Wealth and Purpose | a Death Sentence With Kevin Roth

Hey folks. Now, this guest that we’re gonna have on today is gonna be telling his story of how he got bad news from his doctors and he was gonna die. I recorded this podcast way back in January of 2022, and I started to work with this guy as a life coach to help me unravel all the messed up stuff in my head.

I’m the first to admit, we’re all programmed to go to school, study hard to make a lot of money to save more money, to invest it, to make more money, a sick, sad thing. When you think about it, at any point we could just leave and die and go elsewhere.

If that makes you sad. Maybe you guys need to look for some higher being, which is what I’ve been looking for. And Our guests today, Kevin Roth, have helped me uncover this in myself and helped me. He’s really taken the time to understand what we’ve been doing at simple passive cash flow and we’ve come up with this character for myself like Robin hood, where not quite we steal from the rich we give to the poor, we fight back against all that financial dogma out there where, everybody’s supposed to invest in these wall street investments that got a cahoots with the 401k.

That’s supposed to leave your money in there for the rest of your working years only to find that it makes your AGI explode and your sixties and seventies. Exactly what you don’t want it to be. But I digress. That’s what I see myself. I’m a little bit of a, I like to have fun. I like to cause a little midriff and I see myself as this Robin hood character minus the tights. And I like to distribute the real information out there. A lot of the stuff that we talk about on these podcasts and for me, that gets me off. That’s like my thing.

I really enjoy talking to you folks. After you guys get into our database, simple, passive cashflow.com/club, you book that onboarding call. That really, I tell Kevin all the time, like 80% of the time, eh, maybe 90% of the time. If you guys do your homework and listen to some of these podcasts first. I have a really good time helping you guys out on those calls.

So if you haven’t done, so yeah. Let’s get to know each other a little bit better out there, but when we first started to work with each other, I would say in the first several months he said to me like, Hey man, you don’t have any feelings. I’m like, what are those?

And I think what I like about Kevin, he’s not like one of these like young life coaches that has no experience in just reading from the book, but he speaks some experience and, from other groups I’m a part of their masterminds, that’s a big thing is to speak from experience

One cool fun fact about Mr. Kevin Roth is he’s the guy that’s saying that child Thomas train, shining time station PBS kid show way back in the eighties. I believe. I’m not gonna sing it for you guys nor can I put it on this podcast because YouTube will probably not allow it to play, but you guys have probably all heard this song or maybe your kids did, shining times station.

But that’s Kevin here, that was in his first life. And, he’s been there, done that, he got really famous with that song and some other folk music and actually getting to know him a little better. He hated that stuff. He doesn’t like little kids , but it was just a means to make money, which he later found out wasn’t very important when he got that cancer diagnosis and he found out he was going to die.

Obviously the guy’s still living. And I talked to him pretty frequently but that’s just a little fun fact there. This was a start where I got to know him, he got to know me better. Then I brought him over as a personal consultant.

And what I like about him, he says how it is, and he resonates with me may not resonate with you, but I think some of the takeaways from this podcast will be pretty enlightening for you folks. Just have an open mind and if this is not your cup of tea, then cool.

If it is, further reading would be to go to an article. I wrote about happiness. What is this all for? At simple passive cash flow.com/happy. Are we just here to save money and make a lot of money at our job and get a high ranking profession or buy a bigger house?

Surely it’s, raise kids, if that’s not your thing, what is it, what do you put on earth to do? At any point it could all end, but anyway, enjoy today’s show. If you guys have any other questions that regard this stuff feel free to shoot me an email, lane@simplepassivecashflow.com. And yeah, here we go.

Hey, simple passive cashflow listeners. Today, we are going to be talking about a little bit of a morbid topic, right? We all plan for the future 10, 20, 30 years, but who knows? Maybe this year, next year could be it for you. I just got back from a retreat with our mastermind and sure we’re talking about investing, I think it typically moves towards non investing topics like family, planning legacies, and, enjoyment and having gratitude for what you have is worth the topics.

Typically go through. As people build more relationships with each other. And today I have a guest Kevin Roth. He’s a life coach down in San Diego. And he has a great story. And, Kevin wants you to kinda introduce yourself and tell us that story. And I think it would be very impactful for folks listing as you’re driving to work, working hard, saving hard investing for the long term, but, we want to do these types of podcasts to instill a little bit of awareness into, what’s around us and, being, having more gratitude for what we have.

