentage match, how likely are appears on those other sites to exempt. The team seems really smart and put together.

So I think I’m certainly wishing them the best of luck. We’re excited for the partnerships up over time. I think you’ll see the useful minutes of that grow and. And that might end up be a pretty cool way to figure out a line of products across the internet. What you like, what you don’t. Yup.

And a wine’s better with other people. So if you guys are, haven’t reached out to us shimmy emailed lane at civil passive cashflow, join our group and don’t just be a lurker on the podcasts. Get to know our community, a lot of good people here. Auto wine drinkers and whiskey drinkers, a lot of beer drinkers too.

Thanks. A lot of peoples that just are into the whole physical optimization, just water and cold pressed juices too. A lot of those guys, also all spirit spies is coming down the pike. So one of these days probably get some good bourbon on there also. Yeah, until then just straight diet of Johnny Walker blue for you guys.

All right. All right. Wine is the website. And if you guys want to watch this again, and as we add more content to this little fun sub topic on simple passive, tell your friends and we’ll see you guys next time. On bye.