Why Investors Must Consider Real Estate in Huntsville Alabama

As of today, half of the year 2021 has passed. Though there is presence of COVID- 19 vaccine in the market, uncertainty in what things may come and in the real estate industry still never left. While we cannot eliminate the presence of uncertainty in our lives and what lies ahead, these two indicators drive real estate investors’ confidence: market history of real estate and how our country’s economy is slowly gaining its momentum back.

Can opportunity still exist in real estate with uncertainty at hand?

A big YES!

Real estate investing in Huntsville

Imagine we just started with less than a hundred apartment units in 2018 in Huntsville, Alabama.

As in any other state where we diversify our real estate portfolio, let us appreciate and get to know more about Huntsville, Alabama.

Why Huntsville, Alabama? 

Huntsville is located in the southeastern state of US, Alabama. Its population is approximately more than 450,000, almost grew by 12% and is one of the most heavily populated cities in Alabama. This growth is brought about by the growth in information technology, aerospace, and advanced manufacturing industries.

Years back, Huntsville was heavily acknowledged for its agricultural industry but now they are home for the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, US Army Redstone Arsenal and big manufacturing industries such as Toyota and Boeing. 


A switch from agriculture to industrial is the fundamental change causing their booming economy.

Main Qualities Leading Huntsville Real Estate Market

Huntsville Economic Framework

Who knew that Bama… of all places would house this aerospace and defense Mecca. We previously referenced NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center and the U.S. Armed force Aviation and Missile Command and they are just two of the significant businesses in the city which blaze the trail for countless of other ancillary tech and hardware companies – more than 300 aviation, protection, and government workers for hire notwithstanding the many, numerous different organizations in the area. 

A large number of these workers for hire have practical experience in IT and designing. Government contracts are normal. Redstone Arsenal (the U.S. government) is the top business in Huntsville for 37,000+ workers in the area. NASA comes in third spot with 6,500 representatives, surpassed by the Huntsville Hospital with 9,352 workers. 


Moreover, Huntsville is a city with solid aviation, designing, and protection areas. Supporting these businesses in significant manners are data innovation, bioscience, progressed assembling, and medical services areas. Likewise, retail assumes an important part in Huntsville. 

The strength of Huntsville’s monetary spine is plainly exhibited in the insights. In September 2019, Huntsville boasted a joblessness rate of 2.8 percent.

Job Opportunities

Occupation development hits 3.6 percent (2018-2019), showing a pattern that drives specialists to foresee future occupation development of 40%. Obviously, COVID-19 introduced critical difficulties as far as occupation development and work. In spite of this, the Huntsville region has kept on demonstrating itself to be hugely strong to a difficult, remarkable year. Across our 600+ units in the region we saw occupancy increase and rents go up even in 2020… and even more in 2021.

Notwithstanding a 8.3 percent drop in work among March and April 2020, Huntsville stayed well in front of public insights. Specialists anticipate that the economic recovery should require two years and three years for the GDP and vocations rates to get back to pre-pandemic levels, separately. 

In the prior phases of the pandemic, generally March through June, Huntsville saw a year-over-year distinction of 7.5 percent in business – contrasted with the national drop of 13%. 

Consistently, from 2000 to 2020, we see that, all things considered, Huntsville experienced work development twice that of the United States all in all.

Living Wage

In addition to the fact that Huntsville stands out from the rest as far as joblessness rates.

Huntsville is home to altogether more workers with a yearly compensation of $75k – 200k+ than the remainder of the territory of Alabama. 40% of the populace in the Huntsville metro acquires in this reach, though just 29.6 percent of all Alabama occupants fall into this class. In other words, the workforce is highly skilled compared with most US cities.

Local Amenities & Conveniences 

Here in Huntsville, Alabama, we appreciate and focus on open air spaces especially due to the  COVID-19 pandemic. Let’s admit it, Huntsville isn’t simply home to a hotter, more lovely environment, yet it is home to numerous city conveniences and administrations that advance outside amusement. 

