Aloha, my name is Lane!

I am 61 59.5  years old… just kidding, that’s a personal finance joke. (Hint: Retirement age is ~62-65)

I still work as a Project Engineer and Licensed Professional (PE) Civil/Industrial Engineer but as of 2017 I moved back to Hawaii... the cost of paradise being 10%+ cost of living and -30% less pay for comparable jobs all due to the passive income from investing in stable rental properties. 

In 2009, I was able to save for an A-class rental in Seattle by being a cheapass. After discovering the difference between 'Cashflow Investing' and 'Appreciation Investing (gambling/speculating)'... I moved my portfolio from Seattle into a dozen single-family rentals in Birmingham, Atlanta, Indianapolis, and Pennsylvania.

Today, I am laser focused on Class C & B Multi-Family Apartments and syndicating with other investors like the idea of real estate investing but don't have the time or experience to do so. I believe in investing in this  Nation's demand for affordable housing. As Co-Owner of MFPE Investments LLC, I currently control 5 apartment buildings totalling 626 units in Houston, San Antonio, and Oklahoma City. I created this website and podcast for YOU the shrinking middle-class who were misled by the Wall-Street dogma of traditional wealth-building and offer an alternative to "garbage" investments in the 401K/Mutual Fund space that only make the insiders rich and fund the commission for the sleazy financial planners. Get ready to change your life...(Sound Effects) and I am sorry this will never be the same, you are about to see the Matrix.


Today I still working as a City Project Engineer and Licensed Professional (PE) Civil/Industrial Engineer (LinkedIn Profile), thus the reason for the graphs and numbers. Shortly after college graduation, I spent my first 5 years of my career working for a For-Profit Private company.  I supervised a traveling, union-based crew that required 100% travel away from home.  In my mid-twenties, it was cool being on expenses all the time and all the airline/hotel points I collected, but then I realized how dumb it was... the only people who cared of my Platinum Status was the other suckers in first class who did not have any other family, no hobbies, no life. Although I am grateful that I had a well-paying job post-2008 recession, I traded the most important resource, time for money.

My Professional Resume

BS Industrial Engineering  (University of Washington)

MS Civil Engineering  (University of Washington)

Professional Engineer  (PE)

2007-2012  Supervisor of 100% traveling Union Capital / Maintenance Crew

2013-2015  Project Engineer - Design/Permit/Construct $185M

2015 - Current Year  City Engineer - Sidewalk, Signal, Streets, Drainage, Erosion Control

In 2009, after doing these silly things…I was able to save for an A-class rental that rented for $2200/a month in the Pacific Northwest (how embarrassing a Rent-to-Value Ratio of 0.5% – see a video). After my 2nd acquisition of a duplex in 2012, I was looking to make a 3rd but the market was appreciating and I saw the numbers would yield negative cashflow.

With this realization, I converted my portfolio to markets with stable multifaceted job markets and Rent-to-Value Ratios that would yield healthy $250-$400/month spreads between the rents and expenses (mortgage, vacancy, professional management, repairs, and capital expenses).

Today my portfolio consists of 11 single family homes in Birmingham, Atlanta, Indianapolis, and Pennsylvania.

Networking with other Buy-Hold investors I discovered two things:

1) Passive investors are hard to spot out among the typically ‘active’ RE crowd, therefore trading best practices was very difficult and 2) Passive investing is often boring since this is not a get rich quick method of building wealth and uneventful (if things are going well there aren’t too many cool stories).

This podcast and blog are meant to distill content just to the golden nuggets for the passive Real Estate investor.  I plan to go beyond the newbie tips that clutter the internet and cocktail parties because lets’ face it, as a passive investor your time should be spent on things that you love to do and those who are important to you (not trolling real estate internet forums or making makeshift plumbing repairs on your property).

As I get more experienced, I recognize that there are a lot quicker ways to make a lot of money in Real Estate such as apartment investing, flipping high-end properties, or development but for the time being I have a full-time job that is alright and until that changes this is the path that I have zeroed in on. So if you are like me, join me on this train and if you don’t like your job and want to quit you can get on board too we will wake you up when it’s your time to escape the rat-race.

Real Estate has empowered me financially I wanted to give back to the investor community.

My Motivation For Creating this Site:

1) Begin with the end in mind and decide now what you want your obituary to read. We are only here on this earth for a finite period. I like this picture because this is what will probably be on the welcome table at my funeral. I hope you can make it! Rich Cohen wrote that there are four rungs of being remembered after death: “newly dead; dead but remembered; dead and all those who knew you dead; dead and all those who knew those who knew you dead.” In terms of YOU…All that matters is what happens when you’re alive. Your legacy will offer you no pleasure after you’ve passed so live how you dream but know that there are some unconventional paths that you have to take (like buying cashflowing rentals not in your home state). And for myself…fame will do you no favors for me once I die but at least people can use to get out of the rat race. And if that does not get your going listen to the wisdom of Frank Ostaseski.

2) Create a repository of information where my unborn children or others can reference with some context into what I was thinking. Similar to Seattle Seahawk, Marshawn Lynch’s “Beast-Mode”, I have tried to live my life in “Legacy-Mode”. And I really want to have a real book! 

Why a Podcast?

I jumped on the podcast ban-wagon in 2007 while I was working on the road when I did not have a friend near me. It got me into Crossfit in 2008, Paleo in 2009, Real estate investing in 2010, intermittent fasting in 2013, internet marketing in 2015, and led to meeting and creating friendships with a lot of you because we are aligned on the same wavelength. Yes... The phrase "we met on the internet" is totally acceptable! Obviously, a few of these interests have come and gone but in the macro sense, podcasts have instilled a lifelong interest and ability to learn. 

Vinney Chopra calls it Automobile University. 

3) While I am alive I want to teach/empower others to fish for themselves. In real estate, we use leverage and by teaching others, I am leveraging other people to achieve their financial goals in hopes that they will pay it forward. I poke fun at MLMs a lot but I would like to create a pyramid scheme of philanthropy. 

What is the change that you want to make in the world even if its a 1% move in the needle?  Financial education - people have such struggle so much to make ends meet. Let’s work together to redirect money from the Wall-Street casinos and corrupt financial institutions…To help the endangered ‘Middle Class’ savers find safer, more profitable investments in Main Street opportunities benefiting local communities.

I was baptized on Easter 2016 and searched for a way to give back.  I want to help others but I struggle with giving money away because I know I can grow my money much faster and I am much more frugal than any philanthropic organization. Bill Gates gave back only after he amassed a fortune. Tithing as you go along has a smaller cumulative impact. My end game is to give away my wealth to rightful causes via a Charitable Remainder Trust.

4) I hope my blog/podcast will help families realize the powerful wealth-building effects of real estate so they can spend their time on more important, instead of working long hours and worrying about their financial troubles. There are a lot of successful families with good jobs (teachers/engineers/programmers/finance) yet they struggle to make ends meet financially. It is their kiddos who ultimately get the short end of the stick(Cool graphs on this subject) Being a Latch-Key Child growing up, both my parents had to work and I was left home alone after school to fiddle with my thumbs.

With Real Estate you are able to grow your wealth exponentially faster than the conventional 401K’s and stock investing, therefore you are able to escape the dogma of working 50+ hour weeks at a job that is unfulfilling. And if you are one of the lucky ones who happen to do what you enjoy... well good for you 😛

Money is not everything but it is important because it gives you the freedom to live life on your terms.


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