Why Invest in Houston Texas
Houston, Texas, USA downtown city skyline over Root Square.

Why Invest in Houston Texas

Houston, Texas is one of the hottest real estate markets in the country right now, luring droves of newcomers from California, the northeast, and other pricier real estate markets. From 2017…

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How to invest proactively in a Pandemic?

https://youtu.be/2Fs7CYzzGrMhttps://youtu.be/4eVAskRng9Q Source: Richard DuncanOur government is giving huge tax incentives for those who invest into our country.https://youtu.be/aqPWoki-MP8https://youtu.be/FTj-nJEGi-4What is making the stocks go back up?The country effectively shutdown for half of 2020, unemployment is…

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