Okay it’s nice to be with you. So I’m going to take 50 years and condense it into two or three minutes. So you get a quick overview. So basically when I was 13, I saw a musical instrument called the dulcimer, which is if you’re watching this, you can see the instrument above my shoulder. And at 16, I got my first record contract and I made subsequently between then and now about 50 record albums.

So my goal when I was in my early twenties up to about early thirties, maybe 35 was if I became rich and famous, I would be happy. So I got rich, I don’t know what riches to anybody these days, but back then having over a million was a lot of money. This was in 1990 something. I wasn’t Bob Dylan, but I was killing it pretty much.

And I became quite well-known because I sang with him to a hit PBS TV show for kids called shining time station. So I was involved in having my own company. So I did my own licensing deals. I managed myself, I occasionally got an agent that didn’t work. And I had a music attorney. Who’s still my music attorney, some 48 years later.

So basically what happened is in 2015, I had burned out from the music business. I had made a lot of money in real estate and lost a lot of money in real estate. I made a lot of money in the stock market and lost a lot of money in the stock market. And then out of the blue I got diagnosed with stage three melanoma.

And told me, even though they removed one little lymph node and a little spot on my nose, that there was a 70% chance it would come back within a year. And I would be dead within two to three because there’s no cure for melanoma as we’re talking today. So this threw me into, what I call the sea world cancer, which I never thought I’d ever have to look at.

I worked out, I was healthy, I had everything. Oh, outside looking in, it looks pretty good. And then I got a death sentence and I told my clients and people that interviewed me. There’s nothing like a death sentence to wake you up. So I had to decide that if I only had a few years left to live and I had lost a good deal of money with medical expenses and other little things, how did I want to spend the next couple years.

Because money didn’t seem that important. If I was going to be dead I had enough fame, I didn’t need more of that. And so what it came down to is I thought what do you really want? Forget what Mr. Mrs. Jones has down the street. I had long, probably a few years prior to that, I’d figured out from someone I knew who was making three, $400,000 a year in corporate America came home and had four martinis to numb his life out. And that vicious cycle that wasn’t the life I wanted. I have a relative who’s got as he likes to say more money than God, and he didn’t seem all that.

What did I want? And so who I was and who I am is I’m an artist, I’m a musician, I’m a writer, I’m a performer. And it was important for me to live in California, where it’s beautiful here in San Diego, hanging out with my dog and living an authentic life. But I had to change my mindset. I had to go from, creating a life of abundance through what was really important.

And I got involved as most do when they get something like a major illness, you get re-introduced to the spiritual world or religious, whatever your take is on it. Okay. And how long did this take? Do you go through like the steps of. Doubt or anger. Maybe when I got diagnosed, how long did it take you to come to this realization and maybe walk us through some of the, oh, you got a really fast when you have a couple oncologists tell you’re going to be dead in a couple of years, you don’t have a lot of time to contemplate that.

The first thing you do is you’re in shock. The second thing you do is what do I do now? Because you feel powerless. You feel out of control. And then there’s Western medicine and you have to understand that cancer is a big billion, billion dollar business. And then there’s the Eastern way, which is people who cure themselves without chemo or radiation.

And they do meditation or they change their lifestyle. So I had to figure out who was doing what? So I looked at people who survived stage four melanoma and had a bump. I met this particular one woman prudence, Sinclair, and I said, show me what you did to get through this. There’s something now called epigenetics.

It’s actually been around, but it’s about the amount of body, mind connection and how you think and how you feel really affects your system. So what makes people ill is stress and inflammation. Those are the two liter leading causes of it. So if you’re really overweight Or you’re really stressed and sugar really invites cancer.

And if you get on the wrong side of cancer, not that there’s a right side, but if you get them a really wrong side that’s it, on, on the earth plane. So they say, ’cause I don’t believe that death actually exists, but that’s all another podcast. I got a little angry and I got very fearful and I started to look at different oncologists in Kansas, where I was living at the time. It was making a new record album with Paul, with Peter Paul and Mary, and one of my heroes. And there was one guy that I really liked. I bind it out cause I have an empathic kind of quasi psychic sense about me.

So when I talk to clients, I look into them and help guide them there besides just the practical. And this one guy wasn’t taking any new patients, but I had to get in to have tests done. So the woman that ordered the test, I went in to get the tests done. And then when I got the results, unbelievably, the cancer had not spread anywhere.

But then she wanted to send me to a doctor who did the lumpectomy. So I said, if you don’t see any cancer, why are you studying to be a lumpectomy doctor? And she said, because it’s protocol. So protocol is we don’t know who you are and we don’t know what’s your name is we don’t care anything about you, but it’s protocol.