Huntsville is home to various recreational areas , scenic routes, and trails. 

As investors we can breath a sigh of relief that we don’t have to worry much about Hurricanes coming anywhere past Birmingham which is a couple hours south of Huntsville.

Huntsville trail

Obviously, there are business impetuses. The economy normally assumes a significant part in the strength of the housing market. Huntsville gives different motivators to draw in a developing, various economy. Given its achievement in work and pay development, it is protected to say these motivators are getting the job done!

Culture and Population

Like in any other area in Alabama, the real estate market in Huntsville is impacted by the economy, culture and population. The most recent U.S. Registration shows that Huntsville is en route to turning into the biggest city in Alabama which is not surprising at all. Additionally, they have had a development in population of a few thousand every year. In fact, individuals realize the region’s peculiarity is due to steady employment, great schools, a perfect local area, and delightful open country.

Why Huntsville Alabama Real Estate Market?

Let me guess, you might be wondering why we are “pushing” the Huntsville real estate market well in fact there are other regions such as Birmingham or Montgomery

Believe it or not, Huntsville unmistakably has a strong establishment as a housing market. With its consistent development in population and a different yet specific economy, it just draws in more land interest as time passes. On the off chance that you plan to put resources into the Huntsville housing market, nonetheless, you need to know explicit land measurements alongside the remainder of the city’s economy and segment setting.

Factors Contributing to Huntsville Real Estate Market

Real Estate Statistics

What contributes to a solid housing market? There are many elements we could name, in any case, two are at the core of long haul wellbeing: solidness and reasonableness . Huntsville possesses all the necessary qualities. Studies show that Huntsville flaunts the best housing market in the entirety of Alabama. SmartAsset gave the city a 88.41 rating on the Healthiest Markets Index, which depends on four variables: reasonableness, dependability, smoothness, and hazard of misfortune.

On their rundown, Huntsville positioned 26th in the country. Despite the fact that Huntsville is a more well-off (and expensive) city than most other Alabama markets, homes just expense a normal of 17.2 percent of family pay. This is well inside the edges of reasonableness. 


Likewise, Huntsville was remembered for the U.S. News and World Report ‘s rundown of best places to live in 2020. Lucrative positions joined with a minimal expense of living and an exceptionally instructed populace added to its positioning, among different components.

Value and Demand of Property

Huntsville is a moderate market by numerous different norms in the country, it isn’t pretty much as reasonable as it used to be. As indicated by Redfin, the middle deals cost in Huntsville was $270,000 in December 2020. Only four years prior, the middle deals cost was $199,000. And with this, 30.2 percent of homes are sold above list cost. This is more moderate compared with the public middle – $335,519 in 2020 contrasted with $254,093 in 2016. 

There’s no question that the Huntsville market is appreciating. Twenty years prior, the middle home cost in Huntsville was an insignificant $98,000. Moreover, home estimations are on the ascent.

Note, in any case, that this development has been, over all things, stable. Once more, when we take a gander at the numbers, we see market flexibility in this information alone. Huntsville middle home costs scarcely recoiled through the 2008 Great Recession. With few special cases, the patterns in Huntsville have been consistent or up for as long as twenty years. All markers highlight this pattern proceeding later on, especially when we think about the splendid monetary viewpoint for the metro region.

Evidently, Huntsville has seen speeding up land interest for quite a while at this point. It appears to be like the COVID-19 blast just advanced this continuous pattern! Like in January until November 2020, Huntsville saw an aggregate of 8,223 home deals (748 deals each month). 

House investment

Deals alone don’t disclose to us a full image of market interest. We should contrast these numbers and the quantity of properties recorded available. In contrast to different business sectors in the country, Huntsville didn’t encounter a critical stock in Spring 2020. Consistently, the Huntsville market has kept up approximately within the range of 1 and 1.8 long periods of supply without huge change in the quantity of properties recorded. 

