Essential Real Estate Investing Books And Business Books (Podcast #9)

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If I were starting out investing here are the Fab Four Books and Trifecta of Business Books that everyone should read before making a purchase:

Books – In this order
1) Rich Dad Poor Dad
2) Millionaire Real Estate Investor
3) Cashflow Quadrant
4) Equity Happens

Business Books
1) 4-hour workweek
2) E-Myth
3) Think And Grow Rich (read this again and again, all the Gurus such as Tony Robbins and Jim Rohn regurgitate ideas in this book)

It’s important to note that reading anymore is just overkill. Don’t be that ‘Shelf’-help guy or use the crux “oh I need to read and get more educated”. You need to step up and take action how many freaking books are you going to read? Many Fortune-500 Human Resources departments use the theory of 70-20-10 in developing employees which apply here. 70% is learned by doing, 20% learned from peers, and 10% is academic/book/classroom training.

Link to my favorite Business Books:


Link to my favorite Real Estate Books:

Below is another rendition of the same theory. This also explains why after a few years of doing this podcast and helping others get started by modeling the way has accelerated my own growth.

Tim Ferris talks about the $100,000 MBA, where you don’t really go to school but you jump right in with your business/investment. This method may lead you to operate at a loss but you will have far more experience than getting that silly $100,000+ MBA degree from some brick and mortar school.

And a word on real estate training: Why would someone want to spend $20-30K on training when that alone is a down payment on a cashflowing property that you can learn through doing and make 300-400 a month cashflow. Heck, you could even buy an overpriced 2nd tier turnkey property and get your education that way too.


  1. Read these books
  2. Keep yourself accountable. As Arnold says, “stop being a whiny baby [and Do IT]”.

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