So next in line, please. And that really pissed me off. So I went to leave her office and as I was leaving, I saw the oncologist card that I wanted on the desk. He worked there and I demand. But I leave her and go see him and why he was not going to leave until he gave me an appointment. I got in to see him.

He was the only oncologist that told me. I agree with you. Kevin don’t do anything right now happens in a year. Cause there’s no cure for this. Let’s deal with it in a year. So I had to wait a year to find out whether this was going to come back. So you go down the rabbit hole really quick. These things also happen when you lose every dime you have, but the Bernie NAIDOC kind of guy or something, so tragic happens in your life that you hit bottom, you hit your head so hard.

It’s such into a different reality because no matter how much money you have or investments you have or whatever it is that you have, you’re not going to have it when you’re dead. So you have to it makes you really look at your life differently. Did you have the kids or anything? I have a dog, I’ve got some friends and a family.

But I don’t have any kids or anything like that. But I your life rolls on whether you’re single or you’re married or whatever it is that you have, but it sends you down the rabbit hole. So the clients that I coach. That come to me or interesting people. Some of them are very rich.

Some of them are doctors, medical doctors. I have a psychologist, I have clergy. I have a lot of professional people who come to me, who some of them worked for the government who were on this kind of circle where I’m okay, but I’m not happy. I’m stuck, I don’t know what to do. They’ve already discovered that having a lot of money doesn’t buy happiness.

They’ve already decided that, especially with COVID, life is short and I don’t know that I like what I’m doing anymore, and a lot, that’s why the big resignations happen. So there’s nothing wrong with success. There’s nothing wrong with investing and all that.

But if it’s your focus, if that’s the reason you’re doing it, you’re missing out on a really big chunk called your life. So there’s a way to do this and to be really happy. And it’s called mindful awareness and to reevaluate the things that I teach. So one of them is what really matters to you. Why does it matter to you? And the third thing is what are you going to do about it? What’s your plan and exit? So a personal coach like myself, I really call myself a life consultant, teaches the tools that I actually use to get through all of this stuff and to go from basic surviving, to thriving, I’m in a much better financial position now and everything like that, but I’m very aware of What’s going on in my life and what I wanted it and what I don’t want to step into.

Like I tell people now to step into that, it’s like seeing, you’re walking along and you see some dog stuff on the sidewalk, don’t step in which means you avoid stressful situations. You put yourself in places where you have a little more control and you can choose what is authentically a right.

They think some people, some of us, we’ll listen to podcasts, we hear different tips here and there do some goals, personal goals, settings, but it’s, it’s always harder to do self-diagnosis on yourself because it’s you. So what are some typical, those people start to think, what do they want?

Why do they want it? What are some tips? Like maybe a stories they tell themselves so that you see, it’s very common that when your clients coming in, just for, I believe that most people come to me are very hard on themselves. And that comes from a way back in there, the way they were raised or what happened to them or what didn’t happen.

My theory, I teach with the coaching. I have certain tools. I also teach us a musical meditation called Dulcey meditation. That’s adults were above me and I teach people how to play that if, play a dulcimer, I can sell them and I teach you how to play. It’s real easy. And it only takes about five or 10 minutes a day to find clarity, but people come to me and they’re really hard on themselves.

They have a lack of clarity and the. On they’re in the rat race, but they don’t quite know why, and they don’t know how to get out of it. So what they tell themselves is I can’t give up what I have. So one of my clients lived in New York city and he lived in, I think, a studio and he was paying an astronomical amount of money.

And I said, why would you do something like that when you can work for. What’s your dream? And he said my dream is to have a little cabin up in the mountains of Asheville. I said, sit down there. I said, oh, I can’t go there. So I worked through, I work with people and show them why they can, and what’s holding them down to New York, ego status being a high roller.

None of that really matters because there are a lot of people who were very successful that live in the middle of nowhere. That are really content. So you have to define what success, successes, mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual balance. You can have all the money in the world. If you’re sick.

Nothing’s good. Nothing feels good. If you are conflicted spiritually, it affects the way you view life because I also teach besides the spiritual end of it, the science end of it. Science quantum physics now goes with spirituality in telling people that what you think is going on really isn’t going on.

It’s a drain. It’s an illusion. So it’s a matter of having balance. The other thing I teach is that we’re all going to have good days and bad days, but it’s how you ride a surfboard. Out here in San Diego, people are always riding the surfing, up there or out there in Hawaii.