Month’s inventory is demonstrative of the connection amongst market interest in land. The fewer months (or long periods) of supply shows more grounded market interest, while additional time available (more long periods of supply) demonstrates lower interest. A lower number discloses to us that there are a bigger number of purchasers than merchants and in this way, there is greater action and contest inside the market. 

In December 2020, Huntsville homes saw a middle of 44 days available as per Redfin. That is down almost 12% from a similar time last year. Multiple offers are genuinely normal, as are homes sold above list cost.

Be that as it may, most homes sell for list cost inside just shy of two months.

Real Estate Rentals in Huntsville

Based on studies, 45% of Huntsville’s populace lease their homes, dominating the 32% Alabama state portion of rental occupants. By far most of the properties in Huntsville are single-family homes (64%) with three-to-four room homes being the standard. Rental occupants had a middle move-in year of 2015, where property holders moved in at the middle of 2006. 

Thus, this focuses toward longer rental periods (subsequently, inhabitant maintenance), as the middle number of rental occupants have been leasing their homes for a middle of five years. 

Huntsville additionally experienced lower opening rates (at 4.49%) than that of Alabama (9.69%) and the United States (5.97%) overall in 2019. This has not generally been the situation, yet opening rates in Huntsville have forcefully dropped in the course of recent years. 

Yet, shouldn’t something be said about the expense of leasing?

Rental Cost

Multifamily homes and single-family rentals comprise the real estate investment scene in Huntsville. Like the lease costs for multifamily units in Huntsville have been consistently on the ascent. Truth be told, consider that they have one of the quickest developing rates in the country. This measurement probably will not identify with our particular properties, it shows rental patterns that are important. With the developing Huntsville populace and tight home stock, rentals are popular. 

Simultaneously, single-family rentals are more copious (and alluring) in Huntsville. This exhibits the excellent chance to put resources into Huntsville SFRs. 

Yet, shouldn’t something be said about the expense? 

Clearly, multifamily properties don’t lease for similar numbers as SFRs – they have a higher month to month lease installment and hold occupants for longer periods. So, a benefit as far as inhabitant maintenance can be found in the middle lease cost.

While in midtown Huntsville lease expenses can undoubtedly hit $1,200, the middle lease is at $858 – $866. This is higher than Alabama overall however lower than the United States middle and normal. This is a 9% year-over-year cost increment. 

Rent payments takes an average tenant 15.33% percent of occupant pay – contrasted with 18% in Alabama and 20% across the country. This shows a degree of reasonableness that is empowering to purchase and-hold financial backers. 

Presently, these numbers are not characteristic of our particular venture properties but signals that the overall market of renters can pay more!

About real estate

Why Invest in Huntsville Real Estate?

Huntsville gives so many of the key pointers that make for an advantageous value market. We have seen consistent property appreciation for the past twenty years. Indeed, even after the Great Recession, we see a market that is still developing and amazingly versatile. With dependable government work (FBI headquarters coming in now) assuming a significant part in the area and financial development, financial backers can anticipate a consistently developing monetary base, low joblessness, and generally safe of an economy-based land slump.

Factors to consider in real estate investing (Huntsville, Alabama)

Continuous Growth in Population


Population brings rental interest. 

Modest Housing

Even if lodging costs here are higher than in the remainder of Alabama, a more wealthy local area implies that these expanded costs just take a moderate level of pay, both as far as purchasing property and homeownership. Obviously, the costs here are as yet moderate comparative with other comparative business sectors in the United States. In a country experiencing where rents and costs have skyrocketed, Huntsville gives relief to proprietors and rental occupants. 

Occupation Growth and Security

To sum up, Huntsville, alongside numerous other southern business sectors. This creates an ideal climate for rental occupants.

In a post-COVID world, we’re seeing needs moving to support reasonableness, open air spaces, and positive environments. Huntsville possesses all the necessary qualities. 

Glad to share with you all Huntsville details… we have been here since 2018!

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