Investor Letters

Dear investor,

This is the new monthly letter update called the “GreenSheet.”

Many of you have said that although you enjoy the updates to the various SPC Ultimate Guides (such as for tax or syndications) that the emails was too long to read. Going forward I will create an archive-able web-post here which you can access the index on this page.

Quitting my job last month has allowed me to spend more time making this “great (online) American novel” I call Hopefully the contents can help you quit your job too and spend time on what really matters.

Investor Letter #5 - 2019.09

Investor Letter #4 - 2019 Q12

Investor Letter #3 - 2019 Q1

Investor Letter #2 - 2018 Q4

Investor Letter #1 - 2018 Q3

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