But they know how to ride the wave. Without getting clobbered so that those are the tools that I teach. And here’s the key to the whole thing. There’s two expressions that I use, especially on my online course. It talks about this a lot, but one of them is if you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

And the other one is. When you replace what doesn’t work in your life with what does work? You don’t go back to what doesn’t work. So when I got the diagnosis of cancer, I’d put all the money I had in the world on the fact that it was brought on by stress. Cause I was majorly stressed out for three years and it was all financial and the emotion, it was ludicrous, but that’s the lesson that I had to learn.

You just look at things and you say, you know what? I just got diagnosed with cancer. I’ve got this relative who calls me and she’s very negative and she likes to scream on the phone. I’m not going to answer the phone anymore when I see her calling because I don’t need it. I’m not going to, I’m not going to do things that don’t serve me.

I’m not going to do a lot of negative things and I’m going to take time for me. I’m going to meditate. I’m in it. I’m going to exercise. I’m going to really start to enjoy my life. And that’s the power of this associating relationships. I think that’s a lot of people have this problem that I don’t do this anymore.

If I don’t like somebody, I just don’t interact with people think I’m a jerk, but I don’t know. I just, but then on the other hand, if people pretty well. And you get along with them. It’s going to be the opposite side of the coin to yeah. I was chatting with someone. I hadn’t even really met them.

We were talking about something yesterday or the day before. And he said, I said let’s get together to meet. And he said you’re not going to like me when you meet me. And I said, I’m not. And he said, no. He said when people hear my story, they, I repel them. And I said to him, thanks for telling me that.

So let’s. That was it. If you’re telling me I’m going to not like you, and I’m going to say, you’re telling me that you’re troubled to start with, you’ve got to believe what people tell you about themselves. I just backed away from that cookie. I just said, okay, I’m a personal coach. If you want to talk about things, let me know.

But, what I see negative situations, a lot of them that I sometimes produce. I stopped myself in the tracks. Like for this podcast, we had some technical difficulties, right? So there’s two ways of looking at it. One is okay, we’re starting late. What’s this technical stuff. Why isn’t this technical stuff together?

I completely switch that mindset. And I go, okay, this is great. It’s going to give me a chance to get to know, to get to know you a little more and it’s going to be fun. So again, it’s when you change where you look at things, the things you look at change. Some people know how to write the surf.

Some people just lean in it correctly. Yeah. You acquire a taste. So when you get a death sentence, you acquire a taste for peace and positivity and health. Okay. That Hershey bar no longer has. The possess that had was, it’s sugar and it’s crap food, tastes good, but it’s not good for you.

And you know that by doing something else. Is going to make you feel better now it doesn’t mean I’m not guilty of occasionally having my favorite Hershey bar because I really love Hershey bars, but you understand that certain things in life serve you and the way you look at things serve you.

It’s a matter of loving yourself, not in a selfish you could just to away it’s about saying, you know what. I really figured out that I am a spiritual being, having a human experience and I deserve to be happy. And how do I find happiness, real happiness. A lot of people I know who don’t have a lot of money here in San Diego.

And you think that we’re in a lot of people because it said, how could you afford deliver? They’re happy, man. I saw some guys eating some tacos, they were obviously. Yeah, backing it up, man. They’re just chucking it up with beer and tacos, having a great time. I have another friend who’s it’s worth four to 7 million in real estate himself.

He’s always worried. He’s always got problems, nothing’s ever good. He’s already about the elections. He’s worried about COVID he got some street workers, they’re having a top level with a beer Latham and I observed that and I say, No. What is it about the Headspace and the heart space of these people?

And you learn a lot about yourself. Some people look at the exceptions, right? There’s 10 tables at the bar or 10 stools at the top of the bar. One of them was twisted a little bit and they focus on that one where you could look at it a different way. At least somebody put the damn stools out for a change.

Yeah. Yeah. You figured out what you need to do to make yourself happy for me, a lot of it is silence is creating my own space so that I can write my I’m writing a book about all of this. Next year I’ll start probably doing some touring with these workshops that I give. And I’m always thinking about my clients my clients, aren’t like if you’re booked from 10 to 11 on the Thursday after 11, I don’t think about it till the next Thursday.

I think about my. All week long. So I’m very careful who I take on as well, because I want to be sure that we’re, that there’s a simpatico, but I love what I do. I really love it and I’m good at it. The only reason I’m good at it is because I had to live through it. I didn’t take a course in it.

You can’t take your course in death sentence. Okay. You’re gonna have all the degrees in the world. Ain’t going to work, buddy. You have to be up against it and to say, oh my God, now. And you learn, American Indians have this wonderful thing called the red road. You learn about life that way.

And I only teach from experience. I only teach from experience and things that I read and study that I find that it’s true, which is why I bring the science element into this whole way of living too. It’s very simple, it’s a really simple thing, and this is a kind of a classic. Ending up the story where, the Kevin goes through an issue.

He develops the systems and processes to get himself through it. And he becomes very compassionate towards others. People’s going through the same situation or can benefit from those skills and tactics that he developed going through the struggle. And it can be no different than somebody who went through.

Bought a rental property and now financially free. I think everybody maybe is maybe 10 to take us. Like, how did you go from getting through, this terrible, that sentence, building the skills. And how did you find this passion that you know your business today? We all create stories.

I am a real estate broker. I am a husband. I am a wife. I’m a corporate leader. Those are the stories that you create in your mind? My story prior to cancer was I was a recording artist on television. I’d made a lot of money and got a lot of fame. That was who I was. It really was the two I wasn’t was what I did after the cancer.

The story changed because I said, I’m going to move back to California. I’m going to be a Bohemian and I’m going to be an artist. And if I live a year great, but I’m doing it. And that was the other story I created when you create the story that you really want, not just in your head, but you connect it with your heart.

I hate to sound a woo, but the universe opens up. So I found an apartment for a thousand dollars, a one bedroom with parking here in San Diego, which is like hitting the lottery. No one gets an apartment for a thousand bucks, but I did. And I started to just be myself and then, said to me, what’s your next thing?

And I thought maybe I’ll make a new album. But the last time I had made, had been thrown in the pot for a Grammy award. And he said, dude, you got 50 albums. What are you going to get another one for? Why don’t you teach people what you did to survive and go from, a death sentence to no cancer and living a happy life.

And I never dawned on me to ever do it. I didn’t know that there were things called life. But I looked at it and then I started thinking what did I do? What were the steps I took? And I put together a formula, I hate the word protocol, but I put together a list of what do I do every day? How do I look at life?

And then I started to get a couple of clients and their lives change really fast. One city term marriage, the other one redirected their baby. So that they downsized, but tripled their income because they stopped fighting themselves and so forth and so on. And I was amazed at not just what I was able to teach them, but what they taught me in the process, when when a medical doctor comes to you and they say, I can’t do this anymore and being burned out and I don’t know what to do.

This is a highly intelligent medical doctor, very sick. So I took what she wanted and I said let’s create that. So there, there are certain tools that you do that with, but it’s different for everybody because it depends who you are and what you’re coming to me for, but it’s a combination of again, knowing what matters, why it matters.

Your game plan and understanding that you need a spiritual or religious connection to something. And that what that is scientifically real. So it’s not woo. It’s like real. And I also watched by the way, a lot of near death experiences on YouTube, because I love those things because all these people who have died and come back, and these are doctors and lawyers.

These aren’t like. They all say the same thing that they all felt like they were home when they were dead or flat-lined for X amount of time. And my theory is that all of us are looking for that sense of home in this earth round. So we think we’ll get it. If we’ve got enough money, we think we’ll get it.

If we have enough power, we think we’ll get it. If we have the American. But we’re chasing our calves. You need some sort of root system to know who you are and then those other things come around again. It doesn’t mean that you can’t be very successful and happy, but you need to know what true happiness is for.

There was this life like, is it real or is it just an illusion or is it we’re in the waiting room right now to go later? What did she have this way? People say the science says that the universe is expanding so into what right. People say everything is your mind.

It’s all in your mind. Where is. So people say I in my brain. So if you dissect the brain, you’ll never find the mind. So what is mine? So all these people like Deepak Chopra and these neuroscientists and blah, blah, blah, they’ll tell you that it’s consciousness. So what’s consciousness. So when you look at what consciousness is from a scientific viewpoint or the Vedas or the you upon the shots all the way back spiritually into the texts, this war, it’s an a.

It’s a dream. It’s like a sleeping green, but we’re awake. So when I first heard that, I thought you’re full of crap. Amy, I’m looking at you. You telling me that I’m not looking at you. I’m not looking at you because if you look what we’re looking at, each other on the screen doesn’t exist. If you look at it on a molecular atomic level, you look through it.

It doesn’t exist. That’s quantum physics. So what is this? That’s where it gets fun. And. And that’s where your life becomes light because you think, oh, this is cool. This is like the matrix I liked that movie. The way I think of is you’re just in a waiting room, we’re going to go to summer.

Good. But there’s no diff there’s no reason why you can’t have some fun now. Yeah. The waiting room is here. There’s no difference between there and here. It’s just a matter of perception and understand. And for the people that are probably shaking their heads at home, never listening to this podcast again, I guess maybe they’ll come back next week, hopefully, but it doesn’t, maybe it doesn’t matter.

What’s true. What’s fact. But what is the, if you, what your belief makes you get to the final outcome or. At more happier life. Now that really what’s more important. W talking about nobody listening to this can deny, because if you break it down under COVID, you cannot deny that everybody who went through this COVID experience, as many of us lost people, we knew had an experience of what is my life about.

They had the half that they were afraid of dying. How do I get it? How do I not? And that’s why the big resignation, that’s why people are rethinking their life. Now, some people believe in Jesus, some Buddha, I’m not saying what to believe in or what not to believe in, but just look at science, look at the near death experiences.

Look at quantum physics, look at what at Albert Einstein said, we don’t like to think about it because we can’t wrap our heads around it. We like permanents. We like to know that when we’re looking at. We’re talking to the person and in the dream we are, this is all real in the dream. So there’s nothing wrong with the dream.

The dream is an experience that we’re having, but is it the ultimate experience? Of course not. It just isn’t, I’d like to say hello. It is, but it isn’t, it’s just no, but it’s okay. You get there as you get there or you don’t get there at all.

It’s something I’ve been, I think is, it doesn’t matter what your belief is. If science, religion, some other spirituality thing, if it gets you to a point where less stress, less sugar, no happier on a day-to-day basis, the ways. And that’s what.

Yeah, you don’t want to be happy and you can get there in a Honda. You can get there in a Jaguar. It depends how you want to get there.

Wrap up here, Kevin. How can people get ahold of you? They can’t cause I go lease it and I’m only kidding. Little joke there. Kevin Ross dot. And if they want to look at an online course, it’s also on my website. I do a free fret, a stress Buster video. If you go on my website, Kevin rough.org, it’s totally free.

If you want to set up a free consultation with me for 30 minutes, we can talk about if we want to work together. And my music’s on all of the platforms, apple and iTunes and all that stuff. Or Kevin we’re off music.com. I think a lot of the topics we talk about, especially trusts or irrevocable trust, we’re trying to leave the family legacy down or infinite banking where you weren’t really joking that you.

Valuable dead than alive to your spouse, touches upon some of these topics a little bit and makes you ponder, the end, what’s it all for. But I think that the message today is, You out there, you guys are working really hard. You guys are maybe the ponder. Why you’re doing this? Are you going to work everyday?

Yeah and what I can do, what I do for people is I help them take what they love and make it easier for them so that they don’t have as much stress and they don’t have ambivalence. They don’t feel stuck. I don’t care if you want to make a gazillion dollars, it doesn’t matter to me, it’s how you do it so that you’re happy and that you love yourself and that you can love other people and help other people. And ultimately that’s really what it’s about. It’s love. Can you talk a little bit more about, like I think you’re getting to like love relationships and that’s something we talk about here is, it’s pretty easy to get to financial independence, my opinion, the wealthier, the social relationships, social currency.

It’s about authenticity and it’s about loving yourself first. You can’t look at anybody else. And once you live in. And, before the cancer, I was all involved with my career and my money and my status. I didn’t even know that I had a Kevin inside me until I walked through my place after hearing the diagnosis.

And I said to myself, I just said, don’t worry, buddy. We’ll get through this. And I didn’t have to stop for a second and think, who am I talking to? I’d been broke. I’d been rich and I’ve been everywhere in between. Most successful people have. And in the end, it’s really about love when you’re on your deathbed and you look back, I’m very blessed that I have a legacy of 50 albums people buy and listen to, and some of this coaching stuff that I do, I know that it’s changed lives and that’s really nice, whether I died.

If I were to die tomorrow, I got a whole bunch of money. I don’t even know I’m going to give it to, I have to, create a new will or something, but I like simplicity. I live way below my means, because that makes me happy. I live a very minimalistic kind of life. I don’t have a lot of things because I don’t need a lot of things to make me happy.

All right, folks. Thanks for listening. We will put this in the archives and tell your friend about simple passive cashflow, because if you’re going to be not working one of these days you’re going to be looking for somebody to have lunch with, and you’re the only one who’s financially free and thinking about this type of stuff it’s a lonely world passive cash flow folks. That’s why you got to come to Hawaii and we’ll start a spiritual cash flow business. Alright, good talking to you.